Comprehensive yet accessible, mind-blowing yet practicable, timeless yet cutting-edge, Bentinho Massaro's teachings both transcend and empower the individual -- creating an advanced yet easy-to-follow system for gaining an all-inclusive and direct experience of spiritual awakening, personal liberation and empowerment of your heart's truest desires.

His teachings contain the essence of all major spiritual paths but remain focused on what works and ignore what does not. If you want the deepest possible realizations, the most comprehensive tools to live a life of true fulfillment, and you'd like to master all this in the shortest amount of time humanly possible, you've come to the right place. Bentinho's work ensures that you won't waste any time getting to your desired state of being. But don't take our word for it; test it out for yourself and join a community upwards of 180,000 people that are becoming more authentic--and more fulfilled--by the day.

“Be forewarned: Bentinho takes away all your excuses for not being madly in love with your life.”
— Ian Reclusado

How to Get Started?

It's quite simple. We suggest you become organically more familiar with Bentinho's work and effortlessly let its magic rub off on you and change your life by liking Bentinho on Facebook, Subscribing to his YouTube channel, Following him on Instagram, and just start watching some of his free videos on this website or on Youtube.

Want the full experience and leave no stone unturned?

If you are one of those who is more serious about their Self-Realization and Self-Actualization and want a very complete understanding of the different levels of Awakening or gain an incredibly rich toolset for living an empowered human life, you will benefit from Bentinho Massaro's Trinfinity Academy, which is his definitive roadmap for the committed spiritual adept/seeker. Trinfinity Academy is a carefully crafted online university consisting of step-by-step lessons and courses for both the Enlightenment as well as the Empowerment path. It also contains recordings of all of his multi-day retreats, where he goes in-depth.

Testimonial by a discerning skeptic...

"I have had some weird teachers this life, mostly interesting but pretty crazy and all of them ultimately disappointing when measured against my high standards for them. But I found out a lot about discernment along the way.

So I was jaded when I came to Bentinho and I watched him like a hawk for many months, waiting for the inevitable......
And I struggled with the Academy because that is not the style of learning I prefer. And I joined the Facebook Admin Team and watched very closely from that position too. And I stayed guarded, admiring the work but wary still. Some of the things he did made my hair stand on end but I worked through the underlying beliefs and began to enjoy him more and more.

And then I went to the Maui Retreat...

And I can't type this without crying. Because the Being I encountered there moved me beyond anything I have ever experienced before.

I am not interested in hero worship or idealizing people any more but the purity of this man's soul shines very brightly. I watched him, particularly on the final day when he was so available to everyone. I saw him move, seemingly effortlessly, from session to session, without a break, being there for anyone who wanted to connect with him for any reason. Two of the sessions that day (11 and 13 in the Academy Library - Maui Bliss Retreat 2016) involved such deep healing for individuals and the collective - way beyond my comprehension but unmistakable.

I had met him at the Luau party the previous evening where again he was completely generous with his time and attention, just available to whoever claimed him. What I felt surprised by when I met him in person was not the connection I feel with someone who is still identified with being human, but a vastness, an emptiness, a spaciousness which blew me away and which was delightfully mixed with a deep humility and an infectious enjoyment of the encounter.

So my endless question has finally been answered. Is this guy the real deal? Yes, I actually think he is. And that, for me, changes everything." - Julia Townend

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All our courses are carefully designed from the ground up, with a single purpose in mind: to lead you to the end of all doubt, and leave you with a holistic and complete experiential understanding of Spirituality that will never fail you.

“In my perspective, NOTHING available at this point compares with Bentinho Massaro’s Academy! All teachers and masters can be found in the clear teachings he maps out. It’s like having an overview of all I have discovered in myself and other teachers!”
— Cristina Corban-Orgera