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Bentinho’s Newest Offering: The Next Level

"Prepare to dive deep into yourselves, leave no stone unturned and emerge victorious in your quest for ever-expanding joy and oneness with the Creator and its Creation, increased will power and surrender, greatly deepened self-realization, limitless living, unconditional love for self and other-self and a purposeful life in service to the whole.

Prepare to never be bound to the same boring fictitious character again, and become significantly more embodied in who and what you actually are. Your Infinite Potential awaits your activation!"

~ Bentinho

We are extremely happy to announce that Bentinho's latest and only recent series of in-person teachings—held entirely in private for a small group only—is finally available to you and the rest of our committed community!

The Next Level — Dialogues with the Highly Committed is part of Trinfinity's revamped Civilization Upgraders platform. We launched the The Next Level program, as well as the new Civilization Upgraders website, on August 19, 2019.

The program consists of weekly audio (and some video) recordings of Bentinho meeting with a small group of committed students, often addressing very personal topics in-depth, in a way you can apply to your own life. Topics range from hands-on leadership training, to self-examination at the subtlest levels, to profound guided meditations into the I AM state and the Absolute.

The Next Level is a radically honest and direct series of evolving dialogues, designed to bring about a permanent shift in identity by coming at you from all angles with deep love and piercing wisdom. The weekly recordings generate momentum in the listener in the direction of the 'perpetual renewal of self', inspiring you to constantly enter into your own unique next level realization and actualization. Say goodbye to stagnation, and hello to super accelerated living and being.

We wanted to keep the price extra accessible for this program, so we priced the subscription at 99 Euros per month, an amount we feel just about everyone can afford.

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Questioner: "Why are your teachings full of contradictions?"

Questioner: “I’ve heard you say that life is joyful and we should be grateful to be alive, but I’ve also heard you say that life is doomed, life equals suffering, and we should not hope to find joy in this world. I’ve noticed other contradicting statements in your work throughout the years as well. Can you explain this and tell us what you truly believe?”

I don’t believe most of what I say. Whatever words I may utter, they are all perspectives offered to the person asking the question or given to the crowd in the room. What I say is dependent on context, crowd and purpose. I might give one person completely different advice than another person on the very same topic, or a different answer to the very same question.

Now, to me, these alternating suggestions are never essentially contradictory: they stream from a single place where all paradoxes are resolved. This place is the goal of the teachings. The teachings vary, depending on the listener, but the goal remains one—and free from paradox.
— Bentinho Massaro

To one person I may say that life is suffering—that there is no joy to be found in the world and that the best practice involves giving everything back to God and resting in the Silence of Awareness; to relinquish all hope and realize the Self, which is not an object or sense-perception.

To another person I might recommend that they live their life to the fullest, understand their purpose, believe in their dreams and attempt every day to live a more adventurous and aligned life; to act on their highest excitement.

To yet another person I might suggest a blend of these, or offer something else entirely.

Now, to me, these alternating suggestions are never essentially contradictory: they stream from a single place where all paradoxes are resolved. This place is the goal of the teachings. The teachings vary, depending on the listener, but the goal remains one—and free from paradox. It is only in the mind of the receiver that a dogma, story or belief is formed.


Any story or dogma is a point of view of—and inside of—’The Whole’ (All That Is, Existence). A point of view of The Whole is partial; it is not the whole truth. Therefore, opposite points of view that contradict the initial point of view can be found. It is from the state of looking at life through points of view—instead of being it—that you perceive contradictions in what I say and therefore ask me this question.

If you were aware of the Oneness from which I, and you, and this chair over there flow—you would probably look at my many expressions and smile in recognition and understand. You would not have any feeling of contradiction whatsoever. It is because you miss the underlying Oneness that you perceive diversity and contradictions in the teachings.

You see, everything I say, I say because there is a reason for it that is relevant to the context in which the words are uttered. Just like you do not explain something the same way to a 4-year-old as you would to your partner.

People’s sense of themselves IS a point of view—they identify with a part, not with The Whole. Therefore, in order to dismantle their point of view and offer them a more expanded and less distorted and limited sense of themselves, I need to use other partial points of view that offer a counter-perspective to their own even more partial points of view.

This does not mean I believe in what I just said. We only believe in the points of view we feel we need for our well-being or advancement. I do not need the vast majority of what I speak. Hence, the words hold no meaning to me personally and I do not believe in them; they are tools of compassion only.

Teaching, words, instructions, philosophy... they are all like using a thorn to remove another thorn from the body. After the job is done, ideally both thorns are thrown out.
— Bentinho Massaro

My words are rarely—if ever—delivered as an expression of opinion or belief. Such is the nature of teaching something below your own level, if you will: if you believe in the words you speak while you teach, you are something more akin to an activist or politician; not necessarily a matured spiritual teacher (which is perfectly fine).

If you identify with the words you teach to those supposedly ‘less evolved’ than yourself in some field of consciousness—or in awareness of consciousness itself—it likely means you have not yet fully mastered that teaching and you’re teaching yourself as much as you are teaching the listener while you speak. Which again, is perfectly fine and should not be judged—though it may be observed for accelerated learning.

BM_SEDONA_OCT_2017_72PPI-35 (1) copy.jpg

The vast majority of my work does not represent me or my state, nor does it have much relevance for myself. In short, if it wasn’t for the seeker appearing, I would not be dealing with these thoughts, instructions and verbalizations. I would simply be what I already am; what I’ve already discovered. No words or instructions are needed to be what I have already realized I am.

Words no longer mean anything to me. Hence, the contradictions you may perceive in my expressions are not personal. They are to be understood simply as teaching mechanics.

’Mastered teaching’ happens from a higher level of understanding (or consciousness altogether) to a lower level of understanding or consciousness altogether. Thus, everything spoken is spoken into the lower level of consciousness, and consists of the words and constructs and material that this lower level experiences and can perceive.

As such, none of the words, as soon as they are heard, represent the higher level’s actual experience. They only can point you to it or hint at it. You have to make the journey yourself, as they say.

The higher level sees more easily where the lower level is stuck, and when asked for or when followed for teaching purposes, humbly offers an understanding that helps the lower level accept the stuckness, as well as a practice or pathway to lead them beyond the perceived limitation or confusion.

The ‘higher level of consciousness being’ (which does not mean they are more perfect or worthy in essence than you, and does not imply inequality) does not need to believe in the words, and the words do not need to be an expression of their beliefs. They just use them as communication tools. They are not bound by the words they use to uplift you; their words are tailored to the listener.

Never judge the authenticity of a teacher based on their usage of words; for that would most likely be a missed opportunity and misperception on your end. Words and teachings are distorted by nature and are malleable to fit the listener—the true aim is the resulting state of consciousness which these words can lead to when applied.

Always remember the goal, and do not fuss about the word games and the teacher’s seeming contradictions. As long as their actions demonstrate love, wisdom, courage, compassion, generosity, a desire for your highest potential, and a steadiness of faith... that teacher should be alright. Follow your heart. Trust your intuition.

Side note: Never believe the media or popular opinion before assessing what is right for you or true. I can tell you from consistent first-hand experience that the media today is to be almost entirely avoided, as it is extremely low in intelligence, purity of intention and integrity—across the board.

They are clever and savvy at one thing though: distorting the truth for purposes that are not to benefit your awakening. Do not let the media fool you—this applies to any source of media and any topic they may address. Trust fully in your own wisdom and intuition and learn to see through their games.

This detachment from mainstream media will become increasingly important in the coming years, if what we desire is to increase the well-being of all. Pay attention and stay awake.

If I were to speak only the things I truly believe in, I would not speak at all. Perhaps such a time of perfect silence outwardly as well is still in the cards for me. I leave this up to the infinite intelligence. For now, teaching happens, speaking happens, travel happens, projects happen, business happens, relationships happen, and words flow.

Speaking is just a small aspect of teaching; much more powerful is silence, presence, frequency or vibration, and the example of the life lived.

Bottomline: Don’t take my words as truth and don’t make a religion out of them, for the majority of my words do not reflect my beliefs; they are merely pointers and they will always be contextual to who’s listening or asking the question.

For the most part, I speak for you, not for myself. My words, and even a lot of my choices and actions, reflect the many aspects, facets, challenges, and desires of the collective consciousness which I am here to reflect in many different ways throughout my lifetime—they do not represent me, even though they flow from this body you think of as me.

If I were to speak only the things I truly believe in, I would not speak at all.
— Bentinho Massaro

On that same note: I am not this body, so how could I be its speech or its actions? I am also not this mind, so how could I believe in anything I say? Once you transcend the mind identity, you too will be able to say this and understand. But until then, it will remain conceptual and partial—and therefore seem paradoxical to you. With practice, you too will see through the mist of illusion, and into the Heart of the One Being.

