'The Sedona Experiment' begins...

What is 'The Sedona Experiment'?

12 experienced adepts for 2 weeks long will receive highly advanced pointers into the Universal Self and finally the Absolute One and report back constantly to help improve the upcoming Self Realization and Self Graduation teachings.

The Sedona Experiment's intention: To advance the most advanced level of spiritual teachings currently available and not yet available, so that the sincere and mature seekers of this world may get access to instructions worthy of their immense desire for liberation.

How to fulfill this intention: By gathering as much experiential feedback as possible from a select group of participants who are willingly subjected to advanced experimental methods and practices.

The goal of such a next-level teaching modality: To eliminate as much time and need for practice as is possible while still enabling the sincere spiritual adept to move holistically and completely from personhood identity (the lowest state) to the Absolute One (the highest, stateless state), bypassing or penetrating as rapidly as possible all the many states of realization in between. 

Note: The aim is not to avoid practice, discipline or dedication, rather the aim is to make the path as clear as possible, and as such as direct (time/energy-efficient) as possible. 

The different states:

One way to summarize these 'states of Delusion/Realization' would be:

One who perceives a world full of objects is a person.
One who can recognize the changeless I AM is awake.
One who has become the changeless I AM predominantly is enlightened.
One who witnesses the individual I AM free from identification with it is Self-Realized (I-I).
One who knows the Absolute whence Awareness witnesses the I AM, yet is not identified with even this faculty of Pure Universal Awareness/Beingness, has Self-Graduated.

The Sedona Experiment aims to generate direct contact in the participants with the Self-Realization and Self-Graduation 'states'.

The Format

Who: 12 experienced disciples (yet all at slightly different levels) have agreed to come together and be subjected to the most subtle and advanced nuances and practices available to date.

What: They will explore and practice teachings (ways of pointing) that have not yet been fully tested or released before. These include profoundly powerful practices that are either innovations on, or new additions to an already super-distilled host of the most precise and core non-dual teachings as found in the brief and--respectfully--immature history of spiritual teachings on this planet.

For how long: For 2 weeks these willing adepts will represent the sincere and mature spiritual seekers of this planet as they commit themselves to a host of different instructions. 

Where: The Sedona landscape/area/vortex.

And so today, on April 13 of 2017, we begin.

Be with us in your consciousness these two weeks and connect to the liberation and intensity that will radiate from this experiment.

Will this be documented?

A mini-documentary will be created to give people a glimpse of what it looked and felt like through visuals. 

More importantly: we will record as much of this experiment as we can on audio, which will be transcribed and then turned into a case study/documentary in writing with an added narrative to engage the reader on all levels.

Cory Katuna, a talented and observant writer who has been a dear friend and student of 'my' work for several years--and who herself is one of the 12--has offered with a deep sense of calling to add the narrative and structure to this comprehensive case study.

In addition to her narrative and my clarifications post-experiment, this 'written documentary' will include the most deciding portions of the actual sessions and dialogues as well as follow the personal/impersonal journey of the participants as they go about their 2 week exploration into the Absolute Realization. Interviews of the 12 will be included as part of this narrated case-study as well.

The purpose of creating this document, titled unsurprisingly 'The Sedona Experiment' is to leave a digestible report of a potentially historic moment in the world of direct, advanced, non-dual spiritual instruction. I felt it was important to document this event and leave a trace in order to provide people with a detailed report of the experiment.

The May 1-5 retreat in Sedona shortly after the Sedona Experiment ends will prove itself to be a continuation of this experiment to a much wider audience, and will cater to aspirants from many different levels in their Realization. If you feel the call toward this you can still register.

New Platform to create Ongoing Teaching Environment

Also, our new online platform for the upcoming Self Realization School meetings in Sedona is 1-2 days away from being made officially available to the public (it also includes a lot of the more accessible teachings, past recordings). But I feel the pull to include it here, now.

So, you can join this new platform already, even while we make the final small tweaks over the next two days. This is quite spontaneously the first (un)official announcement of this platform, so if you join, be sure to visit the forum section and leave a post to help kickstart the community aspect of this dedicated platform.

Also, if interested in visiting Sedona at least twice a year to come be with the teachings, consider joining our Sedona Adepts Facebook group

To be continued... 

The Challenging Journey to God (through becoming yourself)

There is only one of you, and you are here with a purpose. The journey to crystallization is paved with hidden beauty and challenge. May this article be of some support on your journey.

This article is to encourage those who have awoken to the fact that they are a unique expression of the Infinite Consciousness and that they came here with a calling. I will describe 4 stages of crystalizing one's inner diamond, or divine spark. The fourth level ends in the ocean of God.

PS - Forgive any misspellings, repetitions or unusual flow, as I wrote this in one go within a short amount of time, and have other duties to attend to so I likely won't edit.



You are on a journey to mastering your particular expertise, your calling, your true self.

You are here to find out what you are made of, and your life's circumstances and your biases are the perfect laboratory for the unique 'experiment to expertise' that is your present incarnation.

Yet it's not always easy... 

If you're not very far along into mastering the thematic exploration and offering you chose for this life, you may not be fully aware of what this is unique expertise is yet.

Even if you do consider yourself a senior at being you, and you are very clear on who you seem to be, you may still be in for a surprise sooner or later, as all who go from the advanced stages into the expert stages of crystallization will need to die many times over, until they know not who they are and become empty vessels for the Creator to shine through free form distortion.

It is usually only at the stage of the ego-death that the truest, rarest and clearest work of art comes through and the entire journey and all the struggles that came with that path have revealed their true intent.

This is rare, but possible for anyone in practically any stage of life.


Your unique self is like a diamond in the rough

When a diamond is first dug up from the Earth, who can tell what cut it's going to get and what type of jewelry it will be a part of? Knowledge comes with time and is quite irrelevant in the end. What matters is that you woke up to the diamond in the rough that is you, and you are committed to continue to wake up to the purposefulness of your unique self.

Wherever you may be at present on the spectrum of awakening or remembrance, may you benefit from the following words as you proceed and become more and more crystallized and actualized.

1) The Early Stages of Crystallization - Awoken

Who's your family now...?

The Early Stages are in some ways as challenging as the later stages, though in different ways.

In the later stages one has already shifted one's orientation from the outer world to the inner world significantly, so the challenges are more subtle and less obvious. 

In the early stages you are new to this inner diamond that was hiding in plain sight, beneath the dust of your conditioned mind and environment, and so you may be quite startled and unsure what to do with it.

In the early stages what you tend to deal with is you're trying to figure out how this new calling fits in with your old life... only to discover in 99% of the cases that it doesn't. You will try to resist this inner knowing for a while, and you may even succeed for years, deacdes, but usually this comes at a great cost to your well-being, joy, sense of freedom and physical health.

Another thing you're dealing with in the early stages is the uncertainty and lack of clarity of this inner diamond. Even though you have now dug up the precious diamond of your uniqueness (congratulations!); it's still dusty, it's milky, it's unclear, it doesn't come with a guidebook, Geiko or life insurance, and it's yet to define itself as anything you can recognize or describe clearly. You may not even know where to start if someone were to ask you what is it that seems to drive you so anew?

For many, those that they grew up with and/or the family they were born into no longer seem to really get your new energy and direction, and finding support oftentimes means finding new people to befriend, and familiar ones to let go of. This can be tough. It becomes easier once you see the consequences of NOT going through with trusting your inner light...


Seek out new family, it's crucial

I strongly recommend that you seek out the communities that are engaged in the subjects that relate to and support you in the essential understanding and expression that you wish to become an embodiment of in this life.

Unlike the challenge of the expert stages of crystallizing your inner diamond; in the early stages you are rarely truly alone in what you presently need and seek to advance you. Since you're still in the undefined 'muck of generality' when it concerns the level of clarity your diamond has been given by your conscious efforts and practice to make it clearer; much of what you seek and need has already been discovered by others, and they have most likely left you a path to follow.

Cutting your diamond to expertise status is something only you can do and know, but cleaning your recently-dug-up diamond in the rough from its muddy layers is a common practice and many different types of communities can support you in this so you can see more clearly your diamond's unique shape, upon the removal of the mud.

Thus then: know that there are many others and there are likely multiple communities of like-minded people out there to support you in this stage. Find them/ask for them and welcome them into your life. General like-mindedness and general tools usually suffice to advance your crystallization to the next level of 'clarity and rarity'. Find support in teachings, (new) friends, and environment to nourish your growth.

Be bold enough to seek out an environment that suits your development, even if it's just online for now. Just make sure your familiar group of friends isn't dragging you down too much. If it is, change something about it or if necessary remove yourself from that environment altogether and seek out a truly inspiring one, while maintaining integrity by communication clearly your change of heart to those you have prior agreements or understandings with.

Trinfinity Academy is a free Online School for Self-Actualization and Self-Realization. This particular lesson on balancing integrity with your new direction may support you in greater depth.


Trust in your Calling...

Trust in your calling and notice how anything less than trusting your calling starts to feel worse and worse as you go on. This is the intelligence of your Higher Mind's emotional guidance system kicking in. Again, trust it. Seek out the right tools, reading materials, people and environment as much as you can.

Trust in it so much that you're willing to let go of those you love, if necessary. This is often the most challenging part, and not only in the early stages of waking up to your purposefulness or calling, but later on in different, new ways as well.

You have my support. I am you in heart and spirit, and thus I am with you in heart and spirit.


Your One and Only Real Purpose

Your unique diamond incarnated into the dirt of Earth only to be dug up, cleaned, polished and expressed fully. Remember: that's the only true reason you are having a physical experience right now. All the circumstantial things that seem to important--including the individuals you are consciously familiar with--it all pales compared to the true purpose behind you being here. And it's your honor and duty to find out what that is and commit yourself to crystallizing the rough but unique diamond that you are.

A rough diamond will look like any other at first glance, but as you clean, polish and crystallize it, it will take on a very specific, unique, rare and desired-by-the-world shape and radiance. The way that your inner diamond lets through the Light of God/Source is completely unique. It's why you were created.

To open your heart and mind to the crystallization of your unique inner calling; to embrace everything that comes with that journey, and to commit to that with as much earnestness, practice, and take it as far and long as you can before your body perishes... That is the purpose of your life.

