Step 1 – Who is Bentinho Massaro?


“Bentinho is an iconoclast of spiritual culture. A breath of fresh air in a sea of similar voices. He embodies potent magic, infinite depth, and brain-surgery-clarity, in a combination difficult to imagine without soaking in and living out what he’s offering.

He points to a freedom everyone desires and many speak to, with creativity and an abundantly fresh tool box of practical techniques. The quality of freedom he’s offering has an acceleration factor that impacts human life in profound ways, ushering us into a whole new level of human evolution. And every other possible amazing story that could be dreamed up, because it is unlocking the source, the fabric, and the next unknown expression of All That Is. All that we are.

If you’ve been longing to hear your own heart spoken back to you, there’s a good chance listening to him will grant your wishes. And because a cornerstone of his teaching is a commitment to each person’s complete independence and authority shining brightly, you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are the author of the whole conversation.”

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– Quote by Brita Grothe, Berkeley CA

Step 2 – Discover The Three Teachings


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Realizing Peace, Freedom and Bliss

The three teachings are titled:

  1. Always Already Present
  2. Beyond Experiencing
  3. Empowered Consciousness

Each of the three teachings works with one of the three universal levels of existence:

(1) The Constant nature of Presence
(2) The Timeless nature of Infinity
(3) The Changing nature of Experience


The word “levels” doesn’t signify better or less than, for All is The One, and The One is All.

Since time immemorial, as I see it, there have been many wisdom teachings and traditions on our planet that have overemphasized one level at the expense of another, causing imbalanced and ultimately unsatisfying results in our spirituality. Both as individuals as well as in our collective evolution of consciousness.

Since we want to satisfy ALL of our being – and to keep things easy to understand – I have chosen to make a distinction between the levels my teachings address, so that you can always understand the information you are digesting on my website in its proper light.

These levels are not ultimately separate from one another; rather, they Peace, Freedom and Blisswork together and reinforce each others’ further realization and embodiment of Oneness, so that you become a dance of love, wisdom and bliss. In other words, if you focus on deepening your understanding of one level, you automatically increase your capacity to embody the other two levels.

The result of embodying all three of these simple yet comprehensive teachings, as One inseparable dance, is that you’ll know your infinite wholeness and tap into the empowerment necessary to freely express that beauty.

Your being is capable of being the perfect integration and combined understanding of all three levels of existence, for you already contain every possibility. You are an immediate expression of Source, designed to celebrate and reflect back to “The One” the joy of existence, by realizing peace, freedom and bliss and expressing love and wisdom in your individually unique, yet inseparable existence.

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I am in total awe of all that is unfolding. My connection with Bentinho Massaro has changed my life forever. The ripple just keeps getting bigger. The beauty of it all is that it is effortless. I feel like life is living me and Love is a boundless well!–Nissa Vrooman

Thank you for your live feeds! The energy of your presence knocks my socks off!!!!–Beccah Risdal

It just occurred to me that Bentinho bridges the gaps between all the teachers I know and at the same time challenges me, them and their teachings. Sometimes it's uncomfortable but something in me knows its like a turbo growth.–John Little

I find Bentinho's gentle, fierce wisdom to be wonderful support for my path to my own inner truth. He has the unique ability to express deep and profound teachings in a playful and accessible way. His meetings are always a treat! –Aaron Maret

Be forewarned: Bentinho takes away all your excuses for not being madly in love with your life. –Ian Reclusado

“You are all free now. No one needs to do anything or go anywhere. You never need to return here, either. Whatever you choose, you're already free!” I felt this message clearly, moreso from his energy and light than from the words. It is still with me whenever I need it. –Steve Corwin

When nothing else worked to silence my mind, Bentinho's words cut through to my essence and there I could finally rest.–Bobbie Schmaus

Bentinho is high octane. Not for sissies. And yet...he leads you to understand you're safe and you're loved. –Janet Marchant

Just when I think you've said about everything there is to say, you go TOP that, and in the background I hear myself thinking, "I can't believe it, he's blowing the lid off again". I have enjoyed every single meeting!–Ronda Thompson

Q: Who has a knack for turning the spiritual ladder into a water slide of fun? A: BM–Neville Campbell

Bentinho is totally unbound by lineage. His wisdom surprises and amazes time and time again. Forever fresh, deeply free, shining the light in unprecedented ways. Here is a deeply devoted teacher. I've met him and he's friendly too!!–Pierre Thériault

Bentinho is my favorite alien and a Superman, just like you and me. Welcome!–Vladimir Radišić

Being in Bentinho's presence is like standing in a clear light that dissolves all untruths.–Karen Pietruszka

Then I saw this young guy just talking into a camera about how it didn't make any sense to believe that you had to work to get the existence of something that was always already there and I thought, "Holy shit. This is what I have been wanting to hear."–Brook Bartlett

Bentinho has the ability to articulate what is at our core. He's able to awaken/uncover something deep inside us that's been struggling to surface. He helps us find our natural joy.–Melanie McCoy Jackson

Bentinho Massaro has a gift for bringing spirituality to ordinary people in language that they can easily connect with and understand. His joy and confidence is contagious!–Ramana Spencer

Bentinho is both wise and funny. In silence, he radiates a bright light and, when speaking, he goes right to the heart of the matter with clarity and compassion.–Karen Tenney

Bentinho is a mirror for our own joy, empowerment and self discovery. He reminds us that our spiritual journeys can be full of passion, freedom, love and a deep authenticity.–Justin Boivin

Many teachings end with the discovery that there is no separate self. This is where Bentinho Massaro's teachings begin.–Donna L. Stevens

Bentinho has eyes to see where "blind-sidedness" has set in.–David Fishman

Bentinho has a realness and accessibility that very few teachers possess which allows his teachings to be available and assimilated by a wide and diverse audience.–Bobbie Schmaus

He provides a perfect reflection of whatever I need, every time, whether I know it or not. –Nicola Hay

Don't be deceived by his youth and movie-star looks. Bentinho Massaro is the real deal: a genuine enlightened being living and teaching a passionate human life of work and joy. –Sandra Deer

Oh, Bentinho – I love you… I wouldn’t miss being part of your “mission” and this wonderful adventure for anything in the world. I gave myself the best gift ever by meeting you. I can’t get over how wonderful my life has become and how F*CKING HAPPY I am all the time!!!! –Lisa Rapp

A Master for our times, for times to come, and of the Timeless. He has an integrity that seems not of this world.–Karen M Pietruszka

Bentinho taught me how to be excited about the mystery of life. Wish I had know him when I was 26 instead of 66.–Mark R Linnell

Bentinho Massaro is A Breath of Fresh Air.–Ralph Lewis

For me he brought back simplicity to spirituality and to my life.–Laura Schumacher

The peace, joy and love that permeates every part of my being by being reflected so accurately and authentically brings tears of joy to my eyes almost every time.–Lynn Yetta Parry

It's only been 3 days since a friend sent me a link to one of your videos. Words are inadequate to describe what is happening. Thank you so much for extending the living truth of your being. I resonate completely with the I-amness that comes forth as you speak.–Anna Galloway

".....the truth is... there is no spoon..." Bentinho's words allowed me to see this simple truth!–Julie Hughes Carter


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