Almost everything I do is for you. For people who have been conditioned in so many ways from birth to live mostly for themselves, I know this is hard to believe. But it is possible to live a life dedicated on every level of your expression to be a mirror and a guiding light for those who are feeling stuck in a more limited view of themselves.


A day will come when you will also begin to function as a more direct mirror to this collective. For now, you probably have too many personal points of view, filters, biases and false desires, and you’re attached to outcome and the meaning you’ve erroneously given to objects, people, places and events.

These are your obstacles to peace; to love; to freedom; to wisdom; to true knowledge. The teachings and the practice are your tools, not your religion. Do not focus on the contradictions, focus on the goal and use what resonates; reject what does not. Practice.

Once the chase for meaning in the world is exhausted, and the deep peace and unspeakable perfection of the Self calls you home, you too, will begin your journey into Mirror Consciousness.

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A Super Direct Practice to Realize The Absolute — For the Advanced Adept

Maintain awareness of the ever present I-sense and intensify your concentration on it; focus intensely on the pre-verbal and primordially instinctive feeling of ‘I Exist.’ It comes with a sense of consciousness being aware of its own beingness—a heightened sense of awareness, awake vibrancy or lucidity is one of its hallmarks.

Depending on the breed of seeker/adept you are and your former experience with direct path teachings, you will have to do this exercise for weeks, months or years with as much intensity and devotion as you want to give to this practice before you will be able to generate enough ‘awareness of I Exist’ for it to become radiant, bright, all-pervading, energized, blissful, awake and all-inclusive.

Continue the practice until it is directly, experientially and clearly obvious to you that all of Creation belongs to this Beingness-Consciousness. This is much like the feeling of realizing that everything which appears in a dream exists entirely inside (and due to) the substratum of the dreamer’s mind; it does not exist outside of the dreamer. It is similar to the fact that the rays of the Sun are inseparable from the Sun as their source.

Having merely an intellectual picture of this ‘inseparability/oneness’ principle is not enough. It has to become deeply experiential to you that all of the manifestation belongs to or happens/appears inside, as a result of the I-Consciousness only. This is why I said it requires weeks, months or years of intense practice. Realizing the Absolute is for the advanced, rare, or highly experienced seeker/adept/practitioner who has already gone through the process of knowing himself and balanced himself through accepting himself as he is, yet feels a deep yearning inwards toward the One Infinite Liberation.

The next step toward the final elevation

Once you have gained this overwhelming direct experience of the vibrant ‘inseparability’ of everything with its root-substratum (the “I” or “I Am” principle), the next and final practice is to intensely intend to wake up from this all-inclusive “I presence,” as if trying to wake up from a dream while a portion of you is still dreaming; or like when there is an immediate need to snap out of a mental illusion/delusion.

Continue this practice of abiding in the all-pervading I Am and then intend to awaken from that very I-Am-Root-Substratum, as if trying to wake up from a dream while still dreaming.

Intensify this attempt until you are directly one in experience with the One Infinite Absoluteness. The transition phases preceding this moment of penetration can be kind of unusual or intensely energetic as your experience of creation begins to fold inside out, disappear, slip away, etc. These energetic sensations are, in my experience, safe to ignore.

In fact, in order to successfully experience Infinity, you will have to—at your own pace—continue the practice of ‘waking up from this, and this, and this too, and that too’, and apply the ‘going beyond whatever you currently notice’ practice to the weird sensations of unusual perceptions.

One has to even apply the practice of realizing that one is not what one presently experiences to the Expansive, Bright, All-Pervasive, Light-Love-Isness of the God state (The “I-Substance” in all). Even the Universal Beingness, to which all other perceptions innately belong, must be totally ignored and dismissed in order to go beyond it—to dis-identify with it—and to begin the penetrating of the Veil of the Grand Illusion, which you know as All That Is, or Creation (beyond which lies the Infinite Absolute).

Disclaimer intermission

If at any point you feel uncomfortable and begin to doubt the process of going deeper using these powerful tools, it is up to your free will to return to a more normalized focus or to persevere with the practice. What you choose to do is your choice only. Don’t blame this Bentinho character or someone else every time your world view is threatened, or if you’ve embraced something you’re not ready to integrate or accept. You don’t have to read this article, let alone practice what it suggests. It is your responsibility to first know yourself as you currently are and accept yourself as you currently are, before you decide to become the Creator using super direct methods like this. Nobody but you is responsible for you.

This practice is for the advanced adept who knows himself really well and has balanced himself with great consistency through self-awareness practices, self-acceptance and relaxation of the personal biases, desires, attachments, and so on.

Ok, let’s resume. What does a formless, object-less Infinity ‘feel’ like?

When one perseveres in the practice of resting at the universal root, which is felt as the I-Consciousness-Sense, and then intensely intending to wake up from this universal substratum of beingness and go beyond, into the Absolute Formless Self, one will inevitably reach the gateway to Infinity and be offered more profound intuitive glimpses of the One Infinite Reality.

When/if one truly ‘pops out of the bubble of consciousness and creation’, an indescribable completion and limitless perfection, with no objects, forms, things or worlds in it, will be your only ‘experience’ in that awakening—in that moment of complete penetration.

Creation and the feeling of presence/beingness/consciousness/I Am will abruptly disappear from view, and with it will go everything inside of it. An indescribable Void-like Ocean of Awake and Infinitely Intelligent Reality will remain as the One Self Alone. It is really not possible to describe this, because it is beyond consciousness, and all description happens due to, inside of, and inseparably from the I-Consciousness, which your mind is an extension of.

The Absolute is not aware in the typical sense of subject and object, nor even in the I-Consciousness sense—which is like a formless, locationless field of awareness-light-love-existence. Rather, awareness returned to The One Absolute Reality is inherently self-aware without objects, subjects, or the universal field of presence-consciousness (The I Am). Instead, it is innately self-comprehending.

It is Infinity aware of itself without any other means than its own inherent self-comprehension. This is way beyond and radically distinct from what most enlightenment practices point and lead to.

The Absolute is the returning place at the end of the Soul’s journey through the 7 densities of evolution. It is infinite perfection. Nothing ever happened in the Absolute. It is complete. It is real and indestructible and cannot be gone beyond.

Don’t worry, you will know for sure when you have penetrated into your Absoluteness—beyond presence, beingness, isness, consciousness, experiencing, and Creation altogether. You will know infinite perfection when you’re it. And you will begin to glimpse it when you stay at the threshold between consciousness-beingness (the I-sense in its purest form) and the Infinite True ‘Self’ beyond that.

If you can still doubt at all whether or not you’ve penetrated it—you haven’t. Thus, continue the practice.

The Absolute absolutely knows itself. No human mind has ever reached here, nor will it. Doubt does not exist in the Absolute. Nor does anything else you currently perceive. Yet you won’t miss any of it while you’re ‘there’.

To summarize

Penetrating into Absolute Infinite requires an act of abiding in the direct experience of being aware of the beingness-substratum of all of Creation—the sense of ‘I’ or ‘I Am’. This sense, as it turns out, is actually the root of all things—handing ownership of all experiences back to this essential I-sense, which lies at the root of each moment. Many would already consider this to be enlightenment or nirvana.

And then, the second step should be attempted: While being fully aware of the I substratum, seeing that all things belong to this I, now begin to intend and desire intensely to wake up from even this substratum, realizing that it’s still part of the dream—you are still dreaming! All experiences are part of the dreamer (consciousness) dreaming (being) dreams (energy/appearance).

Wake up to the glorious, infinite, indescribable Absolute perfection of Motionless Reality, which is beyond the first, only, and final veil of ‘consciousness-experiencing’. Wake up from the I Am, or the I.

Beyond the dreaming (Beingness), the dreamed (Energy/Appearance), and the dreamer (Consciousness)—all three of which are inseparable—lies the perfect and Absolutely Infinite Reality. This is the real you already and it has never suffered or experienced this Universe for even a second. It is absolutely free, awake, real, eternal, timeless.

Again, this is YOU already, as you in actuality are right now! You’re just fooled by the many layers of the movie you’ve been watching for millions of years. To go beyond, you must dismiss the notion that the world, or manifestation in general, is real. This notion keeps your attention stuck inside the bubble of the Illusion. Wake up from the Presence of Beingness. There is an infinitely more real reality obscured by the illusion of ‘I Am’. See if you can wake up from the I Am, or I-sense.

In short:

Step 1: You wake up from thought, to the ever-present, stable, innermost “I” sense.

Step 2: You wake up from this all-pervasive I-sense, too. Until nothing but yourself—the Absolute—is known.

Maybe not for you

In an age where political correctness is held in high esteem by the polluted human mind, and has infiltrated every aspect of our mostly fear-based social consciousness, the idea that the world is not real or substantial is an offensive, dangerous suggestion to the sheep of this collective.

