A Super Direct Practice to Realize The Absolute — For the Advanced Adept

Maintain awareness of the ever present I-sense and intensify your concentration on it; focus intensely on the pre-verbal and primordially instinctive feeling of ‘I Exist.’ It comes with a sense of consciousness being aware of its own beingness—a heightened sense of awareness, awake vibrancy or lucidity is one of its hallmarks.

Depending on the breed of seeker/adept you are and your former experience with direct path teachings, you will have to do this exercise for weeks, months or years with as much intensity and devotion as you want to give to this practice before you will be able to generate enough ‘awareness of I Exist’ for it to become radiant, bright, all-pervading, energized, blissful, awake and all-inclusive.

Continue the practice until it is directly, experientially and clearly obvious to you that all of Creation belongs to this Beingness-Consciousness. This is much like the feeling of realizing that everything which appears in a dream exists entirely inside (and due to) the substratum of the dreamer’s mind; it does not exist outside of the dreamer. It is similar to the fact that the rays of the Sun are inseparable from the Sun as their source.

Having merely an intellectual picture of this ‘inseparability/oneness’ principle is not enough. It has to become deeply experiential to you that all of the manifestation belongs to or happens/appears inside, as a result of the I-Consciousness only. This is why I said it requires weeks, months or years of intense practice. Realizing the Absolute is for the advanced, rare, or highly experienced seeker/adept/practitioner who has already gone through the process of knowing himself and balanced himself through accepting himself as he is, yet feels a deep yearning inwards toward the One Infinite Liberation.

The next step toward the final elevation

Once you have gained this overwhelming direct experience of the vibrant ‘inseparability’ of everything with its root-substratum (the “I” or “I Am” principle), the next and final practice is to intensely intend to wake up from this all-inclusive “I presence,” as if trying to wake up from a dream while a portion of you is still dreaming; or like when there is an immediate need to snap out of a mental illusion/delusion.

Continue this practice of abiding in the all-pervading I Am and then intend to awaken from that very I-Am-Root-Substratum, as if trying to wake up from a dream while still dreaming.

Intensify this attempt until you are directly one in experience with the One Infinite Absoluteness. The transition phases preceding this moment of penetration can be kind of unusual or intensely energetic as your experience of creation begins to fold inside out, disappear, slip away, etc. These energetic sensations are, in my experience, safe to ignore.

In fact, in order to successfully experience Infinity, you will have to—at your own pace—continue the practice of ‘waking up from this, and this, and this too, and that too’, and apply the ‘going beyond whatever you currently notice’ practice to the weird sensations of unusual perceptions.

One has to even apply the practice of realizing that one is not what one presently experiences to the Expansive, Bright, All-Pervasive, Light-Love-Isness of the God state (The “I-Substance” in all). Even the Universal Beingness, to which all other perceptions innately belong, must be totally ignored and dismissed in order to go beyond it—to dis-identify with it—and to begin the penetrating of the Veil of the Grand Illusion, which you know as All That Is, or Creation (beyond which lies the Infinite Absolute).

Disclaimer intermission

If at any point you feel uncomfortable and begin to doubt the process of going deeper using these powerful tools, it is up to your free will to return to a more normalized focus or to persevere with the practice. What you choose to do is your choice only. Don’t blame this Bentinho character or someone else every time your world view is threatened, or if you’ve embraced something you’re not ready to integrate or accept. You don’t have to read this article, let alone practice what it suggests. It is your responsibility to first know yourself as you currently are and accept yourself as you currently are, before you decide to become the Creator using super direct methods like this. Nobody but you is responsible for you.

This practice is for the advanced adept who knows himself really well and has balanced himself with great consistency through self-awareness practices, self-acceptance and relaxation of the personal biases, desires, attachments, and so on.

Ok, let’s resume. What does a formless, object-less Infinity ‘feel’ like?

When one perseveres in the practice of resting at the universal root, which is felt as the I-Consciousness-Sense, and then intensely intending to wake up from this universal substratum of beingness and go beyond, into the Absolute Formless Self, one will inevitably reach the gateway to Infinity and be offered more profound intuitive glimpses of the One Infinite Reality.

When/if one truly ‘pops out of the bubble of consciousness and creation’, an indescribable completion and limitless perfection, with no objects, forms, things or worlds in it, will be your only ‘experience’ in that awakening—in that moment of complete penetration.

Creation and the feeling of presence/beingness/consciousness/I Am will abruptly disappear from view, and with it will go everything inside of it. An indescribable Void-like Ocean of Awake and Infinitely Intelligent Reality will remain as the One Self Alone. It is really not possible to describe this, because it is beyond consciousness, and all description happens due to, inside of, and inseparably from the I-Consciousness, which your mind is an extension of.

