Why I'm excited about my Netherlands Retreat - A Profound Blend...

For those interested in the Netherlands Retreat, Registration closes June 30th! 
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I've dug deep the past 6 months. The 5 years before then I've been firing on all cylinders pretty much without any time to myself. Quite literally. I've got a lot of cylinders and they were all firing together for years, so it's been an intense journey to stay balanced. Hence the need for a break from it all the past 6 months. 

It was time to step away from Trinfinity Corp and all the visions that were running through my vehicles (bodies). It was time to step away from all my friends, Boulder, and all the energies that I had been absorbing for those years. It was time ti step away from my own teachings as well. It was time to break up with my relationship at the time. 

It was time to come back into my own truth completely, free of any and all distortions of others.

So I got dengue fever and was bed ridden for over 2 weeks in Bali, then spent a week in total darkness (literal darkness) retreating, been away from everything I had in Boulder for months, and cleansed myself from my past. Cleared my attachments to people's well-being and the outcome of their lives, as well as any remaining attachments I had to their friendships or understanding of me, my intentions and my choices.

I've come out the other end of this break away feeling profoundly emptied out again of the accumulated subtleties of 'others' which when compounded add up to imbalances; layers of dust distorting the clarity of the mirror.

I feel deeply rejuvenated through the Self-Realization path that I gave myself the opportunity to dive into again more fully. Then I started the Sedona Experiment, which enabled 12 others to dive in profoundly as well in an accelerated fashion. Then I decided to take that to a larger audience and started the Self Realization School in Sedona. All sessions can be viewed at www.BentinhoMassaro.tv.

And so I feel renewed, clearer and emptier than ever before. And what I've noticed is that in more recent weeks, Manifestation/Creation has been re-ignited or rather re-allowed to enter my experience and consume some of my time and attention. Self-Actualization and an ever deepening and more balanced service-to-others is re-appearing into my field, without it distracting from my more absolute levels ("I-I", and Beyondness/Absolute) any longer. Without it adding layers that I don't want added.

When I notice I accumulate something, I shed it right there and then and it's all too clear to take hold. Little to nothing is accumulated or taken on anymore which is a grand relief to my vehicles. I have my dedication to deepening my Self Realization and letting go of everything over the past 6 months to thank for. Which is part of why I wished to focus on optimizing and modernizing this path and taking people deeper into it experientially than ever before through the Self-Realization School and the Sedona Experiment (which will become a book/report/case study to be released later this year).

You've heard me mention True Simultaneity before as being the highest accomplishment. What I experience now is the next level of that. And I am more determined than ever to create an army of Shepherding Consciousnesses' who truly get what I am, and thus are able to activate that frequency in themselves.

The Netherlands Retreat - A New Blend of Realization and Actualization

The Netherlands retreat will be the first retreat of mine (and the biggest residential one yet!) where I will blend Self-Actualization back into Self-Realization, but in a much deeper way than before. Manifestation, empowerment, understanding your purpose, your calling, law of attraction... these are all natural attributes of this Grand Illusion and are innate in each individuated speck of the One Consciousness and they deserve to be understood properly in context with the deeper truth of Oneness and Beyondness.

So in the Netherlands retreat I intend to deliver a very rich and appropriate blend of profound freedom through Self Realization as well as using the powers innate in all of us--connected to the field of infinite possibilities--in very deep ways. 

Whereas before the empowerment teachings were designed mostly for the more mainstream crowd and the beginning spiritual adepts, what I will teach at the The Netherlands Retreat will be much more rooted in Faith, Surrender, and total Confidence. Using the powers of Creation and letting them work for and through you by aligning to the appropriate state which unlocks these capacities, rather than using them from a mental level of separation.

I want the individuals that attend my retreats to become one with the God State and possibly even pop through into the Stateless Absolute, and from that union or disappearance express themselves as the most radiant, loving beacons the world has ever seen.

Let's lovingly generate an army of Shepherding Consciousnesses to hold the frequency as the majority of people are attempting to transition from 3rd to 4th Density as we speak. Shepherds need to have integrated important understandings from the higher densities as well if we wish to hold space and understanding and shine a light upon the people of Earth as they innocently navigate their way into the next frequency domain of love/understanding/connection/remembrance (4th Density).

I'm excited for the Netherlands Retreat. Registration closes June 30th. Two weeks left to sign up here. 

Sending you all much love, and hope to see all Europeans in The Netherlands for an incredibly powerful residential coming together of powerful souls looking to deepen their realization, manifestation, and service to All in a shared space together. What could be more powerful an act of service to this planet?


PS - Here's a little video Ryan cut out from one of the sessions of the Self Realization School:

All images in this post were taken by Alex and Anne