2) The Middle Stages of Crystallization - A New Life

Getting clearer...

The middle stages is when you have found a new family and you've altered your environment to reflect your newly awoken to unique spark of Creation. You've just followed a bunch of pages and groups on Facebook perhaps that remind and inspire you to clean, polish and crystallize your diamond further everyday. 

You may have moved to a different location, changes jobs or quit them altogether, perhaps a change in partnership or friends has arisen... 

You start to feel good and supported. You realize the journey ahead is long and most likely challenging, but you are excited to be where you are at and you are grateful for the support you have been able to attract to yourself by simply believing that you could and not holding on too tightly to your familiar life.

You gave yourself the gift of freedom of expression and you feel healthier, more vibrant than before. 

The main challenge at this level is to not stop or stagnate at the comfort you have created. Your purpose is to learn from your new environment, to grow from it, but to always remember to tend to the diamond within. Rarely is the crystallization of the diamond within blessed with a permanent and stable community that you'll be supported by for the rest of your life.

The path of the Adept is filled to the brim with surprises, unexpected turns, and personal life changes. So stay focused and keep the faith. Enjoy, have fun, love your heart out, even relax, but simultaneously keep going and keep your eyes on the further polishing and crystallizing of your unique spark of the Creator within.


3) The Advanced/Expert Stages of Crystallization - Getting Good

Get that ego in check...

There are many beautiful qualities about this stage, such as the ability to be of greater service to others on their journeys, and the deepening of understanding one has gotten of oneself. Yet I will focus mostly on the obstacles that can come with this stage, so you can use it to advance further...

The advanced/expert stages are usually the stages where you'll start to run into your own ego, arrogance, stubbornness, biases, pride and different forms of insistence the most. This is often 'the cocky stage.'

So you've been around the block. You've read many books, had many dialogues, found your own voice, you probably have a website or a blog, and you probably are coaching others in your field that are dealing with the earlier stages of their own awakening and crystallizing.

This is all really beautiful and beneficial, it truly is, yet it can come with quite the obstacle: your past self.

You start to feel really good about yourself... Things are flowing for you. You are becoming masterful at being who you are, and you're becoming masterful at describing it to others.

You still have your ups and downs, you still have your challenges and humbling moments, for sure, but overall you have become quite the expert in the niche that surrounds your unique spark.


The Ultimate Goal: Union with the Creator

But you see, the niche you're in is NOT your diamond.

The diamond is NOT the tools that helped clean it... Your community is not your gift to the world.

This is a very subtle and tricky realization to truly practice and attain, but becomes very important to realize at this stage, if one desires to get closer to the true inner spark which IS God itself.

This is where most people get lost and stay lost, because it's the most comfortable stage to stay in and this is where the imposter self within us can easily maintain its footing.

There is a certain security here and a certain degree of social status perhaps, or recognition. There is pleasure, potentially power, possibly wealth or social freedom. Or perhaps the sense of having accomplished becomes an excuse to stop the polishing and cutting of the inner diamond for a while... but 'for a while' much too often becomes 'for the rest of your life...'

This is the subtlest, trickiest, most temptation-filled stage to be fooled by and prevented to reach where you individual river meets God's ocean. Which is the ultimate goal of the Adept looking to crystallize themselves as a vessel for Source.


Suppressed lack beliefs cloaked in new clothes...

Everything suppressed in you as a child or teenager, has suddenly found the new clothes of your 'expertise' and social status to cloak itself in. It starts to re-emerge as you feel good about yourself.

Your basic, fundamentally unresolved insecurities rise to the surface and pose as 'being awesome.' By now you're probably able to hide them well, even among many of your peers except for the keenest of peers, or those who have penetrated into the stage of Union with God and have become much more empty of self.

In this stage many of you will be able to quite easily and secretly get whatever it is you have always wanted but had given up on in the past, and was not on your mind as a real possibility in the previous stages of crystallization. As such, your suppressed insecurities didn't come to the surface and didn't take control as much then. They remained asleep. Some call this your shadow. 

You are most likely working with others at this stage and you are appreciated for your skill and experience. You love co-creating. People like your radiance and are impressed by your mastery of your personality. You probably avoid hanging out with those who can see through whatever subtle lack beliefs have now taken a hold of the character you have become, unless you're one of the rare ones who is ready to move on.

Nothing inherently wrong with this stage, in fact there is a lot that comes with it which is beautiful and pure and of service. But the web can thicken if you're not paying real close attention, and the insecurities from your past can overthrow your mastery and enslave you in a new way. And this doesn't always have to come out in the form of the cocky macho, it can come out in the form of a sweet, always on-point female goddess.

It can come out in very subtle ways too. Basically, it's safe to assume you have some of this shadowy self lurking and taking an attached hold on you and your life and attainments.

At this stage it requires either great suffering, obstruction to all one desires, or extreme keenness or intelligence or self-knowledge on behalf of the adept. Something that's still rather rare in our world.

This stage functions like a filter. It lets through to the next stage whomsoever has become ready for merger with God not only in knowledge, but also in expression.

Spending some time in this stage is like being tossed around inside of this filter, which over time will separate the unripe fruit from the ripe fruit; the true shepherding consciousness here to be of service-to-all from the unready soul who has done a magnificent job but simply won't move passed this stage until further matured through catalyst (usually suffering).


My Advice to those in this Stage - Consider...

The main challenge for one who wishes to proceed is to get over their own ego, which often requires profound and repeated and most of all earnest introspection for the cause of one's insecurities/lack-beliefs.

This stage can take years, decades, or can take forever when not exposed to the right guidance and reflections.

This is the stage where many experts and guru's stay for the rest of their life. It's the typical co-dependent dynamic we see in almost all types of relationships, except now you're at the top of the food-chain so it becomes trickier for the ego-effect to let go of its achieved control. It perceives it has something of meaning or value to lose. The plot thickens.

One must find it within oneself to want to purify the diamond ever more, until it is so clear that it can let God through undistorted. I can only encourage you to go on, for the rewards are much greater than anything the illusion of the external world can give you.

How about union with God? Have you sincerely considered what that means?

How would you like to experience an indescribable love for yourself and all of the Grand Illusion, including humanity? A love so great it cannot utter any bias, it cannot desire to hold on to safety, control and security any longer.

Imagine always being able to tap into an unspeakable and divine bliss and union so true and pure, that the only thing that seems relevant for the remainder of your life is to be of service to others and communicate the light of Union--through the now highly crystallized, purified unique diamond--with whomsoever wants to hear it...

It's worth the sacrifice.

Ask yourself... Now that you've come this far, could you truly stomach yourself when upon death you review your life and you realize you had given way too much importance to your achievements, sense of comfort, security, wealth, and/or social status/power?

Would you want to die knowing you never quite made it home? Would you want to die knowing in your heart you never quite did it for others as much as you would liked to have thought?

Or would you want to die feeling the purity of God beating as your very own heart because of the personal sacrifices you were willing to make over and over again...

Your/this ultimate achievement cannot be measured by any tools present in this world. The only way you will know you have achieved this, is when the mind goes totally quiet, and the Heart speaks with the grace of a trillion suns.

4) The Divine Stages of Crystallization - Becoming the Creator

You have run out of worldly support...

Now it's just between you and God.

No human can teach you how to go deeper into purity. In fact, your habit of listening to other people's babbling minds and 'expertise' will generally only distract you at this stage. You start to realize everyone is full of sh*t. And that that's OK, you just cannot participate any longer.

Only one who has attained union with the Creator through emptiness of self... only another true Shepherding Consciousness can assist you directly in going deeper at this point. And those are still extremely rare upon this Earth.

So for most of you, you'll have to understand that you need to drop the habit of listening to other people's feedback and teachings as 'carrying authority.' That being said, if you truly are at this level, it is much more likely you'll attract someone into your personal world who has been there and can guide you deeper. When you are ready, the teacher will always show up. Yet at this stage, after being pointed there by a teacher, the best teacher is The Creator itself. Turn to THAT.


Feedback is about them, not you

You can safely let go of feedback now... Of course this is assuming you've actually reached a level of purity, integrity and self-knowledge to where you know you would never do something deliberately against the first principle of the One Infinite as it moved into Creation: Free Will.

But assuming you have indeed become pure enough in your self-knowledge, without which you wouldn't truly be entering into this stage anyway, you may proceed letting go of other people's feedback and teachings when it comes to finding out who you truly are. In fact, letting go of their feedback becomes the main rite of passage. The true test of independent wisdom. The gateway into merger with the Creator.

Few are truly ready to become an authority, pure and empty, yet unshakable in their truth. On this world but not of it. Those are the true Sages, and they are rare. But many more get to dabble in the beginning stages of this exploration. And that's what we're exploring here:


Turn your gaze away from the world, and completely to the One Divine Within

Nobody can tell you who you are anymore. All the experts in your field have run out of descriptions and tools to offer you to further your journey into becoming YOU and crystallizing that inner spark. 

Only you can go through this next phase. It seems utterly lonely and scary at first, and at times. Like staring into a black hole of death and uncertainty, feeling the impending consequence of letting go of EVERYTHING you have ever known yourself to be, and EVERYTHING that you've been familiar with, and EVERYTHING that provides you with comfort.

You've reached the top of your niche in the external world, and the only way to advance more is to turn your gaze profoundly and completely within, to the One Infinite Creator that sparked you into being an individual to begin with.

This is where the river of your life meets the ocean of God.

As one of my favorite quotes goes from Ra (the Law of One books):

"I am Ra. The heart of the discipline of the personality is threefold: 

One, know yourself.
Two, accept yourself.
Three, become the Creator.

The third step is that step which, when accomplished, renders one the most humble servant of all, transparent in personality and completely able to know and accept other-selves. In relation to the pursuit of the magical working the continuing discipline of the personality involves the adept in knowing itself, accepting itself, and thus clearing the path towards the great indigo gateway to the Creator. To become the Creator is to become all that there is. There is then no personality in the sense with which the adept begins its learn/teaching. As the consciousness of the indigo ray becomes more crystalline, more work may be done; more may be expressed from intelligent infinity."

You will find little to no support in the world anymore. You are bridging entirely new worlds, concepts and even modes of communication and radiance (beingness), and finally it is truly up to you to go where none has gone before.