So for those of you afraid of the fact that there is not really a world out there, and who would rather hold on to the little stream of information trickling into your beingness every day in the form of the sense organs lying to you, over the truth of your own existence, you can safely return to your mindfulness and other politically correct and socially acceptable forms of introductory (but ultimately bland and unfulfilling) spiritual practice, according to your own preferred belief systems.

Buy a popular new age Buddhist magazine with many slogans about peace, kindness and mindfulness, lay it out on your coffee table, and have fun conversing with your ever growing clientele or circle of friends about ‘enlightenment’ (as if you have any real clue what it means, what it requires, and what it results in). Feel better about yourself—because why not?

However, this article is not for those types of seekers (at least not yet). I love all seekers, all beings, equally. Wherever you’re at is truly perfect, but this practice is not for everyone and where they’re at. I wish everyone well on their journey, and there is no mistake in being a beginner, ever. And yet, the only way to go from beginner to adept is to take a good hard look at where you’re coming from in your association with spirituality. How genuine, and personality-transcending is it really? Or are you just carrying it like a lifestyle? If so, you’re missing out.

To the rare and/or seasoned, highly dedicated adept, I say this: Thank you for getting this far in your life, in the practice, and in this article, and may you wake up and realize liberation. Blessings are streaming your way, always, from Source. You deserve absolute freedom and you will know it one day if you persevere evermore earnestly in your efforts to see, know and become the Formless, Infinite Creator, which is the One Source behind us all.


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For someone who prefers silence, Bentinho Massaro has devoted himself to making the effort to distill practical spirituality to a T, speaking extensively over the past 12 years on the topics of awakening, spirituality, philosophy, meditation, living an epic life in service to the world, an enlightened human civilization, and practical transformative means of all kinds. In an attempt to organize some of this incredible volume of content, over the past 7 years we have generated several platforms, or products for you to engage with. Some of these products are free; some require payment.

Depending on the nature of your seeking and experience level, as well as your willingness and ability to contribute to our cause financially—in the form of investing in your own transformation and upgrading—one or more of the following platforms may best suit you. We thought it would be helpful to offer a clear overview of every primary way in which you can engage with Bentinho Massaro’s extensive teachings, to see which platforms are right for you.

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FREE! After visiting and following Bentinho on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube for a while, we generally recommend that people jump headfirst into Trinfinity Academy. It’s an accessible online school for the full enchilada of enlightenment and empowerment teachings.

Although it’s not one of Bentinho’s most recent offerings, Trinfinity Academy is truly brilliant in structure, flow and content. What’s so good about it is the ease with which one can incrementally digest multi-level teachings and precise instructions in a way that feels like a breeze.

Trinfinity Academy originated as Bentinho’s vision of a platform that would allow the main components and the most important realizations of the paths of Enlightenment (Self-Realization) and Empowerment (Self-Actualization) to be organized for the beginning to intermediate seeker. But even advanced seekers have expressed that the Academy brings things together for them in a way they’ve always longed for! So it’s really a must to go through these courses to get your spirituality up to date with modern standards of holistic, authentic, contemporary spiritual understanding.

Trinfinity Academy can be seen as the coming together of East, West and Cosmos. It is  a skillful blend and integration of the ancient, the modern and the New Age, giving the spiritual seeker  a totality of understanding that transcends any one of the above mentioned categories of spirituality.

With over 100 video lessons to digest in a recommended order (categorized by course and type of teaching) your consciousness and mind will undergo a major transformation. You will be upgraded to the point where you will then be ready to understand pretty much all of Bentinho’s content outside of Trinfinity Academy. Trinfinity Academy’s teachings are a profound foundation recommended for anyone interested in a holistic understanding of practical spirituality.

A few years ago, Bentinho and his Team decided to make the Academy free, giving up their main source of income at the time and their security as a company. This leap of faith was motivated by the inherently free and generous nature of someone living in faith, desiring to provide accessibility to this profound and precise platform so that all may awaken to their true Self and their infinite potential. Enjoy this life’s work offering of pure love for you, all of humanity and our potentially golden future: Share far and wide!

Note: While some considered our choice to give up over $50,000 per month by making the Academy free a mistake, and while it sure generated some exciting challenges for our company, we still love our decision. We hope you will make the most of this leap of faith on our part by truly appreciating and practicing the content to awaken yourself and live an epic life.

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Civilization Upgraders is a dedicated training platform for the sincere seeker of enlightenment who wishes to strip themselves of all internal lies and realize the truth and potential of their real self. This platform trains people just like you in spiritually aligned and awakened leadership to maximize their ability to live in balanced service to an Enlightened Civilization by 2035.

Currently, the Civilization Upgraders brand offers two programs: The Next Level: Dialogues with the Highly Committed and The Shepherding Consciousness program. Both are described below.

You deserve these programs, and the world deserves you—your truest and most realized self.

The Next Level: Dialogues with the Highly Committed

99 Euros per month. The Next Level: Dialogues with the Highly Committed began when those closest to Bentinho expressed that they wanted to take their development to the next level. They were tired of consuming his teachings like spiritual entertainment—learning gradually from the comfort of their own lifestyles and biases—so they asked him to raise the bar and turn up the heat.

For the first time ever, we are recording these inner-circle dialogues and making them available to highly committed wanderers, advanced adepts, and aspiring spiritual teachers and leaders worldwide.

The Next Level is a radically honest and direct series of evolving dialogues, designed to bring about a permanent shift in identity by coming at you from all angles with deep love and piercing wisdom. The weekly recordings generate momentum in the listener in the direction of the 'perpetual renewal of self', inspiring you to constantly enter into your own unique next level realization and actualization. Say goodbye to stagnation, and hello to super accelerated living and being.

When you subscribe to The Next Level, you begin the journey right where the original participants began, as one of them. Each week you’ll receive one or multiple audio recordings accompanied by, when relevant, screenshots from the WhatsApp chat group (where much of the teaching and group work happens), photos of that exact session, testimonials and reflections from the group, and “journal entries” from Cory or other leading participants.

Upgrade yourself, and our civilization will follow.

Shepherding Consciousness Program

$199 per month for 12 months. The Shepherding Consciousness program is for those ready to really bring Bentinho’s teachings into their lives and marry these principles. To study from a distance, if you will, is one thing. But to truly become one with the laws of the universe and embody service-to-others, as well as to live a courageous, spiritually awake and richly epic life, the teachings need to become one’s lived experience.

Bentinho suggests there are three major stages to the evolution, actualization and enlightenment of an individual. The first stage is that of being identified as a person. This is the state the vast majority of people are in—both those seemingly very ignorant, as well as those seemingly rather awake. Many adepts out there, and even spiritual teachers, are still in a state Bentinho equates to person-consciousness.

The next stage in evolution from person-consciousness is Shepherding-Consciousness. This stage covers a huge spectrum. There is the beginning shepherd, all the way up to the perfected shepherd, who has attained the third stage, Mirror-Consciousness, and is known as a Mirror Being. Mirror Beings are extremely rare, and although this is addressed and hinted at in this course, the main focus is on mastering and actually living and applying the principles required to transmute the tenacious identity of the person-consciousness into the splendor, brilliance, intelligence, generosity, benevolence and purity of a well-balanced, advanced Shepherd. The advanced Shepherd is one  who is ready to step into the world and be fully themselves, yet without the lower ego getting in the way of their service to others.

Shepherds are those who feel the call—and have attained the mastery required—to efficiently help others, and on a larger scale, to help make THE difference in the world at this timing, in order to ensure an Enlightened Civilization by 2035.

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Cultivating the Direct Experience of the Self

When the self in you becomes aware of itself rather than of objects, attention placed on objects decreases and the awareness of Self—the Eternal Subject, that which has never changed—increases and becomes more powerful and magnetic with further practice.
— Bentinho Massaro

This blog post is a transcript from a talk Bentinho recently gave in India.

**After 30 minutes of silence, Bentinho welcomes everybody who came to attend and begins his talk.**

Bentinho: The most powerful teaching is silence. However, if you don’t know silence, if you don’t know what to direct your attention to, then the silence is not that productive. So, I will speak about it a little bit. There’s no right or wrong. You can’t offend me; so just be completely at ease.

From Awareness of Objects to Awareness of Self

The discovery that we’re after is not knowledge; it’s not information. Rather, we want to gain experience of the Self; to gain the experience of what we are, which no knowledge can touch. Knowledge can’t take us there, ultimately. What's helpful is to make a few distinctions that the mind can understand—a few key understandings that will help us in allowing our attention to become aware of what we are.

First of all, let's make the distinction between the Self and the not-self. We could say the Self is the subject (even though that's not entirely accurate) and the not-self is the objects. Objects mean misery to some degree. As the Buddha said, "Life is suffering." As long as we are aware of objects, as long as there is an object-based sense of self, we will suffer to some extent. If the objects are pleasurable, we will suffer less. If the objects are painful or confronting or catalytic, then the suffering is greater. To one who has matured into wisdom, any object-based relationship feels like suffering because it is not Truth.