The Absolute is not aware in the typical sense of subject and object, nor even in the I-Consciousness sense—which is like a formless, locationless field of awareness-light-love-existence. Rather, awareness returned to The One Absolute Reality is inherently self-aware without objects, subjects, or the universal field of presence-consciousness (The I Am). Instead, it is innately self-comprehending.

It is Infinity aware of itself without any other means than its own inherent self-comprehension. This is way beyond and radically distinct from what most enlightenment practices point and lead to.

The Absolute is the returning place at the end of the Soul’s journey through the 7 densities of evolution. It is infinite perfection. Nothing ever happened in the Absolute. It is complete. It is real and indestructible and cannot be gone beyond.

Don’t worry, you will know for sure when you have penetrated into your Absoluteness—beyond presence, beingness, isness, consciousness, experiencing, and Creation altogether. You will know infinite perfection when you’re it. And you will begin to glimpse it when you stay at the threshold between consciousness-beingness (the I-sense in its purest form) and the Infinite True ‘Self’ beyond that.

If you can still doubt at all whether or not you’ve penetrated it—you haven’t. Thus, continue the practice.

The Absolute absolutely knows itself. No human mind has ever reached here, nor will it. Doubt does not exist in the Absolute. Nor does anything else you currently perceive. Yet you won’t miss any of it while you’re ‘there’.

To summarize

Penetrating into Absolute Infinite requires an act of abiding in the direct experience of being aware of the beingness-substratum of all of Creation—the sense of ‘I’ or ‘I Am’. This sense, as it turns out, is actually the root of all things—handing ownership of all experiences back to this essential I-sense, which lies at the root of each moment. Many would already consider this to be enlightenment or nirvana.

And then, the second step should be attempted: While being fully aware of the I substratum, seeing that all things belong to this I, now begin to intend and desire intensely to wake up from even this substratum, realizing that it’s still part of the dream—you are still dreaming! All experiences are part of the dreamer (consciousness) dreaming (being) dreams (energy/appearance).

Wake up to the glorious, infinite, indescribable Absolute perfection of Motionless Reality, which is beyond the first, only, and final veil of ‘consciousness-experiencing’. Wake up from the I Am, or the I.

Beyond the dreaming (Beingness), the dreamed (Energy/Appearance), and the dreamer (Consciousness)—all three of which are inseparable—lies the perfect and Absolutely Infinite Reality. This is the real you already and it has never suffered or experienced this Universe for even a second. It is absolutely free, awake, real, eternal, timeless.

Again, this is YOU already, as you in actuality are right now! You’re just fooled by the many layers of the movie you’ve been watching for millions of years. To go beyond, you must dismiss the notion that the world, or manifestation in general, is real. This notion keeps your attention stuck inside the bubble of the Illusion. Wake up from the Presence of Beingness. There is an infinitely more real reality obscured by the illusion of ‘I Am’. See if you can wake up from the I Am, or I-sense.

In short:

Step 1: You wake up from thought, to the ever-present, stable, innermost “I” sense.

Step 2: You wake up from this all-pervasive I-sense, too. Until nothing but yourself—the Absolute—is known.

Maybe not for you

In an age where political correctness is held in high esteem by the polluted human mind, and has infiltrated every aspect of our mostly fear-based social consciousness, the idea that the world is not real or substantial is an offensive, dangerous suggestion to the sheep of this collective.

So for those of you afraid of the fact that there is not really a world out there, and who would rather hold on to the little stream of information trickling into your beingness every day in the form of the sense organs lying to you, over the truth of your own existence, you can safely return to your mindfulness and other politically correct and socially acceptable forms of introductory (but ultimately bland and unfulfilling) spiritual practice, according to your own preferred belief systems.

Buy a popular new age Buddhist magazine with many slogans about peace, kindness and mindfulness, lay it out on your coffee table, and have fun conversing with your ever growing clientele or circle of friends about ‘enlightenment’ (as if you have any real clue what it means, what it requires, and what it results in). Feel better about yourself—because why not?

However, this article is not for those types of seekers (at least not yet). I love all seekers, all beings, equally. Wherever you’re at is truly perfect, but this practice is not for everyone and where they’re at. I wish everyone well on their journey, and there is no mistake in being a beginner, ever. And yet, the only way to go from beginner to adept is to take a good hard look at where you’re coming from in your association with spirituality. How genuine, and personality-transcending is it really? Or are you just carrying it like a lifestyle? If so, you’re missing out.

To the rare and/or seasoned, highly dedicated adept, I say this: Thank you for getting this far in your life, in the practice, and in this article, and may you wake up and realize liberation. Blessings are streaming your way, always, from Source. You deserve absolute freedom and you will know it one day if you persevere evermore earnestly in your efforts to see, know and become the Formless, Infinite Creator, which is the One Source behind us all.


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