Nobody has ever done what you are currently creating uniquely through your own crystallization into being a pure vessel for the Creator to express through. Nobody can do what you can do at this level. You have transcended any and all levels of generality within your particular niche, uniqueness and expertise. You have to write the book on what's next, as there is none yet.

For some this is entirely through being an example vibrationally, for others it is also through expressing something tangibly within this world (such as writing, art, science, etc.).

Fewer and fewer will truly understand you or even appreciate what you have to offer at this level, for they have not yet the maturity, though many will try to make you think that they do.

Since fewer and fewer will understand you as you move up the ladder of crystallization and authenticity--which is simultaneously the dissolution of the illusion of a separate, personal self--you will find that you are now required to truly stop expecting any support or understanding from your peers if you wish to go beyond your current stage, and realize that looking for encouragement from those closest to you, is still an outward focus which cannot at this stage help you.

Besides, they cannot help you get to where you're going, for they've never been there.

Only the Self, only God, only Source, only the Creator, only Intelligent Infinity can help you now. 

So turn your attention courageously away from the world of other-selves, and to the Infinite Creator within. It is here that you will be nourished, that your loneliness will be dispelled, that the need for understanding or friendship comes to an end. It is here that you will marry God.

It's not an easy gateway, if it were, more would be writing articles like this. But you are reading it, and you've made it this far into this piece of encouragement... so I am curious to see what God has in store for you, my friend, as I'm sure it's mighty beautiful.

With Infinite Love--beating as your own Heart, never separate from you,
The essence which animates Bentinho Massaro

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Shut Up and Serve

Where a lot of people who have worked with me in the past have gone awry in their relationship with me is that they think they are working 'for me,' when in reality they were included because they wanted to work for the vision; intrinsically devoted beyond self. I don't even work for me, so how can anyone else work for me? We work for the people. For the benefit of all. Now, don't get me wrong. A lot of people who have spend time alongside me have been successful in the attempt to transcend themselves on a fairly consistent basis, and did show many moments of real commitment, but definitely not everyone, and definitely not everyone consistently. And neither have I. So this is an article not to point blame, but to learn together.

This is often an assumption (that they work for me) that's present subconsciously from the very get go. Let me describe some of the things I have extracted from several years of people coming in and out of my personal circle and working with me to one degree or another, and 50-75% of them feeling burned or incapable to proceed working with me at one point or another, and of course sometimes stepping aside out of true resonance/relevance because their life takes them in a different direction. It's not all about me after all ;). But even in that last scenario, oftentimes there is an inkling of confusion regarding their relationship to me that may or may not have contributed to them 'moving on joyfully.'

And these are all beautiful, bright souls and there's nothing but love for them from the first time I laid eyes on them until my last thoughts of them when I die (and beyond). You have to understand inequality does not exist in my heart or eyes, no matter how I come accross or what I point out or describe. But there are some things we can all learn from my experiences together.

Nobody can work for me, for I don't work for me

In these scenarios where someone feels they 'work for me', it's not often fully about the mission for that person, or if it is it's overshadowed or at least distorted by dynamics having to do with personal gain or validation or self worth. These are tricky, shadowy beliefs where suddenly it's about their relationship to the person/company/boss/finances because that entity represents something to their lack beliefs, rather than it being fully about their relationship to the vision and being of service. 

I'm not saying that in the process they are not being of service, but the effectiveness of it is greatly compromised when such thought-forms are allowed to fester in the background. Or even in the foreground and not dealt with acutely and with great discipline and commitment (to get over one's self). If they are not dealt with, there is nothing I can do to be a perfect boss, because it's not the realm I'm proficient in or desirous of. As a (co-)leader of a group, the only way I can function as a perfect leader is if the people are all over themselves. That's the only type of company of people I was ever build to lead. 

I want to share this not as a negative remark toward anyone from my past, truly, but because I think this is important knowledge in many people's life, and especially going forward if you ever will be working alongside this body or the larger conglomerate-movement that may or may not form out of this community at some point. I share this point to inspire you to upgrade your view of what's possible for you, and attain the happiness of selflessness.

There is only one way this type of collaboration can EVER work: you have to understand, in the case of me, that although by default I love you more than you probably can comprehend from your mind's history of how people use and see other people, but I will not care about your lack beliefs more than I care about the greater body of people and the vision of spreading love/benefit.

If you decide to have your "little-me stuff" take precedence over the common goal of service to the people, while you have a most comprehensive body of tools available to you (www.TrinfinityAcademy.com to name just one resource) to clear that stuff up swiftly for yourself with enough dedication and discipline, then if you still wish to linger in your stories, that is your own creation and responsibility. Don't expect anyone you're working with, especially not your boss or leader, to come down to that level and be an excellent manager of your problems. You will get no validation from me. Patience to get your head clear and your heart devoted to the cause again, but no validation.

You should not care more about yourself or about me than you care about the vision. Instead you should be 100% focused on the original intention of your choice to join this entity/company/person. The mission is your goal; NOT getting what you want. The mission/truth/service should be all you want. It should become your fulfillment.

It's never about us, it's always about the people

Many people are simply not ready for this even when they believe or say they are. It often takes years of dedicated 'burning' or 'tapas' (vedanta reference), for the sake of the greater good. It's okay if you're not ready for this. It's totally forgiven before it is ever even seemingly condemned. This is not about your perfection or worthiness. Those could never, ever be attained or lost. They are absolutes. So let us get over the need for them to be proven all the time. It's such a unnecessary burden to carry and it pollutes your entire life and relationships. You're already perfect. That's why I can freely encourage you with such passion and with the sharpness of my exercised sword.

We have to be critical for certain purposes, to improve our alignment. If we are sincere about the purpose of serving, we don't care about getting called out or admit that we have some work to do. That does not mean we're not perfect, and loved beyond measure, like I said. Love can never be severed. Only illusions can. So it's a moot point to even try to accommodate people's lack beliefs. We can be kind, patient, but at the same time do not have to be tolerant or validate what's not in someone's own best interest.

If you make it about the vision/mission/service to others, you will have to accept and learn to navigate with the fact that "It's never about us, it's always about the people." Can you do that? Like, truly, all the way? No triggers? And if triggers do happen can you work them out that very same day or moment, to the degree that they are eradicated forever?

It is hard work. Requiring the utmost dedication. Minuscule, microscopic vigilance. Unless we are rested in the Absolute permanently and have transcended altogether, we are never fully off the hook.

Can we create/accept/allow joyful things and flow along the way? May we enjoy ourselves and this earthly experience? Even though joy is never contained in a circumstance--you may absolutely use the world as an occasional permission slip for enjoyment of Self when it comes naturally and when it fits inside of your mission and alignment/integrity. Absolutely. But those are the things that come along the way when one stays truly committed to the vision/alignment/truth. And I'm not saying I never get/got distracted at times by circumstances btw. In increasingly subtle ways, I have/did. That's how we quickly learn to readjust and increase our alignment to what matters. It's okay to not get it right, but one should maintain the desire for clarity and devotion beyond the small self.

The Mission is your Boss

It's important to understand that in any scenario where you act on your passion to be of service and it takes the shape of you getting hired or allowed to volunteer: the person/entity who hired you is not your boss. The mission is. Neither the boss nor the mission owes you anything to make you feel good about yourself. Get this before you even start. It'll make the biggest difference going forward.

The entity is merely a structure. You shouldn't fall prey to any level of wanting validation. That's something you should deal with by yourself, or with a friend in a really committed space with the intention not just to talk about it but to share it so you can transcend it. This need (for anything, really) will greatly distort your ability to serve in the direction of your soul. After all, if you are looking to get something--anything--out of your service, you're not really about the thing you say you are about. You're full of shit. Which is totally fine, but needs to be seen so we can choose whether to back out, or clean out our shit and proceed at a higher level of consciousness.

Those that manage to stick around the longest with me and whose hearts are closer in alignment with the frequency where my own heart is housed, and who become happier and freer and more abundant over time, are always those who are capable of transcending their limited self-view and their seeming needs over and over and over again and resist the temptation to make it about me, or appoint a cause outside themselves.

I'm an impossible man to understand unless you're empty enough of self, and I will give you exactly the reflection that you subconsciously ask for; not the reflections most conducive to a comfortable friendship. But those who can endure this fire for long enough, will liberate themselves beyond belief and discover the ultimate reward. They will become the embodiment of Love for All. Yes, not everyone will understand them anymore because they have gone beyond convention, but they will be in bliss. Their separation-complex will come to an end. They will merge with God. They will be of service no matter what the do or how they act outwardly. And it's never too late for this leap. One can always make a quantum leap and get over themselves and realize their fulfillment comes from being 100% of service and relinquishing the deadly game of "I need" and "I know." You haven't done enough work yet 'to know anything.'

Don’t trust yourself before you are beyond yourself.

Simply ask yourself if the intention of the company/entity you're joining fits well inside of your calling at this time and if you think that working with this entity can empower your intended service to the world. If so, for that timing, that entity is compatible. But that entity doesn't owe you anything other than what's logistically agreed upon. Create no illusions.

I don't do what I do for myself. Many question this about me because my chosen boldness and willingness to explode is threatening to their conformed world-views. They have not the adequate perspective to understand; hence they condemn/judge/doubt/question/project. And many have questioned me, but the purity of my intent I have always known to be 100% pure. And the truth is, so are you/is yours when you see your needs matter not in the face of billions of thirsty, calling people. You've got a job to do, that's why you're here. Of course whatever I do will always serve my own journey inevitably, and I've enjoyed a certain degree of comfort and cool manifestations along the way, but most of that was more about testing out my own distillation of Law of Attraction and empowerment teachings. How could I teach it if I didn't walk it for a while and experienced the effects of it first-hand? Now it's a naturally integrated part of how my consciousness works, but I have no attachments to outcomes nor am I trying to achieve anything any longer.

I do what I do and envision what I envision because it excites me to serve to the best of my ability. I could give up everything of material nature at any time. And I have consistently and frequently left behind amazing manifestations that most people would hold on to, protect and fear they'd never be able to create again.As I see it everything is just passing through us, and we need no attachment to this world's resources nor to comfort.