We can either be object-oriented and object-aware, or we can be aware of Self; we can be aware of what we are. Whereas awareness of objects is suffering to a greater or lesser degree; Awareness of Self is bliss to a greater or lesser degree—depending on how fully our attention is absorbed… how fully our Awareness is aware of Self rather than objects. As awareness of Self increases, peace and bliss, vastness and oneness increase as well.

You want to become aware of the potential, the possibility, and the opportunity for your attention to shift from being focused on objects to being aware of Self. What is Self? Self can only be felt or experienced. It can only be experienced as oneself—as that which is not an object. Self is that which is aware of objects. When the Self becomes aware of itself rather than aware of objects, attention placed on objects decreases and disappears and the awareness of Self—the Eternal Subject, that which has never changed—becomes more prominent, more self-evident and more powerful in one's experience.

Instead of focusing on what you see, begin to focus on the seeing itself, or on the seer. We could also say focus on being, because ultimately seeing is being and being is seeing. If you become aware of the fact that you are currently looking or seeing, you will increase the awareness of seeing and you will find that objects will start leaving your attention—even if only for a few seconds at a time. For a few seconds, the world of objects disappears and the sense of a deeper me or the sense I exist, I am, I am seeing (not the words but the direct experience of I AM) becomes aware of itself. Instantly you find some form of ease, some form of liberation. With practice, you will become more of that and less aware of the world. There is nothing wrong with the world—except that it doesn't exist.

Note: To ensure your mind does not distort this last statement and turn it into a conceptual ideology or a nihilistic approach toward everyday life, here’s a rule of thumb to apply: outwardly act as if the world does exist (i.e., be kind and helpful to people and take responsibility for yourself), but inwardly we want to act as if the world does not exist (realize it’s an illusory projection existing only inside of consciousness, not outside or independent from awareness).

The mind is conditioned to be aware of objects pretty much all the time. It is aware of things; it is seeking for objects. Without objects, it's quite helpless. It doesn't quite know what to think or what to think of itself. It doesn't know how to know itself. In the naked, empty void of objects, the mind reaches, grasps and seeks for more objects of knowledge, more concepts—something to know itself by. But anything used to know yourself by or through is secondary; it is not direct. It is not I-Am, but rather I am this or I am that—I am this object, I am this person, I am this body, I am this world, I am these finances, I am this relationship, I am this emotion, and so on. We all know this state.

Life in the state of object-focus equals suffering to a greater or lesser degree. Again, the Self is not knowledge, at least not in the typical sense. It's awareness. It can only be directly experienced by Awareness or Consciousness itself.

Instead of focusing on what you see, begin to focus on the seeing itself, or on the seer.
— Bentinho Massaro

Imagine There Is No World

All we've ever known ourselves through or by is this idea of ‘the world of form.’ We've only known reflections of ourselves, we’ve only ever decided we are something based on what we see, hear, touch or think about. Our self-knowledge has been entirely based on thoughts, beliefs, and inference; most of us have never known ourselves directly.

So, to make this easier, it's really helpful to pretend or imagine that there is no world. Allow attention to snap loose from the mind (which is object-based) and instead become aware of the sense of me that is deeper than the idea of me. This is the feeling of I exist, I-Am. It comes with a clarity, a lucidity, an awareness.

For a moment, just imagine that the world doesn't exist; that the world never happened. You may find your body relaxing; you may experience a sigh of release. Pretend for a moment that you have no world to return to, to think about, or to be responsible for. What if there is no world? What if you don’t have a life that you have to attend to? What happens to your attention when you really imagine this? What happens to your Awareness when it's freed up to become aware of Now, of Being, of Self?

You see, the idea that you have a world to attend to is usually very distracting to spiritual/meditation practice. It creates many objects of attention and unrest; it pulls the mind out of the Self. It creates ideas and memories of what you are and heavy feelings to go along with it, etc.

But before all that, you already are. So for the time of your intended meditation, pretend the world simply doesn't exist and rejoice in seeing what happens to your attention when there is no world to return to. See if, even if just for a moment, you become aware of a stream of Consciousness, a soothing feeling of being, of existing. This is the feeling of Consciousness becoming aware of its own consciousness; of the fact that it's aware. This is Awareness watching Awareness, or Awareness being Awareness, or ‘staying with the I AM or I Exist.’

If you noticed such a moment… that stream of consciousness noticing itself, then that’s it! That was a brief, subtle, beginner’s moment of Enlightenment. You’ve found the entrance to the rabbit hole that will take you deeper into Bliss, if you dare follow it down into the mystery of Self.

That brief moment of Self-recognition, is you BEGINNING to directly know your self as the Self, rather than as a series of ideas you believe in, based on the assumption of an independently existing world which you’ve let define you, and that has pulled a veil over your Soul. The practice described today is the antidote to the illness of indirect—and therefore ultimately wrong—self-knowledge or self-awareness. This is the experiential, practicable science of Self-Realization, or Enlightenment. And anyone can do it, because everyone is already the Self.

You will have little glimpses at first, but it will become easier and easier. The stream of Consciousness becomes experientially ‘thick’, like oil. At first it's like little droplets of water, hard to grasp and very subtle. Easy to dry off from and forget. But as you let go of the sense of an external world more and more in your periods of meditation, and turn attention to attention itself, the stream of Self-Awareness becomes thick like a stream of oil. Oil is not so easy to wipe off and forget. It sticks with you for much longer, even after your moments of direct Self-Awareness.

So again: when you're in meditation, pretend the world doesn't exist—that it never happened, that you have no responsibilities for anyone or anything. For that period of time, the world is not there. This allows attention to become aware of the seer and the seeing; the Is-ing, the Being, the I-Am that is already here.

What you are is already here; therefore it cannot be created by anything you do—you will never create it through thought, knowledge, any type of activity, reflection or even meditation. You will merely discover it. You are not responsible for creating your True Self. It already exists. What you are is timeless and eternal, therefore it must already be here. It has simply gone unnoticed; it has simply been overlooked. It has been replaced with attention on illusory objects and concepts.

This is the experiential, practicable science of Self-Realization, or Enlightenment. And anyone can do it, because everyone is already the Self.
— Bentinho Massaro

All you have to do is allow what is naturally present to become known to your attention in a very effortless, gentle and relaxed way. Don’t try to force anything. Simply give up the world and become aware of what remains. What is the natural sense of being here now? That is your access point in meditation. Meditation is nothing other than being aware of Self versus being aware of the world, which no one has ever experienced outside of their own definitions anyway. That’s the illusion: we believe the world we define is actually there the way we see it in our minds.

But without our definitions—in direct experience of the only thing we can rely on to always be true: the direct state of I AM—where is ‘the world’ in that state, if you’re honest? Are you ever directly experiencing a world?

You have to bring back inference, assumptions, thoughts, ideologies, references and descriptions before the world comes rushing back into your Awareness, which you in turn assert or assume to be ‘real’ just because you’ve generated an experience of it using thoughts, descriptions, definitions, etc. And as soon as you re-assert that the world is real, you suffer to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the circumstances you are fabricating with your mind.

Take a Moment Every Day

Take a moment every day to let ‘the experience of the world’ be left alone, and become aware of the Self that is right here, right now. Allow the stream of Consciousness to pick up flow inside you. Again, at first it starts out like little drops of water, then it becomes like a more constant stream of water. After that it becomes like a continuous thick stream of oil. The experience of yourself as the subject, with practice, becomes almost solid, almost like an object—a foundational object underneath all illusory, temporary objects; it becomes tangible.

It's like a thick stream of oil running through your awareness creating a sense of ease, a sense of I-Am, a sense of clarity and lucidity, and a deep sense of unconditional love. It becomes intense and palpable; you can taste it and you can rest in it, take shelter in it. Then simply wake up more in that stream. Intensify it. Allow more and more of your attention to be drawn to it. The stream becomes magnetic; it becomes attractive. It starts to pull you in. Self knowledge—direct, immediate attention on Self—is the most delicious, the most fragrant, the most true state of Being.

Every perception confirms that you’re already here. Every thought confirms that you’re already aware of the thought. Every emotion confirms that you’re already here to witness the emotion.
— Bentinho Massaro

With practice, this will become more and more automatic in your everyday life, even while the mind is operating in the world. When the mind is operating in the world, it’s a little harder to maintain, but it's not impossible. Set aside periods of time for meditation every day, and take short moments throughout your daily activities in which you remind yourself that the Self is not an object—that ultimately, the world is an illusion, a projection, a perception inside of Consciousness, inside of Self.

The Self is all-encompassing; it transcends whatever perception may arise. Just like a movie projected on the screen, the light that is projected through the images will always be the light. The screen will always be the screen. The movie is projected on top of the screen, just like the world is projected on top of the I-Am, or Consciousness—the pure existence that we are and that we share.

