Your Pain Is Controlling Your Brain

You will never get the resolution you want from this world. But the One Within You can heal you in an instant.

Insecure or traumatized people—those with unresolved victimhood or inequality issues—have a difficult time discerning power from arrogance or abuse. Often to their own detriment and the postponement of their own healing. Without power, nothing works. Including healing the self and transforming the world.

Power is beautiful, healing, and can be used in incredible ways to make a difference for millions. But the unhealed mind will always be threatened by this power and misjudge it as arrogance or narcissism, even when the power is yielded with purity.

Those throwing the labels narcissistic and arrogant around like candy on Halloween are generally stuck in their own negative arrogance and fear. The only way the victim generally knows how to express its broken perspective of the world is by appointing perpetrators or becoming self-destructive. Usually a combination of both.

Ben sitting in grass.png

"For those to whom this applies—and there are many—I wish you true and permanent healing through the attainment of the true view of benevolent Existence-Consciousness-Bliss."

~ Bentinho Massaro

The Law of One resolves all opposites, separation and paradox. In deep meditation, contemplate The One and firmly abide in that instinctive sense of Oneness with all of your attention. This shall heal all broken perspectives within you and make you truly whole and ridiculously powerful as well.

It is you who is arrogant by continuing to insist upon separation and inequality. Your pain is controlling your brain. For your own sake, consider that it is safe to let it go... You will never get the resolution that you want from this world. But The One Within You can heal you in an instant. I wish this for you.

Then, you will naturally join me in this powerful movement toward the freedom of all living souls who are still entranced by the Matrix of Weakness.