Privileged as I may seem, I have suffered willingly for my entire life thus far, never significantly avoiding discomfort except perhaps in holding on to people and caring for them for too long past its expiration date. But I have willingly suffered enough to have built character and devotion. I have been forged in an environment, inner and outer, of non-stop intensity. I wasn't created overnight. I just started at a young age and gave myself to what I internally mattered most with more intensity and dedication than possibly anyone else I've met.

“Get over yourself” is in many ways the theme of my life. And suffering has turned into liberation. It’s worth it. 

Sometimes people ask me why I talk about my life so much. Well, because I put a ton of energy and commitment into making my life worth talking about so others can be inspired. I realized at some point during my 'teaching career' that the example and details of my life are for many people much more powerful than the instructions and tools I formulate. To withhold that when it has taken me everything I have given to it, would be a waste of example. Hence the anecdotes and the talk about 'me.' I hope it inspires and makes a difference for someone out there. If even one person benefits from the intensity of my young life, it was all worth it. I've never felt like I came here for myself so much. Rather I feel that my life belongs to humanity. I took one of your bodies, so as I see it, this body's life, story, experiences, possible wisdom... it's all yours.

To live for yourself, or to live for All?

To see other people find happiness and liberation from their illusions is the most rewarding activity I think any human being can ever be involved with. There is this crucial time in a person's life, if they're keen/intelligent, that they will be stopped in their tracks and be given an offer:

“Either I continue living within my own bubble, pretending I can gather happiness from my future, surround myself with it, and be safe and secure for the rest of my doomed egoic little personal-life, or I can jump in, take risks, align and make my life all about being of service to the All. Seeing other people benefit from my life is the most useful use of my temporary body.”

When a person is ready to make the jump and leave behind the shores of certainty, they most surely will experience a bliss, calm, alignment, fulfillment and clarity they have not yet allowed themselves to experience before. Their personal wants start to calm down and even disappear. Passion and inspiration replace the wants.

Back to 'reality' for a moment: for some projects it helps to have people support the execution of that. So I sometimes have to hire people or allow them to work 'for me' but where it often goes wrong is that "I wasn't giving them enough validation" or "I wasn't a good boss" or "I didn't pay them enough." All of these can be true, depending on one's view. But it's not coming from a clear, empowered place. Clearly. It becomes a dependence-based dynamic, and no matter how well-intended the original intention was/is in that person, the person tends to forget what life is truly all about when inter-personal dynamics, money, comfort, wants, lack, and equality/inequality concepts start to arise. It tends to obscure everything except for the most deliberate and attuned of adepts. It's tough shit to see through circumstantial and inter-relational wants, but it has to be done if one wants to free oneself from the spell of need and lack.

You’ve all had the experience where suddenly the mission is heavily obscured by a form of egotism that is completely based in lack. I’ve seen this happen in myself, and I see it happen in very awake people around me all the time. Don’t let it linger.

These dynamics have been my experience with people on a consistent basis, so it's helpful to assume this may still arise to some extent in my or your reality. Just to be aware of this and clear on it up front will make all the difference. Though I am also excited about embracing the fact that we have shifted into a parallel reality where from now on everyone who decides they wish to execute portions of the vision for humanity that they do so out of their own true devotion to the world, and leave me and others out of their lack-games. Or better yet, nobody has any allegiance to 'me me me' left.

Nobody can ever be your boss nor be responsible for your sense of self-worth or comfort in life. Any type of 'hiring or being hired' should always in essence be your agreement to be of service to the vision/mission/wellbeing of all. If you keep it focused along these lines there is very little room for the lack-effect to walk away with your happiness and the high vibrational nature of your relationship to the company, vision, boss, friend, etc.

Again this is not to put anyone down and this message transcends my story and my old band of friends, it is universal and applies to this world in general. You can easily see this in your personal life: every relationship that ever went awry, was it not because of a lack of dedication to the joined purpose? Was it not because something else became more important, namely: "What can I get out of this that I'm not getting out of it?" See for yourself. Own it. It's okay. You're still perfect.

Everywhere you're stuck in your life it's because you're stuck with your idea of yourself. You're swimming in a world full of well-intended, well-hidden-egotism marine life. And you're probably one of these fish. Let's not sugar coat this place. And if you're at all any clearer/more transcended/freer than those around you, prepare yourself because hidden shadows LOVE to look at themselves in a clear mirror. Your emptiness will be in high demand and you'll be used in any which way you can imagine. People love to graffiti on clean walls. Prepare to be trained to become a nobody, attached to nothing about 'yourself,' never be truly understood (for whom is there to be understood when you're empty of self anyway?) And train yourself to have your only true and reliable friend be your own Self. (I'm not whining, just preparing you :D)

Let’s go onwards committed more than ever to get over ourselves and embrace the purpose for being here: To shut up and serve. 

Yeah, that's right. Shut your pie hole and serve. Pipe down and give of yourself.

It is in that devotion and discipline that you will find your true voice as your nonsense burns away in the fire of your discipline to truth. Until then, do the world a service and just keep quiet. This whole self-help idea of "Yeah but what about my voice, and my equality? I deserve to be heard! I need to own my voice, and you who is so confident/arrogant are not appreciating my voice!" You know not of which you think or speak. You are ignorant. You are not entitled to anything. Discover your true voice first. Until then, and even then, humility is paramount if you wish to become a true human being.

So shut up and serve. Do this intensely and for a long time without complaining. Then we can talk. Except we won't have to because we'll have become one purified stream rushing toward the ocean as an unstoppable force with the calm of a still lake underneath. Connected. One. In Love.

When hearts transcend the solar plexus self and merge in unison of vision/being, what is there to speak or explain? We'll be like Winnetou and Old Shatterhand. Shiva and Shakti. 

Confluence. Same flow.

Confluence. Same flow.

I speak only because the world still needs it. If I seem arrogant in my ways, so be it. Just know it is out of a well of unspeakable love and compassion for all who suffer. Sometimes I have to become what I have to become to break through the thick-headedness of man.

I speak only to assist humanity in getting itself to become a civilization that has become speechless.

Join the vision, or shut the fuck up and get to know thyself.

"Trinfinity Corp - Shut up and Serve"

I like that.


Graduating from Creation - Musings from a Retiring Consciousness (1/2)

I haven't been online much in the last few weeks, but when I do briefly check in with the community, I get the question "What happened in the dark room??" a lot. I have been silent so far on my current process, because I had to release any and all attachments and conditions that I had gathered upon my beingness over the last several years of trying to enlighten the world. :-)

The following two-part update is a long, windy road of realizations and descriptions of my current journey, but I think the keen adept will find plenty of nuggets in here for their own personal/impersonal journeys. Part one being the more personal journey, part 2 addressing the impersonal one. Part two will come soon.

Enjoy, and bear with me as I don't strain myself too much to try to create a well ordered or structured post. I just want to get the information out there. Consider these thoughts to be musings from a retiring consciousness-beingness.

The first part of this blog post will give you some more personal background. If you'd rather skip to the novel Self-Realization stuff, feel free to skip to the very last chapter title on this page, and then move on to Part 2 if you don't care as much about my process leading up to all this.

What happened in the dark room?

Sounds like a kinky question. But for those unaware, I was going to be in Darkness for two weeks, to merge more within myself and discover what I need for the next phase of my life, and to shed my skin from the past (almost) 29 years. But especially the stuff I have accumulated on one level or another over the past 6 or so years.

Two weeks ago when I was in the dark room retreat, I thought it would be so awesome to report on the process I went through as it seemed significant at the time. But what I have been entering into after coming out of darkness has been so much more consuming that to report on what happened during each phase of the darkness retreat now seems irrelevant and insignificant, though it was very necessary. Maybe one day I'll share those details and I might refer to it occasionally here in this post so you'll get a general sense of it anyway. But in this update I will share the much more significant transition that is happening for me, and some of my struggles leading up to that, for which the darkroom only was a necessary purging to clear the stage from all distractions.

After day 5 of an incredibly intense and wild rollercoaster-in-the-dark retreat experience I felt I had completed my reason for being there. But I did not want to jump to conclusions so I stayed another 48 hours to be sure, but indeed the process had exhausted itself, the visions and journeying within my psyche had practically stopped, the rollercoaster cart was just cruising along a straight stretch now. I could feel the next stage of my desired transition calling me out of the dark room with a strong gravitational force. I triple checked in with myself if it was a tendency of avoidance of any kind, or genuine, but it became clear that I really had to leave. Something more was awaiting me and the timing for it was now.

So after 7 days of darkness I left the retreat, and this is where my real revelations and life began. And man. Oh boy. Literally something else. I'll attempt to explain in Part 2. But I still feel novel at it so I may see things somewhat differently when more fully established in this new way, when looking back on some of the things the Bentinho/me blend is saying at this stage of the transition. But I figured it's still worth reporting on the journey while it is happening, even though perfection isn't established yet, as long as reporting while it's still novel is not distracting me from the training I'm in and the purity I desire to attain.

Exhausting the Bodhisattva Principle in me

Bodhisattva - (in Mahayana Buddhism) a person who is able to reach nirvana but delays doing so out of compassion in order to save suffering beings.

Hi. This is me. Or rather, this has been me. It's a good, short summary of my life over the past 4-6 or so years.

I've always had an extremely strong urge to serve. It's been driving me nuts ever since I started my personal journey to Enlightenment around the age of 15.

Strong pre-brith inclinations and thematic blueprints/archetypes in people (myself in this case), even if the inclinations come from a pure place, post-incarnation--or rather post-veil--can lead to some pretty interesting mental projections as the mind tries to give some kind of shape and understanding to these powerful forces that drive our sense of who we are and what our purpose in being here is. You've all met those who live in fantasy land because they could not help but refrain from interpreting these powerful, genuine impulses that are coming from their blue-print level self. So they became believers of unicorns and fairies (they do exist, actually, but that's besides the point) because they did not know how to give a more balanced, grounded shape to their calling.

I have definitely fallen prey to this in subtle ways myself that build on each other over the last few years. I've always been able to keep it together pretty well, thank god, considering that the forces that drive me as well as the forces that attempt to interfere with my journey by exacerbating my weaknesses and blind spots, attempting to nullify my viability as someone who is of service to this spiritually awakening planet have been non-stop in their intensity for as long as I can remember. The polarities have always raged strongly in me, while I did my best to stay focused on the road ahead and the task I was actually called to.