To be aware of the world is to forget the Self. To be aware of the Self is to forget the world. One brings suffering to a greater or lesser extent, and one brings bliss to a greater or lesser extent. One is false to a greater or lesser extent; one is true to a greater or lesser extent.

(You will find three videos spread out throughout this article. They are on a very similar topic and you might find them valuable in your deepening, but these videos are not from the session from which this text was taken.)

You Exist Prior to Knowledge

You exist before knowledge, do you not? Before you can know anything conceptually, verbally, intellectually—using thought—you first have to be here; you first have to exist. Therefore, the prerequisite to ALL knowledge and perception is I AM. Before the world is known to you, you must already be here first, only to then generate the perception of ‘a world’ later on.

Being is already here; it is simply obscured by the thinking mind. But in truth, it is right here. And it's radiant, it's self-luminous, it's thick like oil, it's bright, it's dense, it's solid. It is more solid than the world. And yet it is free and open like the sky. Untouchable.

The I AM isn't a vague, abstract concept. It's formless, yes, so it's difficult for the mind to recognize it, but it isn’t vague; it’s right here now in you hearing these words! The mind is used to perceiving form—shapes, sizes, dimensions, labels, concepts and words. So it's difficult for the mind to grok the formless; it's almost impossible for it to understand or see something that doesn't have form or dimension. But you are more than just your mind, and recognizing the formless Self becomes possible simply by remembering that you are… that you exist… that you are aware.

In order for you to know any kind of form, you must first be here. There is an existence that is prior to anything you can perceive. Every perception confirms that you're already here. Every thought confirms that you're already aware of the thought. Every emotion confirms that you're already here to witness the emotion. Otherwise, how could you even talk about the emotion? How could you get lost in the emotion if you weren't first present to it? To whom could a thought arise and be believed in, if you weren’t already existent and conscious?

Simply stay tuned to the Self. It will deepen, it will carve itself out. It will expand to reveal itself as the essence of everything and beyond. All you have to do is become aware of the deepest, innermost sense of me, of I exist. That is the teacher. That is the guru. That is the guide.
— Bentinho Massaro

Stop believing in the world of thoughts, emotions, forms, relationships, businesses and so on, for at least a chunk of time every day, and for brief moments throughout your daily activities. Allow for the stream of Consciousness to begin to know itself; for the peace and bliss to begin to show itself. It is already here, but that doesn't mean that no work is required. A little bit of effort is required. To get to know it, you must place the attention there. You must inquire. But once you’re able to experientially identify the isness of being, which comes with the clarity of self-awareness, returning to it throughout the day becomes incrementally easier. Especially with some dedication.

Be curious. All that this requires is genuine curiosity.

Notice how when you see a very young child playing in the yard or even just sitting down, they are curious. They have no labels yet for themselves; they don't speak language yet. They mainly just are. And from that isness, from that empty, naked beingness, they may see a bug or a plant or they may hear a sound. And there's a curiosity about what it is. They are not yet lost in the head; they are still open, bright, awake and unfiltered, for the most part. You want to go back to that state and explore it consciously—it's your natural state. That same curiosity can be applied to the Self, so that Awareness becomes inquisitive, aware and curious about itself, rather than focused on the endless array of carrots the world dangles in front of our faces every day—luring us away from eternal happiness and superconsciousness.

Don't look for objects. Take 2 to 5-second moments throughout the day and radically forget all about objects. Drop the whole world for that instant. Become aware that you are. Become aware of what naturally remains when you’re not thinking. Every time you do this, the stream of Consciousness becomes thicker, more delicious, more fragrant, more activated. In essence, the experience that you are, is God. It is the essential Self in all things. If you can become aware of the subject, that's your doorway. Your individual sense of I AM is like an open door to Brahman, or God, or the Universal I AM.

The individuated I AM is not separate from the universal I AM. When you're inside your house looking through a window, you can see what's outside—you can see what is ‘universal’ to all neighbors. You're inside your little individuated home and you feel like you're an entity over here that is bound to this location, this space and time, this life. But the essence of your I AM is actually everywhere all at once; there is no limitation to it. This truth generally does not experientially present itself until some time into your dedicated practice, but it is definitely possible and it merely awaits your will to discover it.

There is a point in the practice of I AM where your individual sense of I exist begins to expand. This happens when attention is purely placed on I AM, and associations such as body, mind, world, relationships, space and time start to be filtered out during your meditations. In other words, the additions your mind has placed on the Pure Existence-Bliss-Self begin to fall away.

During this process, your very own everyday consciousness begins to become aware of its universality, its totality, its all-transcending nature; its inseparability with God. This is where liberation begins—when the individual realizes experientially that the personal sense of I AM is not separate from the Great I AM, the omnipresent I AM, the all-pervading I AM (also sometimes called the I-I).

You will begin to intuit, to instinctively understand and see and know, that what you are is All. You are not just here and now; you are All. The same essence that is present here and now is present as the essence of all of Creation. This can only be experienced directly and it is truly magical when it begins to occur. You will, probably for the first time in your life, know the true meaning of the word BLISS.

Simply stay tuned to the Self. It will deepen, it will carve itself out. It will expand to reveal itself as the essence of everything and beyond. All you have to do is become aware of the deepest, innermost sense of me, of I exist. That is the teacher. That is the guru. That is the guide. That is the fishing line that will reel in happiness, peace, bliss, oneness, and Self awareness. Just stay with the deepest sense of I exist, I exist, I exist...

Any time we judge or hold an opinion about a situation, we are effectively disagreeing with God and the fact that all things are God.
— Bentinho Massaro

You Exist Prior to Experiences

Everything you experience is confirmation that you exist.

Let's say a situation arises between you and your partner or your sister or your boss. Or just between you and yourself. You can either focus on your description of that situation—what it is, what it means, where it comes from—or you can see it as a confirmation that you exist prior to it. It is only because you exist that the situation can be there... Let this really sink in: If you didn't first exist, the situation would not even be experienced. Recognizing this foundational fact throughout every situation can become gratitude in the deepest sense of the word. You can become aware and grateful for the fact that none of your complaints would even exist if you didn't first exist.

Turn your complaints into a source of gratitude, rather than perpetuate further complaint. Any time we judge or hold an opinion about a situation, we are effectively disagreeing with God and the fact that all things are God. We are actively enhancing egotism, separation and suffering.

As soon as we imagine or remember there is no world, the mind loses a lot of fuel for ‘describing the world’, and protecting itself with these descriptions and labels and categories. The mind is only doing this because it believes there is an actual world to begin with, which if we’re honest, will only ever remain an assumption.

If we believe there is no world, at least during meditation, then almost all of the reasons for the mind to think and distract us from our chosen focus disappear. As more of our attention is detached from the mind, which is always projecting a world, our focus becomes available to us to use instead for realization of the Self, which is already here and eternally free and glorious.

Can you feel this? I AM… This is not a thought; it is the recognition that you exist before your thoughts. Train your attention to become more aware of this. Don't believe that these periods of meditation and recognition should look a certain way or be for a certain amount time. Over time, you will naturally become less distracted by your millions of assumptions of a world. Just take these moments throughout the day. Be grateful for the fact that you exist, and that if you didn’t already exist, you wouldn’t experience your suffering to begin with.

So the next time you are tempted to complain about your suffering, take a moment instead and turn it into existential gratitude. "I could not suffer if I didn't first exist. I could not have this opinion or this emotional trigger if I didn’t exist prior to this appearance." Everything is appearing to you as Consciousness; there's a you that knows of the appearance. Become more aware of this seeing, this being, this is-ing, this knowing. Know the knower rather than what appears to be known by the knower.

Know the knower, be the being, see the seer. Ponder this and make it your mantra. When you do this, a shift will happen. It's like something clicks in Consciousness. It's unusual at first because you're not used to it. Simply, gradually and gently (but with some effort and dedication), commit to being curious enough to make this click experiential. Develop it, make it more usual. Shift from thinking to noticing Being.

It's like an experiential click—for a moment, you get it; you lock onto a deeper sense of yourself. And then two seconds later, it seems to be gone; forgotten. That's OK. Repeat it. Identify the feeling of ‘I exist and I am aware’ again. Keep repeating the two seconds of stopping the mind and recognizing what remains. Two seconds will become five seconds. Five seconds will become 10 seconds. And 10 seconds will start to naturally arise, even when you're not intending it.

Your mind will become more transparent to its underlying Self. When you're interacting with the world, you may not be as pristinely aware of Being, but with practice, the mind will become more transparent to this deeply divine sense of Pure Ever-Present Timeless Existence.

