You Are The Reason I Continue

In times of seemingly overwhelming odds coming from the old, physical, established consciousness, the only motivation that keeps me on the path of public service is all you next generation souls who have been and are still coming into these bodies willingly veiling yourself from the full remembrance of who you are and why you are here.

I feel toward you the love, devotion and responsibility a pure father would feel toward his own children.

You are currently facing the contrast between your native vibrations and the vibrations of this world which you have chosen to meet and interact with, and will inevitably to an extent be distorted and confused by while incarnate.

Many of these innocent and service-to-others souls, once physical here, are deeply confused and in suffering through their greatly sensitized beingness toward their environments' suffering, malice and the negative orientation still partially present in this density on this planet. When innocence meets harshness it does not know what to do and is highly likely to grasp for confusing thoughts and distorted view taken on from its environment.

To you, my true warriors, my heroes, I say: I will never abandon you.

This world may not always get you, but I want you to know there are those of us who do. And we sympathize deeply and will always have your back.

I will continue to pave a way and meet the odds as is needed to make the changes in the collective consciousness required, so that your paths may be potentially smoother and your visions easier to execute.

I also thank all of those who came before us of for paving the way for me and my generation. To you, my elders, I say this: never feel useless or like you did not do what you could have done. You have done quite enough and then some. Your very incarnation and the vibration of your being itself made a MASSIVE difference in this world and paved a way for the next generation. By this I firmly stand no matter how confused or seemingly inactive or disempowered you may have felt throughout your incarnation. You have our undying gratitude and respect. 🙏💗

Each generation has the duty and honor to appreciate those who came before them and a responsibility to do the work required for those who will come after them.

Linear time does not separate true families. We are one continues stream of light and compassion entering this planetary sphere continuously from the beginnings of mankind to the accelerated state we currently find ourselves in, into the next golden age which I believe is Earth's imminent destiny.


You all give me the motivation and courage to continue taking the heat because you came to this planet to take it to its next iteration and show by example the innocence and love inherent in all of mankind.

We cannot give in to the naysayers of this world who are doomed to their self-imposed limitations and misconstrued projections of our pure intent until they themselves become willing to change and leave behind their inner weaponry.

I love you for the courage to come here and the risk you all willingly assume. As such I will thoroughly use this incarnation to the best of my ability supporting and empowering your mission on Earth.

Forgive me for any times I may doubt our vision, or my own path, or the people we are here to awaken--even if those moments are only seconds.

It is your hearts that remind me there is great reason to proceed. It is your untarnished innocence that I desire to protect from the outdated virus of negativity, by showing how to transmute it in an empowering way so you will not get stopped by their 'traps.'

You are my greatest priority, you are my immediate family. I'd do anything for you. You are my brothers and my sisters from the vibrations in closer resonance to the understanding of One and I will be here for you always, whatever it takes--so that your generation may finally complete the work for this civilization.

I will be here. May you find a light in my life's example, however small, especially in times of great confusion and inner doubt. May you remember to ever examine yourself but simultaneously never doubt your Heart and reason for being.

My love for you, and all of humanity, knows no bounds and no bounds to this love could ever be built.

Always have Faith. Always stay true.


Brent Wilkins, my friend, this writing is inspired by you; your life, your bravery, your honesty, your incorruptible innocence and your purity of heart. Your essence is an example to all us wanderers on Earth.