For those who are familiar with my work and some of the metaphysical background of Creation as I see it (the densities, Law of One, etc.) you will be able to see everything I am about to write in a bigger context. But you'll be able to understand without it as well from your own intuitive experience.

One example to illustrate this force at play is at the age of 18 that I had to somehow save/enlighten the entire world before December 2012. This at certain times weighed so heavy on me while I was still very much finding my own way with Consciousness and who I was, it would literally make me sick repeatedly as I had no idea how I was going to accomplish that but the drive for it would not let me go. I could not abandon it for some reason. I HAD to become everything I could be to help as many people as possible.

Then when the world didn't burn itself up because the collective had indeed shifted into a more gradual version of its ascension through the combined efforts of tens of millions of wanderers, light bringers if you will, and support from other systems and densities, I felt relieved. But the strong impulse to serve never went anywhere. 

Resisting Complete Nirvana

Many times during my journey over the last few years, I have felt this strong yearning to merge with the One Infinite Creator. To just completely let myself go and give up everything I think is relevant or valuable for the people of Earth, surrender all my responsibilities and the structures I have set up. I fairly consciously have chosen many times to 'hang in here' a little while longer. Stretch the elastic band a little farther because I felt I could take on more.

But, the truth is that I have grown gradually more burdened over the years, and although I feel I have been able to manage it with a great degree of balance, calmness and integrity, it always has felt tense to 'be here' and project a type of role that would act as the medium for contact between my inner self, and the people who called for its delivery.

This sense of matching other people's vibrations to accommodate where they are at, has strongly infiltrated my personal relationships as well. I always felt slightly uncomfortable around people because I never gave myself permission to fully show up as my true self. I became an actor, or rather, I put a filter or dimmer on my true being so I would be more normal in appearance and not cause distortions around me.

My reasons for not showing up as my true self were ultimately rooted in a combination of fear and desiring to be most of service to those around me. The handful of times in my life that I have allowed myself to be undistorted in recent years, it seemed to blow people's fuses. They would get confused around me. I'm not kidding, it was dis-arranging for them.

I recall this one experience in an english diner/pub of sorts where I enjoyed some food with a couple of friends from England, and the waitress came over. I felt very present, and I didn't feel like dimming down as much. I could feel my energy building up more than I would usually allow to happen when interacting with people (I would usually scatter my energy rather that have it be fully present, as it can feel intrusive). As she came over to take our order, she couldn't hear a word I said and she asked me to repeat it several times while she was scribbling and scratching on her note pad. She looked perfectly fine when she approached our table, but once she was standing next to me, she could not control herself properly. She was trying to make sense of what was happening, but her brain was scrambled. My two friends recognized what happened and we had a good laugh over it, but I felt a little bad, as it had an actual effect that was palpable and seemingly disruptive. 

I have always wanted to protect people from being intrusive in this way, bringing up their psyche's demons too quickly and without them having the context for this, so I tend to dose and scatter myself when around others, which comes at a cost when you spend 365 days out of the year constantly in interaction with people, friends, relationships, projects and a global community of people. I literally, before this trip, cannot remember a single day where I was all by myself in the past two years. Not a single day. I'm sure some of you can relate to a lot of this in your own ways.

In the darkness retreat, I had to shed all this. Allison and I even broke up in total darkness because I have to be with myself and our relationship had already been reaching its end for a while. It truly was a beautiful and unique mutual decision, and it was beautiful doing it in the dark, as we had both felt this coming for a while. I have never experienced such a loving and beautifully connected break up, where the break up actually feels like a mutually understood expansion, rather than a breaking apart of a connection. Instead of saying goodbye, it felt more like saying hello. If that makes sense. After all, love cannot be severed, try as you may, only illusions can. 

On that same note, I have always had a hard time breaking up with people. I hate it. I don't believe in it. Its false. It's man made. There is no such thing as breaking up. We deviced relationships, and consequent breaking up, to protect ourselves. Yet when we're in a relationship, we never fully let our guards down because we fear the break up that we created for our own protection. Huh?

Where I come from, pre-birth if you will, or rather where I exist right now with the majority of my beingness-totality, is a place of light with no walls. Disconnect is impossible. I have always felt like a guardian of my relationships, like a father wanting to make them know they are infinitely worthy and wanting to avoid what would not make them feel worthy. But it would usually result in the opposite for a little while, until they got over a hump of sorts and got a lot of benefit out of it later on in the relationship, or after the break up.

Seeing the sheer beauty, perceived vulnerability (in their minds regarding themselves) and potential in their beingness for free expression, and wanting with all of my heart to be this space of support and encouragement and training for that... when it is time to break up, it seems so unnatural to me this illusion of separating oneself from another because the persons have differences. Anyway, who cares. It was nice to experience caring so deeply with a certain level of attachment. But...

No more

It has taken its toll on me. Not just the intimate relationships, but any and all relationships. I had become jaded. I was starting to regretfully resent the people I came here to serve, because transcendence had been calling me for several years now, yet I was holding on to Earthly ideas and relationships, trying to squeeze every drop of service out of it while "I'm still here." That's like feeling like taking the best shower of your life but not doing so for several years because you fear you'll be to clean. Doesn't really make any sense, but that has been my perception.

But in many ways it did actually kind of make a lot of sense in retrospect because had I not hold off on the journey I am slipping into at present, there is no way I would have created the empowerment courses and material that mainstream can relate to more and awaken through. I had to take this detour for a reason, and I know that if I were to fully let go, I would not have been able to hold the perspective necessary to find the inspiration to explore that whole route and distill these teachings for others. I had to delude and keep myself clouded from my truest self to an extent in order to be able to believe in what I was doing and be of service to those who are not yet natively as experienced as my beingness-totality is. So I am, after all, appreciative of the fact that I did know this intuitively even though I was more obscured, and I am glad that I did hold off on this delicious eternal shower that I am allowing myself to enter into now. 

But no more. I kindly resign my former self. I have given myself permission to no longer project a version of myself that people can relate to, unless it truly causes no strain for me.  90%+ of this tendency to show up in a relatable way has been dropped, my attachment to any of my former life has been positively destroyed, yet I'm finding that it is hard to give up the subtlest of tendencies to show up in a relatable way completely. When someone on the streets asks you for directions, or your waiter asks you for your order, and you feel like continuing your Samadhi by silently staring into infinite vastness instead, what do you do? Just stand/sit there like an imbecile thats ignoring the request that's right in front of his face? Possibly, yes. And also, create an environment going forward where that is more possible, and more understood. For example, by being more by myself, or with people who now understand my new state. Or even appreciate it and want to sit with it and absorb themselves in its radiance so they can master it within themselves more easily.

I have also had to let go of any attachment or even affinity I had with my former friends, family, Allison, the boulder crew, and the company. I left the what's app group we have had forever. It's been a process of truly letting myself not exit my Samadhi anymore because of reasons of service, perceptions others may have of me, or even attachments to long standing friendships, or making other people feel good or taking care of them. I haven't even told my inner circle where I am right now. Only the two people that were with me darkness retreat know. Feels so new and good to me to be off radar for the first time in forever. Sooo good, haha. Thank you friends for understanding, or not. But given the generosity in your hearts, I bet you do.

Side note: if anyone out there happens to spot me btw, please don't announce my location publicly for now. Thank you. And if I ignore any type of conversation with you, see if you can enjoy my silence instead.

I'm training this to its completion. I want to lose my entire Self in God until there is nothing left to pull me out of Brahman, and then drop God and rest in the Absolute One, Parabrahman, without any noticeable interruption. I have always longed for perfection. As a result I've been a perfectionist outwardly, but what I truly seek is to seek until perfection has been reached. Yes yes, I know, we're all already imperfectly imperfect, but I wish to be perfectly perfect. You don't have to judge yourself as being in any way imperfect, because it is true: you are perfect Brahman. God. Existence-Consciousness-Bliss. But I desire something very specific for myself. I desire what I perceive to be the ultimate for me.

I'm seeing all the subtle perspectives that still arise that tell me I should be relatable and not make people feel bad or weirded out. And actually, wonderful flow has been happening as a result, which I'll elaborate on in Part 2 of this update as well.

Time to myself, finally. Simplifying my life.

After the darkness retreat I didn't feel like telling anyone I was out. In darkness I had had a clear vision of an area that kept calling my attention. Reminiscent of Ramana's story with Arunachala calling the young awakened one to live at its foothills and be absorbed in Samadhi. I felt an irresistible calling to this location to renounce my former world and rest in Samadhi until permanently rested in Samadhi.

I also saw that if I were to have an outward life going forward, the first and possibly only thing that makes sense from the statelessness I am transitioning in to (again, more on this in Part 2) and for my purpose here which is to generate awakening in people, is to share space with people. To be together. Period. This life of having isolated retreats makes little sense. There is just so much time in between me being with the people I love and came here to assist, that I'm not actually having the environment that I came here for enough for my non-physical purpose to meet the physical road, so to speak. 

I have been filling these stretches of time away from being with a group that wants to absorb and learn about the space I come from, up with ideas of becoming so multi-faceted in order to achieve some great things in the world. But it's all vanity in the end. Well-intended vanity, but still delusion and its just too much outward effort to maintain for a soul who came here really just to be a beacon for people to sit with. 

Which reminds me when I was 22 or so and teaching, I trusted a little too much in this older guy who is respected in the spiritual community of North Carolina, who didn't quite understand that my frustration was coming from a pure place: "Sometimes I have this strong desire to just sit on a slab 24/7, and have people come and be with me. I feel a power arise in me when I am with people that isn't there when I'm by myself."

He took this to mean I was looking for power over/from others and basically abruptly shut me out of that community. It was a good lesson not to always trust people know where I come from and that I have to be careful with my words if I care at all about being understood in the slightest. But that's all becoming immaterial at this point anyway.

Facing myself, making decisions, simplifying my life

I have come to a clear halt, faced myself deeply, and it was really really rough (the darkness retreat, plus some days after) especially the part where I had to permanently let go of the people in my life, and myself as a sociable creature who loves people to death and always sees their greater potential/Self and wants them to know this.