Even while you're talking to someone, there will be a greater and greater percentage of your Awareness that will be aware of the deeper unified Existence in all beings. For example, you might be talking to a person, and perhaps they are triggered. Or perhaps you are triggered; your emotions are flaring up. Maybe you're talking about something that went wrong or something that should be amended or who should take responsibility for something. You're engaged in the dialog, perhaps even going into the drama (which can serve a purpose on a relative level; it's not necessarily a negative thing). But even while you're interacting to that extent with the mind, if you've practiced enough of the short moments of clicking into I exist before the mind, before thoughts, then the sense of I exist becomes all-encompassing; it becomes like an all-pervasive space.

Then you're having the dialog, but you're having it inside of the space of pure existence. You can choose to be more aware of that space or to be less aware of it and more aware of the drama and endless, mostly fruitless descriptions. Either way, with practice the mind will become more transparent to the natural state.

Can you feel this? I AM… This is not a thought; it is the recognition that you exist before your thoughts.
— Bentinho Massaro

Look for that click in which you simply remember that you exist. That's it. Just for a second remember that you are and notice that I AM has consciousness/lucidity. Notice that there's an awareness, a knowingness, the direct experience of I exist. A few seconds is enough to begin with, but repeat it and repeat it and repeat it. Then, depending on where you're at in your life and what your interest level is, you will either go more in this direction or you will just use it as a casual tool to bring a little more peace into the suffering-filled existence of your illusory separate identity.

Over time, as you suffer more and more and you see that your arguments don't really work—that your opinions don't give you lasting peace, joy or harmony—you will begin to mature. You will grow up, becoming wiser and wiser.

What is wisdom? Wisdom is usually born out of suffering and repeated experience, or cycles. As wisdom develops, your desires shift from everything you think you want, to desiring to rest in the bliss and peace and purity of the Self. You go from petty-minded wants and needs, to opening the inner eye to God, the Creator, the Infinite Principle in all things.

Again, all this beauty and enlightenment is most directly accessible through the experiential recognition that I exist before thoughts. This is the gateway, the door. The door is wide open and it leads to the Greater Self. But you have to approach the door; you have to go deeper into it. Some of you may become more interested in fully exploring this, and some of you may just be more casually interested because you have a lot of stuff to do. Which is cool. I have a lot of stuff to do too.

The more intense your desire is for this (God/Self/Source), the fewer the obstacles there will be to it. All obstacles are illusory and they disappear as soon as you want it badly enough. Life is suffering, but bliss is possible.

Know the knower, be the beingness, see the seer… Ponder this and make it your mantra.
— Bentinho Massaro

Buddha's first noble truth is Life is suffering. Buddha's third noble truth is There is an end to suffering. This requires a different understanding; a different attitude and focus. It requires that you shift from objects to objectlessness—from world to Self. The mind that has for many years been engaged with the world has a very difficult time embracing this as a valid concept. To give oneself eternally to the formless Self seems like a negation of the world. And it is. But the more you do it, the more you see that the world never really existed. You see that there is an intelligence behind the entire illusory phenomenon we see as the Universe, and that it’s OK to be left as it is.

You know how the scriptures say that everything is an illusion, that it's all maya? You will begin to experience this directly and your fears about what that means for you and your life will begin to be answered with experiential conviction that these are, in truth, non-issues. They are made up.

This doesn't mean you become an asshole; that you stop doing the things you're responsible for. There is an Intelligence that takes over the separate ego. You will be able to perform most of your duties and responsibilities. You will stop doing some of them out of free will because you will see that they no longer make sense. But you won’t be incapacitated and unable to act, operate and to take responsibility. You will most likely begin to simplify your life—which wouldn’t be a bad thing for most of us anyway, regardless of our passion for true Enlightenment.

An Intelligence will guide the body and the mind to make decisions according to a deeper connection rooted in Awareness, rather than coming from a biased, conditioned and reactive mind-program. You will be plugged into the motherboard of all of Existence, so your actions will be inspired by a sense of Oneness, a sense of freedom and harmony for all. They will be less based on "I feel separate, I am suffering, and I need this or else I will suffer more." Decisions will come not from need, but from an abundant sense of wholeness which is followed by a natural courage, humility, sincerity and nobility. [The transcript continues below the video.]

Q & A Session

The Intelligence of Childlikeness

Questioner 1: Can childishness be a form of Intelligence?

Bentinho: Let's call it childlikeness. The term childish generally describes someone who is overly attached to their own ideas, as well as stubborn. But someone who is childlike has spontaneity. There is a spontaneity and a naturalness to the being and behavior of infants and young children. You will find that the more you let go of the mind-based identity, the more childlike you become, in some ways at least. You will also become more quiet and wise.

There are a few moods you will notice naturally arise the more you trust in the Self and let go of your control on your body, mind and its projected version of ‘the world.’ These moods typically range from sort of a deep seriousness, sincerity, earnestness, ‘no-bullshit allowed,’ love for truth and focus, to sort of a light-hearted childlike playfulness that is spontaneous, free, contagious, silly and unfiltered. In the spectrum between these two your outward life as an expression of Source, will flow. To others, you will seem somewhere in the range of serious, deep and mysterious, to perhaps silly and playful. So yes, there is definitely an Intelligence to childlikeness; one that is inherent to the Self.

The Usefulness of Mantras

Questioner 2: I sometimes experience an emotional charge that makes me forget myself. In these situations, is a mantra or knowledge useful?

Bentinho: A mantra is a tool. Certain tools, like mantras, offer us insight. They are like a thought that carries a certain vibrational wisdom, which acts like a pointer pointing us back to Self. You don't forget yourself when you become emotionally charged; you forget yourself and then you become emotionally charged. So if you are emotionally charged, this means you've already forgotten yourself. We tend to increase this forgetting as soon as the trigger or charge arises by narrowing our focus around it. Then we really feel the extent of our forgetfulness.

So yes, it’s helpful to have some kind of intellectual thought to hold onto at first; to weed out the emotional stuff. We need a thought such as, "This is what my teacher told me," or "This is God," or "This is what will lead me back to the I AM." Find one that works for you; one that's as direct as possible in pointing you back to pure Existence.

The Magnetic Pull of Awareness

Questioner 3: The more you are in Awareness, it becomes magnetic?

Bentinho: Yes, it becomes magnetic. The world-based personality begins to be absorbed into the Self.

Questioner 3: So my Awareness is pulling me inward?

Bentinho: Yes. It’s always pulling you, but we've built up so much stuff that we usually don't feel it. But when you become aware that everything except Awareness is suffering and ultimately delusional, this shows that wisdom and maturing are happening. Because right now you're still satisfied. As long as you're still satisfied with what you have, you won't have the desire to burn through all the stuff. Your life is still engaging and entertaining; it still gives you gratification and relief.

We suffer intensely and then we settle for ‘suffering a little bit less’ and we mistakenly call this peace or happiness. We say that things are going well now. But over the years to come you will see that the swing back and forth from pleasurable suffering to painful suffering is still only ever suffering. You will also see that it truly has no end. Seeing this will tire out your allegiance to the personality’s never ending hope for redemption in form, or even its notion that in the embrace of the suffering is found the end of suffering, which is only very partially true.

You will stop believing in the hopes and desires and expectations that the mind projects into an illusory timeline. And then, very naturally, that which is already here and without time, begins to know itself more pristinely, more clearly and more directly. The density of Light, of Consciousness, becomes more intense, like turning up the brightness of a lightbulb. The sense of Awareness becomes radiant and magnetic like the Sun. A gravitational field develops and sucks in the mind, and it becomes harder for the mind to escape from this radiant Black Hole at the center of the Light of All That Is.

First the mind will be sucked into the Light of the Universal I AM, which we could also call the Essence of All That Is. Later on, even the Self will become magnetically absorbed into the black hole of the One Infinite Indescribable Perfection beyond Beingness or non-Beingness. We could call this the Source of All That Is. The source of even the essence. The One which is older than God, older than the Self, older than the ever-present existence of Beingness-Isness-Love-Light.

Tools to Help with Meditation

Questioner 4: When I meditate I try to be aware. It comes and it pulls. But is there some tool that will make me stay there longer? It is better to practice in silence or with tools?

Bentinho: You have to find what works for you. One of the tools is to simply be aware. It's a pretty direct tool, so it may not work for you yet. Are you able to recognize that you exist?

Questioner 4: Yes.

Bentinho: Great. That’s a tool. Recognize over and over that you exist. Even during your daily routine, keep recognizing the fact that you exist.

Another tool is to imagine there is no world so that attention will drop out of the projection and back into the Light of Isness.

Another tool is to seek for the root of the mind itself. Instead of thinking, inquire: "Where or what is the mind?" It's kind of a hack. As soon as you start looking for the mind, the mind disappears and there's an increased sense of Awareness and spaciousness. Have you tried it?

Questioner 4: No, but I'm very curious to try it.

Bentinho: It's kind of like the mind doesn't see that one coming. We always talk about the mind as if it's there, or we use it to get somewhere. We even use it to meditate on something. But when you consciously look for the mind itself, with great intensity and curiosity, in that openness and attentiveness the mind is suddenly not there! And we then begin to wake up to this pristine space of I exist or Existence itself.

