Trinfinity Corp Introduces Tierfunding

Ok guys, time for everyone to participate and make a difference! Please read the new blog post here: Tierfunding - A New Model for a New Planet and choose to join a Facebook Funding Team (explained in the blog post).


Time for a New Planet - Trinfinity Corp introduces Tierfunding

For those who have missed the news, Trinfinity Corp, whose ambitious but necessary vision of 'An Enlightened Civilization by 2035, ready for Interstellar Absorption,' just launched its crowdfunding and projects website last month--at the same time as it gave away its main source of income by releasing its Online School for Enlightenment and Empowerment (Trinfinity Academy) to the public free of charge. (Check it out!)

This time on our planet is our chance as a species to evolve rapidly and successfully in the next two decades. 2012-2035 is going to go down in history as the most crucial and impactful transitional period in human history. By 2035 everything will have changed. Everything.

Although the crowdfunding website has been doing very well with practically zero promotional efforts on our part (because people are excited about the New Earth); we are about to step it up with a new, creative, grassroots form of crowdfunding we would like to coin tierfunding.

'Unity in the community' and 'co-creative empowerment' is where the magic is generated these days, especially in a heart-based field like ours. Together we aim to increase the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual well-being of planet Earth at large, and replace the outdated, corrupt and non-transparent existing systems with transparent and empowerment-for-all based 'New Earth' systems.

In short, we at Trinfinity Corp are working toward creating a thriving and completely happy planet Earth by 2035---and building a larger community of empowered, happy people is crucial in co-creating this vision. So join us!


We as privileged human beings, especially those in a comparatively high state of self-realization, are the shepherds of this planet and all of its inhabitants. If we are not inspiring the world to better itself from the inside-out, no creature will. So far we've not done a great job. But it's ok.

Things are changing rapidly. The age of spiritual ignorance, mass complacency and self-victimization, corporate greed, segregation, meta-governmental deception and the abuse of our planetary sphere has come to an end---the age where thousands, soon millions, of empowered human beings realize their independent strength to create their own reality, make their own choices freely, and inspire worlds of people into greater benefit, has now truly begun.

Join me, fellow shepherds, in tipping the scale, as there is no waiting for someone else to set this planet free from its delusions. You/we are the ones we're waiting for. It is you and your courageous, self-transcending devotion to a greater unifying vision that we so desperately need. You are crucial to this planet's harmonious evolution. Please realize this power and address your life accordingly. Make it about more than just yourself.

I will do everything within my power to inspire millions during my lifetime, but I need and want your help to complete this collective shift sooner, rather than too late.


Participate by joining a funding team that is at--or slightly above--your comfort level! Learn more here about how synergistic Tierfunding works and how you can participate by joining one of our teams!