I literally had to sever any and all attachment I had to anyone else's well being. The end of the Bodhisattva principle in me which has anchored me in the human realm for as long as it did. Now I can finally drop the Clark Kent actor and admit that I am Superman. :)

Which reminds me just as a quick addition, that one of the other main reasons I have always scattered my focus when around other people (which has been almost 24/7 so I had lost significant touch with how powerful my true Samadhi-state actually feels) was that I wanted to avoid becoming the guru. I wanted to blend in as another person that people can be friends with and feel comfortable around. One of the main distortions this collective carries with it, is the belief that it is possible to be less than someone else, and we are, perhaps genetically programmed to look up to Gods and worship idols and masters.

To minimize the distortions of this type of dynamic happening in the people around me, I would always act more silly, or stupid, or like I had more problems and challenges than I actually did, just so they could feel more comfortable and it would avoid them distracting themselves from their own journeys because they would potentially be mesmerized if I were to be in Samadhi all the time. It is, quite mesmerizing and magnetic after all. Hard to resist for any creature. If you're coming to the Netherlands retreat in July, or to our future property/center, you'll experience the power of it first hand if you haven't already in full. I am no longer holding back. And random people around me have started noticing. I'll tell you more about this in Part 2.

But in pretending like I was more distorted than I actually was, I actually became more distorted than I would have liked. Just subtle tensions that would develop into complexities that were adding to the burden I felt, and consequently increased the contrast I felt between my True Self, or Home, and 'being here' with 'these people.' But, again, I can no longer maintain this illusory separation from my True Self and had to do some serious work to in a short period of time get rid of almost a decade worth of pretending and taking on other people's frequencies and comfort zones, and the subtle conditionings that this had left in my energetic system. And like I said, I am not done yet. I am going to see this through all the way until my statelessness is uninterrupted. I don't care how long it takes, I'm sticking with it until there is nothing to stick with and all is completely resolved and gone beyond permanently.

But even in this early stage of my transition, my samadhis have already been taking leaps and bounds in comparison to before. I already no longer relate to Bentinho, his ways, the life he created, or his name. I feel greatly detached from almost everything. And I feel fairly confident that I can sit with an audience again soon enough without getting pulled out of my true state of Beingness in the least, even if I may still be working on making the jump from God/Consciousness/Beingness to the Absolute Infinite One permanent. This one is still super novel and a bit tricky to click into. It's so crazy subtle it's insane. And I don't wish to speak to much on behalf of it until I have become more established in it, yet I've already written down pages of sutras that describe the narrow path to walk to make the jump from experience-land to Infinite Oneness. It's the gateway out of Creation. Unending bliss and presence-deafening silence with no effort whatsoever. Ah man, don't get me started. I know I keep saying this, but more on this will come in Part 2.

I have been making environmental changes to my life and made a few promises to myself to restrict me from falling into my old tendencies until I have established myself firmly in God and Beyond. Until every last thing that I am not has been absorbed into my True Nature. I am planning to move away from Boulder to this new location, perhaps sell all my stuff, and live simply with little to no distractions and little to no promises to anybody. I need to disappear more out of life still until the whole concept of 'a life' has become foreign and insubstantial to me.

I'm going to return to Boulder for a week or two to clean some things up and take care of a failing business and its finances, handle a few logistics, but I plan to return to the area I am in now which I was called so palpably by recently, to continue my departure from myself. It requires me to say goodbye to everything I have ever known, and every dream I have ever had for myself or humanity. Ah, the bliss of homecoming. 

I have dropped most of the tendencies and attachments or connections or conditions that bound me to this worldly experience, but there are subtler tendencies that still pull me out of my Samadhi. And I crave for it now, I feel the gravitational pull, of finally allowing myself to reach completion. And I got to drop everything. Everything has to go for this to be successful. I just know it. And I'm happy to spend as much alone time and practice time as I need to immortalize my state of unwavering unity-awareness, and beyond that my statelessness. A simpler environment is of so much aid at this timing.

And yet, even in this space of focus and freedom, like I said a new vision did arise during the darkness retreat, but of its own accord. And with no attachment to outcome (but I'm very vigilant to make sure every tendency like that is immediately discarded/severed/loved to death) I am allowing my body to act on the steps when they arise. To answer the calling but without any sense of being the one responsible for its manifestation.

A New Vision - But Without the Responsibility

When feeling into this place that was unexpectedly calling me, visions of a place to be together with those truly desiring freedom more constantly in retreat-mode came to my mind, like a center, and I saw a location on a map, and exact elements of this property to be. The vision came in with great clarity and force, yet felt effortless.

I saw some of the people that would come and the sheer presence and devotion and mastery that would be stimulated there on a daily basis for so many. Like a constant satsang and training environment where we can take dedicated people and really guide them all the way into quantum leaps in their development simply by having the right environment, facilitation and presence.

I saw that besides my own satsangs from this new space I'm transitioning into which will be much more quiet, and it doesn't seem like the Bentinho as you've seen him project himself before will be there anymore, but perhaps an empty shell of it will remain with bouts of that same personality from time to time, but it won't be steered by me. I won't be that.

Others will be offering guidance and classes there as well. With enough interest, it could have a daily schedule ranging from therapeutic yoga (think Ayla), to practical 'get-over-yourself' empowerment sessions (think Anurag), to guiding the finer more personal and interpersonal explorations of empowerment/enlightenment (think Ryan), to satsang with whatever remains with this body when I'm fully absorbed and effectively no longer am. And I have a couple of others in mind who would be endorsed to teach/guide at this center.

Local people could come daily to be in satsang together. People from out of town could rent something on our property for a season, some could be there on a more permanent basis perhaps, and in addition to the ongoing nature of this being in Truth together, we could schedule specific weeks where hundreds of people come come and stay for a week in the vicinity and attend every day. But I want to create a space where there is a more continuous nature to the sessions and the being together in like-spirit, because it would enable us to go so much farther as individuals moving into God Consciousness, as well as as a people, a society, a community.

I kept seeing clearly how with the right environment, this community could truly become something the world has never seen before in no time, and will be of great service in its transition. A new society. Instead of me doing it, why not just be with you guys and give you everything you need to do the work, you young sprouts who still have some earthly life left in you ;-). May you be as ambitious as I used to be, but with the new clarity I will be able to offer soon. Unless my new 'Self' decides not to do any of this, who knows, but given the history of this body, that seems unlikely. Prarabdha will likely continue its momentum even with me fully absorbed and no longer in I AM land.

We could enjoy and demonstrate to the world vibrationally what it's like to be a fully realized 4th density community, plus elements of densities beyond the fourth integrated/offered as well. Think of how amazing this community already is, how much aligned knowledge it has gained and cultivated, and how ripe it is and how much potential it holds just waiting to explode and come to fruition as a group? Now create en environment where from the moment you wake up to the moment you rest yourself in your bed, you are reminded of the One Infinite Creator and its beautifully transitioning Earthly creation that you share together in empowered consciousness filled to the brim with pure beingness and yet collaborative endeavors out of joyous inspiration in service to all.

The power and energetic brightness I saw coming off of this place placed a natural bubble of light around it that made things inside this reality work at a different vibration and speed and consciousness than anywhere else in the world. Nothing can enter there that is not of a fourth density vibration and here to serve beneficially. And simultaneously I saw this would serve as a powerful Beacon, using the superconductor called Earth to spread these healing and upgrading vibrations into the collective and into nature. It was a truly gorgeous view to behold. A new Shambhala of sorts.

I also saw how this would be constantly live-streamed so people from afar could tune in and tens of thousands of people could join us in this pure space devoted to making us all powerful servants of and for the One Infinite Creator and its Creation.

When I came out of darkness, I looked up properties in this area that's been calling me, and I found a property that would suit our needs, had almost all the elements that were in my vision, looked incredibly similar, and sits at the exact location I was shown. I am checking out the property today, and if it feels like the right fit, I will start contacting some potential investors, or let it come however it wants to. I may even make another humble attempt to rally the troops in our Facebook group we have to see who wants to contribute to this tangible creation. It'll be expensive, but it'll be the center of everything to come. An anchor for the New Earth vibrations to stream into our atmosphere and into the earth, for we will act as a receiving antenna as well as a grounding beacon. 

I have dropped my sense of responsibility for creating anything btw, now creation happens because it wants to happen on its own. I do not carry any of the weight. I am free from Creation. I just show up in the illusion when called, and recede back into my Samadhi when not needed. The Bodhisattva principle is almost entirely out of my system. But just to be sure, I'm going to remain by myself for as long as is necessary. Deepen my absorption with Pure Awareness and the One beyond that. I want to no longer have any tendencies left that return me to the view of 'being.'

Coming up in Part 2...

Ok I think this is enough for now. Part 2 will follow soon. Not all may understand or believe what I state in part 2, and it goes against a lot of people's enlightenment experiences and beliefs, in fact when in a more human mode I even start doubting it, that's how different it is when you're 'there'. Even after all my explorations into being Awareness and Higher states of Consciousness, and Emptiness, and nothingness... this is a completely different state.

So that when I am more in the experience of being here, now, as an awake consciousness/human being for too long, I can subtly start to doubt the sutras I've been writing down, but then it kicks in again, is revealed again, and it blows everything out of the water. It reveals God Consciousness and Creation to be delusion. I want to stabilize there so I can reliably offer this to whomsoever seeks it. Not many will understand. But it is worth the attempt, for its effects on the world if completed are bigger than that of a nuclear explosion, but in a spiritually auspicious way.

And in the right environment, and with the right consistent guidance and presence to facilitate this intense, narrow pathway into Graduation from Creation, it may work for many more. After all, anything is possible. You just have to be genuinely ready and know that you really don't understand this other thing yet. You can't understand it from within Creation/Beingness/Consciousness. This humility is the first step towards opening yourself up to glimpse it, and possibly stabilize in it if you are ready. But first, let me walk this talk before I talk the walk.

Thanks for having been a part of Bentinho's life and for helping facilitate my transition away from him being necessary, and into uninterrupted divinity. May whatever of me remains be of service to you.

And to the keen follower of my life/work, you will have noticed that the prediction I made for myself nearly two years ago when I announced I would stop my weekly teachings in Boulder, is exactly what is happening now. Just a year later than estimated. The bodhisattva in me is strong, hehe.