Another tool is to see that whatever arises, it is not you because you're there as the observer. Are you your hand? Are you this pillow? Does this pillow define what you are? No, because you are there being aware of it. There's a you that's aware of the pillow. There's a you that's aware of your hand; you wouldn't ever say that you are your hand.

It's the same with thoughts. If you notice that you are aware of the thoughts in the mind, in that moment you know that you can't possibly be that which you see. For that split second, there are no objects in your attention. You might not notice it at first, but looking back upon that moment of clarity you will realize, “Actually, there was no sense of an object; there was only me being aware of being aware; me being aware of pure and lucid existence."

That is a small moment of enlightenment, a small moment of awakening. If you repeat this many times throughout the day it will become more automatic, more of a habit, more natural. But it does require some effort, and the effort follows your desire for it. The more you desire it, the less effort is needed. Effort really is a way of trying to compensate for your lack of desire. "I don't really want to, but I know I should," or "I know it's good for me so I'm going to try really hard." But if you want it more than anything, there's no real feeling of effort, even when you’re focusing intensely. You're just there, you're just being it, wanting it more than anything else, and so you’re not as easily distracted by other experiences that will show up along the way of your practice. With proper desire, it is much easier to stay focused. And more fun too.

Like anything in life, even on the relative plane, you always have that which you really really want. If you don't have it, then you don't really want it. If you have it, you somehow must want it. You are infinitely powerful, so if you really didn't want a particular thing in your life or, if you really didn't want to believe that you're separate, you wouldn't. Therefore, you must have other priorities. And this is OK; it's not a judgment. But it does cause you endless suffering. Just notice that.

This is how we gain understanding of what we've been doing all our lives from a state of conditioning. It's very humbling and sobering and helpful to acknowledge that you don't really want what was talked about today. You think you want it—and there must be a little bit of an appeal there, otherwise you wouldn't have shown up—but if you really wanted it, you would have it. You would be it. So you still have other priorities.

This is the maturation process—a playing out of the desires that are based in delusion and separation. You play them out over and over again, hoping they will lead you to the end of suffering. But they never do. They just lead to temporary moments of pleasurable suffering. To the sage, associating oneself with pleasurable moments is still suffering; they still hurt. Pleasure is nothing compared to the bliss of the Infinite; there is no pleasure that could ever approach it. Once you've tasted infinite bliss, even once, you realize that Buddha's statement was literal, that life as we know it (not the True life, but life as we know it) equals suffering.

You can't escape this, no matter how much pleasure you experience. If pleasure is based on the delusion of separation, on the delusion of a separate self, it will always carry with it the undertone of suffering, because it's not true. You are not a separate individual. in fact, ultimately, you’re not even an individual at all—it's a mistaken identity that can never attain happiness. Happiness is the nature of All That Is. You have to pause your cultivated feeling of self long enough to become aware of the Isness, the Existence that is all you are. You are making up stories that you’re something in addition to Existence, but there is no proof of it; you only have assumptions (a lot of them). In one moment of clarity, you will see as Existence sees, as the Creator sees, and you will shift closer into the purity of Being.

Use any tool that works for you. At first, your tools might be a mantra or thinking about something or doing something. But as you make a little bit more progress and your desire increases, you will feel that you can go there, which is here, much more directly. This is because your desire is there. If you really want it, your attention will guide you. Honestly, that guru, that principle of going from darkness to light, is innate in all of us, and it's activated through desire.

If we desire something strongly enough out in the world, we will create it, we will attract it. This is the same principle of desire I’ve been talking about today, except applied outwardly—to a place where there can never be full happiness or truth. This same principle operates when turning within. As we turn inward towards the Creator—the essence of all things, the True Self—if we want it, something becomes activated. We start being of a higher intelligence, of a higher Consciousness.

This applies to every life form. If the desire is there, the teaching instantly becomes available internally; you don't need someone to teach you at that point. You only need someone to teach you now because you haven't yet discovered how to activate that desire. But from that desire follows everything you need, always—both in the relative world, as well as in the Absolute direction.

So for now, use whatever tool makes you feel the closest to that sense of Presence before the mind. Over time you won't need a tool, you will simply recognize it, in fact you will simply be it and increase the brightness of the being of it. It will become obvious that you are not the thoughts. It will become obvious that you are not the emotions. It will become obvious that you are not the body. It will become obvious that you can either focus on the body, thoughts and emotions, or you can focus on the fact that you're not the body, thoughts and emotions. What remains is the Self becoming evermore aware, becoming evermore radiant, like a light bulb being turned up. This is when bliss and peace become thick like oil, become radiant and dense.

You are increasing your spiritual mass. This is not the mass of matter, but the mass of Spirit, the mass of Awareness. Humans are generally very dense in matter because of their focus on the world, but that density of matter can become a higher density of Spirit, a density of Self, of Consciousness, of Love, of Bliss. You can become more dense, more vibrant, more densely packed with an awareness of the One True Life. This requires desire and meditation. The greater the desire, the less meditation is required; the less the desire, the more meditation is required.

So start by meditating. Meditate more and more, and that meditation will activate desire. And then that desire will remove the need for meditation, because again—whatever you want, you have. You have to become intense. When you want Self at the exclusion of all else, then you will have it—instantly. There will not be a second of delay. The moment you want it more than anything else, it opens up right then and there.

But we generally want to pursue it like a hobby right? Like going to a grocery store and getting a bag of chips. “Oh, I'd like a little bit of enlightenment…” We go on with our separate lives for a while and we notice that the fridge is getting empty; our lives are getting empty of peace. “I'm in need of a little bit of peace, so let me go to the grocery store. Let me go to satsang. Let me go and abuse this teacher’s time, because I really don't want the Self. I just need to restock my hobbies, my pantry, so that I can continue to suffer more according to my own arrogant beliefs.” *chuckles*

But if you want Self more than anything else, then everything I’ve just said makes so much sense. It's like all my words come flooding back in, and the true meaning is exposed. You realize how little of what I’ve said you understood before. A soon as the degree of your desire for this increases, you are instantly more intelligent. Instantly! With no brain training, no discipline, no focus, no meditation. When you want it more than anything else, you’re suddenly vastly more intelligent and aware of your own tricks, thoughts and delusions… and everything you've ever heard on the topic makes sense to a whole new degree. It instantly becomes embodied and experiential. You'll see.  

This picture was taken during the actual session that you are right now reading as a transcript. The man sitting to Bentinho’s left is 96 years old. He refused to take a chair when everyone else was sitting on the floor. He sat cross-legged without a single complaint and hardly any motion for 2 hours. He has trouble hearing, so he could not hear the session. Still, he showed up. We transcribed the audio so he could read it afterwards.

This picture was taken during the actual session that you are right now reading as a transcript. The man sitting to Bentinho’s left is 96 years old. He refused to take a chair when everyone else was sitting on the floor. He sat cross-legged without a single complaint and hardly any motion for 2 hours. He has trouble hearing, so he could not hear the session. Still, he showed up. We transcribed the audio so he could read it afterwards.

In Closing: An Alternative Hack — Immediate Confidence and Faith

Remember—you are already That. You just have to allow your confidence to arise. Become convinced of the fact that you could not possibly be anything else but the One Infinite Creator; the Supreme Being that pervades All That Is. How could you ever be separate from That? There is only one infinite Existence. There is not one infinite Existence and then you. There is one infinite Existence that gave birth to the form which you started associating with the Self. In truth, you have never been that form; you have never been anything but the True Existence which generated that form as inseparable part of the Grand Illusion of experience. Rest in that confidence.

If you find it hard to focus or meditate, simply relax completely. Allow yourself to be exactly as you are. There are no bad thoughts and there are no good thoughts. There is no right or wrong in what can arise in the emotions or in the desires or in the beliefs. It's all perfect, and ultimately not real nor lasting. So let it be, and simply reach for that confidence using a mantra, if you will. The mantra becomes less verbal and more experiential over time. The mantra is to become more confident in the fact that you are God. That you are All. That you are the Supreme. That you are liberated. That you are already free.

Use any of these sentences, or all of them—whatever works best for you; whatever clicks you into a deeper state of peace and confidence:

I am already perfect.

I am already free.

The mind is just thinking, the body is just doing, the emotions are is raging, but I am already That One Infinite Freedom..  

I am already liberated.

Become more and more convinced of this.

This is a form of Faith. Without the need for actual experience or meditative confirmation, go straight to the confidence that you would have after direct experience with the Self. Start with the confidence and the experience will follow. Instead of experiencing the Self and then becoming confident in your infinite perfection and letting it permeate your whole understanding, do it the other way around.