Much love to you all.

Are You Your Body? - Find Out Using This Self-Realization Technique

Practically all our suffering--subtle or apparent--comes from believing we are our body. As soon as we assume we are a body, we assume our nature is a small, disconnected self. What follows is a barrage of painful lack beliefs that keep compounding, causing us more discomfort and tension as we go.

To the adept--whose desire it is to become ever more free of suffering until freedom from suffering reigns supreme--it is of the essence to spend awareness on the direct realization that the being (you) is not the body. Many people have an image of this when I say it, but few enjoy the direct experience of it.

Understanding Our Conditioning

The notion of being the body is picked up gradually and unconsciously as we grow up. First, we see our parents looking down at our bodies seemingly affirming over and over again that there is an existence which resides in our bodies.

They start calling our bodies by names. As we learn to walk we focus on learning to use our muscles and balancing our bodies. It's a relentless process that requires all our focus on the body. Without learning to use the body, we realize don't seem to get anywhere we feel like getting. We feel tied to and dependent on the body's limitations.

When the body is uncomfortable, we feel it intimately, and our genetics will give us signals--physically conditioned and passed down since ancient times--that we should be alert and seek greater comfort to ensure the survival of the body.

By the time we are 6 years old, our notion of being the body is already so completely programmed into our unconscious mind--even without anyone having ever told us that we are the body, but purely by moving it around and looking at other bodies--that a simple statement by a spiritual scripture stating "You are not your body." generally isn't enough to release this mental construct from us and take with it the suffering that this idea constantly generates.

If we want to be (more) free from suffering, we need practice. Consistent practice that involves deconstructing this idea and seeing with great clarity that it simply isn't the truth.

Here's one technique to help you get closer to the bliss-state-without-a-body, also known as Self-Realization. And remember, waking up to this is only the beginning. Awakening to something quickly grows old if not followed up with deeper realization, until the identification drops off completely and Freedom alone Is.

Exercise: Taking the Body out of the Mind

>>Phase One (2-5 minutes): Relax your mind. Enter a receptive, open-minded, meditative state. Take a couple of breaths to release the grosser tensions in the body. Relax your ideas and sense of time. Rest into the experience of Now... Once you feel calm, move to Phase Two.

>>Phase Two (7-15 minutes): Notice your body; the sensation of having it. The visual outline that your mind comes up with when it thinks of or refers to your body. 

Now imagine your right index finger is severed or that it just fell off. Make this a peaceful, painless visualization. Imagine the visual and the sensation of not having this finger attached to your body.

Now imagine picking up this finger and looking at it. Ask yourself: "Is this finger me? Am I inside this finger?" Then clearly, with vivid awareness realize that obviously it is not. Imagine the finger disappearing into nothingness, leaving no trace of its existence.

Repeat the same process of imagination with your right middle finger. Your ring finger. Your pinky. Your thumb. Now repeat the same process on the left hand. Keep seeing clearly that obviously you are not contained in/by/as that particular part of the body.

Then cut off your right hand at the wrist and repeat the same question as you look at your right hand, detached from your body. Then the left hand. 

Then the following body parts, and keep repeating the same visualization, staying relaxed, awake and present to the inquiry and the consequent realizations:

  • Right forearm.
  • Left forearm.
  • Right upper arm. 
  • Left upper arm.
  • Left leg.
  • Right leg.
  • Imagine your genitals being taken out of your body.
  • Your lower upper body (navel down).
  • Imagine your heart being taken out of your chest.
  • Chest/romp entirely removed from the base of the neck.
  • Neck removed from the head.

Now you are just a floating head. Or maybe you are a head on the floor. Feel this for a second. It comes with an interesting sensation. There is a clarity and release of body-attachment at this stage of the imagination process already present. Enjoy the feeling of freedom as you feel more and more like you are simply becoming Awareness itself, floating without a body.

Then finally, imagine your head getting crushed or simply disappearing into nothingness, leaving no trace in your visualized environment. Now it's just You. Naked, Aware, Shining You.

Clearly, you are not the body. You are Spirit. You are the Great Self. You are I-I. You are Free. Like Awake Space.

>>Phase 3 (for the rest of your life...): Enjoy your freedom. Repeat the exercise as necessary. Each time you will find deeper absorption into a very pleasant detachment and the world becoming a little bit more like a dream to you.

Once you've practiced going through all the steps and having arrived at the sense of Awareness free of a body/form, you can practice recalling this sensation/relaxation into Awareness-free-of-form and lock onto that clarity profoundly as you go grocery shopping or as you are talking to a friend. You could even consider practicing this until it is permanent for you. That'd be historic. I would come to your retreats.

Watch as no trouble gets to you upon experiencing the freedom of object-less Awareness. Freedom. Happiness. Effortlessness. Let go. Rest in this state until it is more and more obvious and apparent at all times.



To Live from a Room with No Walls - Conversation with a Friend

From a private conversation on 02/11/17:

Cory: I wanna hear about what's going on with you. I wanna understand.

Bentinho: In a nutshell perhaps this is the understanding you're looking for. If not we can talk in greater depth later:                        

I generally see so many points of view that it's hard to have a bias. It's hard to land on one particular point of view, statement or expression when you can see from a vast empty space that contains everything, and where each thing appears as an equally valid expression of truth, or of the Infinite.

So imagine coming from that space, it's impossible to express yourself truthfully without staying silent. The truest expression of my being which would be the closest representation of how I see life in each moment, would be to remain quiet and vast, all-inclusive, all-embracing, spacious, loving. In that state of radiating the vastness, I don't generally appear very 'human' or 'interactive.'

But sometimes life calls for an expression. Oftentimes actually. If I were to remain silent all the time I would forsaken/ignore the aspect of my incarnation which is here to stand up for certain things and be an example of being 'someone'. Me expressing myself in specific forms and ways is foundational to certain portions of my teachings which I feel genuinely benefit people.

The predicament here for me is that expressing myself outwardly in the form of speech, taking a stance, making a statement or in any other way of expressing myself as having a point of view... it just never feels truthful to who I am. It always feels like I'm method acting. It may feel partially true, or it may feel relevant as a balancing act towards my environment or revealing of the taboos or biases that are subconsciously held in the recipients of my self-expression, but at the heart of it: any expression--any stance--is a deviation from who I really am and how I really see life.

I can never express myself authentically completely. My beingness is complete. Its radiance is complete, but as soon as I use any of my vehicles (mental/emotional/speech/physical bodies) I become partial, I have to distort myself to some degree; I become 'human.' And that's totally okay and it's a part of why I am here: to get my hands dirty where necessary. I'm not here to portrait myself as perfect, flawless, godliness. I will inevitably be seen as 'being human' as a result of the expressions I allow to come through my bodies. It just never feels completely true.

The thing is, I have to act in total congruency with my chosen stance or balancing act in each of these expressions, or there would be no power behind the expression. It would not be convincing. It has to be 'real.' It would feel empty or fake or powerless otherwise. So in order to achieve this, I have agreed to become an embodiment of the expression that needs to come through. It'll appear to be who I am in that moment. It'll use all of my bodies to execute that expression. I will feel the emotion, I will have the thoughts, and I will speak and have the bodily and facial expressions to go with the point of view that wants to express something, be an example of something, or defend/balance something.

Once I've made the choice to express something because I feel that the ripples it will cause are beneficial in some way, even when I know it's about to get messy and my image may get tainted, I have to allow all my bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic, physical) to line up in accordance with that expression, or it wouldn't have the desired effect. And so I do. I quite literally and willingly 'become human.'

The inevitable consequence of this—unless the recipients of this expression know the same space I come from within themselves and can see through the method acting—is that I will be perceived and identified by the recipients to be the person behind what I just expressed. They generally think it comes from a place of confusion or personal need. The tricky part in this is that although I have let go of attachment to how people perceive me, there is another balance to maintain; which is that if I go too far in the partial expressions that I allow, and if I don’t balance it out with periods of appearing more flawless and remaining more silent, the likely result of this will be that people will no longer benefit from the teachings as much because they believe the teacher behind these teachings is a lunatic, or not walking his talk, or messed up. Which would practically undermine my entire life’s work up to this point and the benefit that it could continue to give to millions down the road.

In fact, there are already many people out there who have strict guidelines for how a spiritual teacher ought to appear, and I have crossed their lines a while ago.  They have decided to no longer directly benefit from my work. They have shut that window of potential benefit. They already believe I am who I expressed myself to be in a moment in the past, and they have given up on my work because that's the personality they think I am limited to.

I have never wanted to be attached to my self-image because it inhibits how of service I can be, but at the same time there is a wisdom and necessity to maintaining some form of control as not to undermine too much the work that I've created so far. But this is really not a personal attachment, it's simply being able to recognize that I came here to be of benefit, and to see that certain actions generate benefit to a certain extent, but these very same expressions of benefit, when not balanced or taken too far into the acting atmosphere can also cause greater detriment than benefit as they have the ability to undermine the value people perceive in this message. So as with everything, it's a balance. This one in particular is quite subtle and involves so many little bells and whistles that I have to admit I get confused every once in a while and need to really pause the process to catch up with everything that's happening.

Now all this doesn't mean that I don't have any personal challenges, for I do. I really AM a little energetically jaded recently and I have been recuperating from that. But even that is part of being of service as well as forming a part of my personal journey, for there's a deeper aspect to this impartial space choosing to express itself partially from time to time (or regularly when there's people around) because it seems to cause benefit in some way to do so. And that deeper level is that sometimes in order to express something that causes a ripple effect of learning and benefit into the community, I will have to become the result of a chain of cascading events that far supersede the more simple example of me expressing an opinion in a short moment for the benefit of balancing out some misperception that's hanging in the air.

This more comprehensive molding of my bodies sometimes will last for months or even years to have me reach a certain level of experience, learning or breakthrough or frustration, so that I can express the embodiment of that in a completely lived and weathered way toward the world as an example. In other words my bodies can pick up on ideas or imbalances and illnesses in such a way that it will have a function later on for the benefit of others, while also always of course teaching me greater clarity, precision, love, wisdom, oneness, and foreverness.

Not sure if this is the understanding you were looking for, but it may help clarify some of my behavior. Though I think I've expressed this to you or the team before.