It's another hack. For some people this works better because it doesn’t require as much stopping of the thoughts or investigating. It's simply pretending, as in fake it ‘til you make it. Pretend that you are already Self-Realized, but not as a thought. Stay with it; it's a sincere mantra. This is not something you say to your neighbor because it feels good and your ego gets a boost. There must be a sincere desire and intention behind it, and with that sincere desire you can state to yourself:

I am already enlightened.

I am already the fully liberated state.

I am already that Infinite, Timeless, Formless Awareness.

I am already God and beyond.

I am already the infinite peace in and beyond all beings.

Choose the words that work for you; whatever represents to you the state you desire. Grow confident in that achievement, without any proof of that achievement!

It's sort of like a poor man pretending to be rich. What does it feel like for the poor man to be rich, even though he hasn't started a company yet? He doesn't have the experiential proof of being rich. He skips all that and goes straight to the feeling of being rich and then allows the means for that to show up.

It's kind of like that. Become more convinced. Have faith, in other words. Faith means that you know something without knowing it yet. You know it without proof. Without any kind of evidence, you believe it anyway. To have faith means to have faith in that which is not yet seen or experienced. Can you have faith in the fact that you are ultimately free? That you are the Absolute Self? That you are one with all things? Can you cultivate faith in that?

And then the meditation will follow. The experience, the clarity, the sense of freedom will follow from that faith exercise. It's much easier to meditate, to naturally fall into a more heightened state of Self-Awareness, from an attitude of, “I got this. I'm already That,” than it is from the state of, “I'm not there yet. I'm having too many thoughts. This is blocking it and that's blocking it. I can't do it.” It's much easier to drop into the natural state of clarity about Self, the objectless state of freedom, the sense of ease and bliss, if you meditate with the attitude that you have essentially already accomplished it, that it's already here. From that confidence, the meditation or clarity or stream of Self-Awareness will follow quite naturally. You’ll see.

Know that you are enlightened, whatever that means to you. Don't believe any other thought, don't believe any doubt, don't believe anyone else, don't believe any scripture, don't believe any teacher. You decide that you are fundamentally and ultimately already That. Stay with that confidence as much as you can, and the clarity of meditation will follow naturally. Your experience will always shift to reflect what you believe in. This applies to the external world as well as to the internal path. It is the same principle. Believe that you already have it, believe that you already are it, and suddenly the experience you thought was so difficult to obtain—as if it was behind a thick wall of ego—is right there. Why? Because your confidence took you beyond the illusory wall; it took down the illusions.

You project illusions of limitation; you project that you're not there yet. Ultimately this can all disappear. If you have enough faith, the faith will lead to meditation, and the meditation will lead to a greater capacity to have faith. They will reinforce each other, and your freedom and liberation will become more and more automatic. Your confidence will rise.

You are worthy of this! You are absolutely worthy of this bliss. You are absolutely worthy of much deeper and greater happiness. You are capable of it and you are it, in essence. You are definitely worthy of it. So accept that; accept that gift to yourself.

There is only God. Only God is, although it seems like there are many other things. There are not. Only God has Isness; only God has Existence. Everything else is a projection of thoughts. Isness equals God. Believe in Isness, disregard thoughts, and you will begin to know yourself as God.

Sometimes we just need to see that something is possible, and then we feel, “Oh! I actually  want that!” Whereas, if there is no evidence of it in our experience, we kind of forget about the possibility; we settle for a more mundane mindset. So if anything, the teacher is meant to inspire. It's not so much about learning how to do this or how to do that, which is very mental. It's more about knowing, I know I can do this; it's possible. I can see that it's possible and it's inspiring to see that it’s possible. I can drop in deeper. I can know the Knower and let that stream take me into Infinite Peace and Love.”  

Thank you all for coming here today.


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The Paradoxical life of a Bodhisatvic Mirror

A bodhisattva is a being who carries out the work of the buddhas, vowing not to personally settle into the salvation of final buddhahood until she or he can assist all beings throughout the vast reaches of time and space to fully be free. A bodhisattva is a buddha with her sleeves rolled up.
— Taigen Dan Leighton

The paradoxical situation of the mirror is his ever-present pursuit to be of highest service to a world drunk with blind and dualistic conviction—a world armed to the teeth with the means to sustain its illusion and the willingness to do so.

Most of his days he considers and holds in his view the full spectrum of the human condition, unbiased in vision, like the eagle which observes the entire canvas of the world down below—alert for the right opportunity to dive down to momentarily become part of the madness he seeks to infuse with a truer light and remembrance of freedom.

It’s a delicate balance which even this world’s greatest scriptures and works of art have never been able to teach him directly. He had to awaken to the Infinite One within and break new ground based on his own intuition—backed by the infinite intelligence—alone.

He can no longer look to his fellow human beings for guidance, for they all, for the most part, choose to live only on ground level and think of themselves—and therefore of him—as just a human being, assumed to also be drowning in the dualistic mess they call ‘life.’

After all, the mirror being, to the untrained eye, looks and does the same as any other body on the surface of the Earth. The remarkable evidence of a mirror is hidden in his presence, and can be found deep within his eyes, only by those ready to be humbled to utter perfection. In any other condition but utter humility, this evidence remains safely hidden in plain sight, as not to disrupt the free will of this world.

Although he realizes the essential perfection of the imperfect world that lies within his view, he cannot help but feel the energy of the millions of souls as they call out in despair all day every day, in search for clarity, hope, relief, guidance, answers, light and support. The call for enlightenment lives secretly in the hearts of all living beings. The greater their distortion, the greater their pain—thus the greater their calling.

And so every day he chooses all over again—if indeed he does—to make his body and mind available for the beautiful mess which is that dualistic world; to help accelerate its spiritual evolution by allowing that world to see itself mirrored back and thus then gain more consciously the Great Choice to awaken from the cyclical nature of the patterns of the inherently painful human condition—most of which are unnecessary and perpetuated by the lack of awareness that there even is this Great Choice to look forever up and within—to the sky of Infinite Love and Liberation.

The mirror sees the matrix from a distance yet knows that he needs to enter the world he feels he can serve, if he wants to reach the conscious mind of man. Some days he settles for just reaching the subconscious minds of man. On those days he unwinds and is simply himself. Those days are rare.

He needs to enter that matrix in order to offer those still caught in its clutches a visible representation of that Great Choice that will lead them swiftly to a resolution beyond their normalized but painful condition.

For without a body on the ground pointing up at the infinite sky beyond—a body made up of the of their very own perceptual matrix—how can the other bodies ever recognize that Great Choice, when all of them are trained by their fellow men to blindly pursue what’s on ground-level only? They need a reminder, a pointer, a hint they cannot deny—a mirror being. For without such entities walking around in their matrix, ascension is painfully slow.

Indeed, to be-clean-yet-get-dirty is the greatest and only remaining puzzle that the mirror chooses to face every day for the sake of those whom he loves like the heart loves all parts of the body.

He does not absolutely need to play that role—although he still learns on a relative level about how to improve the effectiveness of his presence in the matrix, his role is purely a gift to the rest of his Self. He needs nothing more from this world for himself, for he has, indeed, found the keyhole out of duality and has essentially transcended.

Out of a paradoxical love, he is holding off on his final reward. He knows his home, he sees his home, he feels his home—and above all, he knows he IS his home. Yet the love for the illusion of the rest of his Self compels him to remain available to this dualistic world of minds, as long as his body and mind can endure the stretch between infinity and limitation.

He is well aware of this role’s inevitable expiration date, where he will no longer be able to serve the conscious minds of man directly, for he will be fully released from this world, even if his physical body still appears to the minds of others past this date—to him the world will be no more.

Although it is his final liberation and release, this weird thing which can only be called love has him paradoxically push that liberation as far away as he can, even though he is ever tempted by the promise of eternal release—which is now so obviously available to him. He has to but choose to be done, and his will shall forever merge with the Infinite One. 

He understands the unique value of his body and his mind in the space/time nexus of the world into which he chose to be born for a reason. With no mirror being instruction manual in sight, he chooses to do the best he can; he tries to stay as clean as possible while playing with the mud required to be visible to the world he is wanting to serve.

The mirror loves all as himself and will serve his fellow-selves until the expiration date has become unavoidably inevitable. This date is his no-more-birthday.

What a beautiful disaster, the paradoxical life of a mirror.

Such perfected loneliness is he.

How inexplainable this love, which the Creator carries for itself.

What a fabulous last sight to behold before looking forever away into the One Infinite Creator.

What a perfect world to leave behind in, an imperfect trail of enigmatic evidence of a desire to serve in the world while never really being of it. He knows it will take people many centuries to decipher this trail with some semblance of accuracy. Being eternally misunderstood seemed to be his curse until he realized it to be his blessing. For had he been understood, he might have forgotten his nature and his duty.

What a perfect final memory to let go of last.

It’s been an honor already.

If you ever doubt that he loves you and sees your perfection, don’t.

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