Cory: That's great actually. I somehow forgot that. The stuff you've been posting lately feels so partial; so biased that it's hard to remember you're voluntarily entering a bubble reality in order to 'fully act something out' and extract the learning from it. That actually just sorta puts the whole thing to bed. 

With this stuff right now though specifically, do you already know what balance you're aiming toward? I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to, it might postpone or diminish the benefits for folks. After your response to my comment on your post it was just like okay yeah I believe him, this is all relevant, I don't know shit, and I wanna know what the higher perspective is. What's getting balanced with all this?

Bentinho: It's subtle and far reaching stuff, half of which I don't have conscious knowledge of because there are so many people affected by my public choices these days, and I don't know consciously half of what they are dealing with or how they take it or what cascading ripple effects it generates. The beautiful thing about this 'mechanism' of being a shepherding consciousness, a mirror to the collective, is that I get to feel whether or not the probable benefit outweighs the trouble.

In intuitively expressing statements that cause ripple effects, I can feel whether it's necessary and beneficial or not to be an expression of something even before I know exactly how it's going to be beneficial. I have learned to recognize it when a 'package of expression' comes to me that wants to come through my bodies and find its expression in the world, usually for the purpose of generating greater balance and/or expansion in a large group of people.

But there are certain effects I can share of which I am aware so far with my recent chain of expressions, and they're pretty easy to witness by simply seeing how people have responded to my last few posts on Facebook:

• People were triggered to think more for themselves.
• People felt inspired to think/create more for themselves.
• People were inspired to step up in one way or another as a community of co-creators.
• People were made to think how much they value an awakened civilization, and in what way they personally want to contribute to that and be a part of it.
• People re-prioritized their lives, or at least certain aspects of it.
• Some people allowed themselves more permission to feel like they own the teachings within themselves because I showed a more human process.
• People were empowered to feel different degrees of compassion for another human being (me mostly in this case, but it increases their ability to feel compassion for all of life).
• People were able to pull me off some of their subconscious pedestals and really own their own power.
• People were able to relate to me more and open their own hearts and vulnerability/love more as a result.

There are many other effects but these are the general once I've observed so far.


Cory: Nice yeah that does feel like the main 'result' so far — people getting empowered and taking more ownership of their lives. 

Jesus so I'm starting to sense this a little-- it feels scary as hell. Like your 'human' is going through the ringer, and you know it's about to go down and be hard and trigger people and be unpopular and make you look bad, but it feels true so you don't even question it. You just rest in the confidence that it's for the best and you patiently observe the effects along with the rest of us? It's like an utter detachment from the human experience, but it looks the opposite. Lord. I've heard you talk about this stuff before but to feel it now is daunting / contracting. So really you're just sitting back, so confident and identified with the 'real you'-- the nonhuman you-- that none of the human drama or repercussions or negative feedback lands for you? You just know to follow it because it feels true? 

Makes me wonder tho like, when do you take feedback from people? Or do you not? Do you have any blindspots that others can expose for you?

Bentinho: All of the above feels true except I cannot say that none of the drama ever lands for me. My bodies are engaged in this process and so I am made to feel at least some of the repercussions of the initial expressions. It does land sometimes and even hits a personal note still at times. Especially when people don't seem to respond with any degree of understanding the deeper reason behind the expression, when they lose utter faith in me as their beloved friend/teacher (which means I crossed their threshold of believability), when they display their blindness to anything but their own judgments, or when I get sucked in for a second tempted to respond from a place of partiality (I've learned to allow this less and less), or when friends don't understand it or support it and I feel the chosen expression causes a rift in my core circle of friends and co-creators.

This last version of the repercussions usually means I have to wait until the misperceptions get big enough, or the rift gets big enough, to where they initiate some kind of flawed behavior toward me that trigger a conversation, or until they simply initiate a conversation (which they are usually a bit scared of it seems). I generally don't feel I have the permission to interfere with their process of dealing with their projections of me. But in the meantime, the friendship and the ability to work together in any meaningful way is severed until further notice.

Since some version or level of this partial expression and the consequent projections are generally always going on, having the experience of real friends is a bit of a rare commodity for me. But I happily accept this consequence as it allows me to be of service more than if I were to play it safe and always seem consistent outwardly. Maybe that time of silence or absence of any significant partial expressions will come some day, when I can no longer carry the energetic repercussions of playing with the mud, or when it feels no longer of service, and resign to complete absorption as I no longer make my vehicles available for these energetic requests from the collective. We'll see.

As to your question regarding whether I take feedback or not: 

I do take feedback to heart, and it does allow me to see more of myself, it just rarely is the way people think it is. So they may point something out in me that they think comes from an unconscious place, but it generally doesn't. Then I learn something else as a result of their interaction with me, or their mistrust of me, which shows me something or teaches me more about how to be even cleaner in these types of situations next time, how to take things even less personally. But yes the feedback people give me seems to rarely be as it seems. Rarely is it accurate. I always have to dig through to find something else valuable in the feedback that was not directly stated. But I do generally take it to heart and extract benefit/learning from it.              

And what has always seemed tricky to me to admit and to fully surrender to is that oftentimes it actually seems that by me not even considering people's feedback, I actually remain the purest and cleanest that I can during such a process. The more I take on other people's views, the more the original intention tends to be obscured or distorted along the way. So during this process over the past decade or so, I have learned to trust myself more and more because every time I mistrust myself and take people's feedback to mean something about myself, I tend to wobble or not be as effective or clear as I can be. But there is this thing in our society, this fear of people who don't take feedback, and I think I've taken that too heart a little too much: that in order to remain a good, pure human being, you have to take everybody's feedback seriously. Especially as a spiritual teacher this has been ingrained in me by the spiritual community from an early age onwards. Sometimes I find I am still shedding layers of insecurity which I can trace back to this sense of mistrust of myself because that's what has been necessary to completely scrutinize myself and make sure I kept being pure in my intentions and actions. But nowadays, this seems less and less useful. And it's a tad scary to fully submit to this realization, for it could potentially mean I lose more of my connection to how people see life. Which can be both a good and a risky thing. It can make one ungrounded.

So it's a tricky balance because one also doesn't want to completely decide that one is always right and other people simply don't get this yet until they reach true emptiness of self. I have to walk a thin line between knowing I can always see more about myself and thus welcoming any reflections of others I can get, and on the other hand trusting myself so fully that my initial impulse/intuition gets distorted as little as possible by other people's thoughts and opinions along the way. It's quite the puzzle sometimes, but the challenge has made me who I am today. It teaches me undying faith in my true Self/God/Source.

I'm grateful for my public life. I cannot imagine being just a single person living in concern of only its own life. That'd be way too simple/boring for my mind. I think I'd go more crazy in that type of an existence than my mirroring public life could ever cause me to become. [knock on wood] 



Trinfinity Corp.'s Rebirthing - Becoming Less Naive

I'm sure some of you have heard rumors regarding Trinfinity Corp going through some changes. Here's what's true about it: I have disbanded Trinfinity Corp as a team and as a company on 12/12/16. This was the day everyone was fired and certain individuals were re-hired that very same day, based on their position making absolute sense to the company. If there was no immediate reason for someone to be re-hired, they weren't. Hand-holding was severed.

I haven't felt called to write about this until I would have more clarity regarding where I wish to take Trinfinity's vision next. That has started happening recently, plus I started hearing some distorted rumors come back to me so I figured it is time to make a public statement about this.

One of people's concerns seems to be that I don't want you guys to know what happened to the team. This is not true, it simply hasn't felt relevant to write about this until now. If you've been following my retreats, you will know that I don't have the feeling of fear that would have me hide something crucial from my fellow humans. I love how I feel when I'm being honest and transparent, especially when it's more transparent than people expect, for it gives them permission to also become more honest in their lives.

So, what happened? 

Trinfinity Corp started with a vision, supported by a group of friends. It's one thing to start a company with a group of friends, but it's another thing entirely to try to keep that same team all the way into 2035. If you want to change the world, you can't work with everybody.

I don't want to make this sound like the team was inadequate, but it was. It simply was not a match to what I wanted it to achieve. It still isn't. And that's ok. This has nothing to do with the innate worthiness and value and friendship I share with each of these beings. It's simply a contextual, logical observation: you can only win the championships with a team of champions who want to win the game more than they want to sit on the couch and talk about the game or about how well or bad they did. 

It's that tricky sense of love, care, and misplaced responsibility combined that had me hold on to this band of brothers and sisters in a less-than-optimal configuration for too long. Misplaced compassion. A change was overdue. I was getting tired. 

Death and Re-birth of Trinfinity Corp

During a team-training session with Anurag Gupta and Richard Condon, we were trying to figure out where to take Trinfinity Corp. next, what the current iteration of the mission is, and how to proceed more clearly as a team and get more results.

What arose instead, was clarity on how I had subtly--almost secretly--over the past two years gradually given up on this team. It was a revelation to myself. I was still sustaining its minimum survival with the finances gained from the events that we do, and I still had love and patience for the people involved because they're awesome to hang out with, but I realized very clearly there and then that this just couldn't go on any longer in the way that it had been. I needed a break from these friends and their stories, needs from me, and other patterns.

I felt jaded and tired of being the person to stand up even once more and try to raise everybody's frequency and understanding of the vision. It had started to feel like an uphill battle to me to motivate people to see the vision for themselves, and plug themselves into it independent from me. But after each successful or semi-successful motivational speech from me in the past, the boost of clarity, communication, inspiration and teamwork would start to disappear again after a few days, and the same old stories and in some cases a sense of entitlement would return to the team. 

After wearing these too many jackets for months/years (being best friends, inspirational leader, boss, provider, reminder, spiritual teacher) I started to give up on the people because pushing them beyond their comfort zones had never been received very well. But not taking leadership also did not produce any of the results I envisioned. So I accepted a mediocre team for a while.

There has been plenty of petty-mindedness and mistrust within the team. Something I can't really stand, yet I was standing it... Because we are friends and ultimately all of our hearts are in the right place. I can still see the potential of this group even today, and hope they will activate this fully within themselves if they so want to, and re-join me in their own brightness and empowerment later on. I miss them! Such potential. That's one reason I hung in there accepting the mediocrity: I believe in their potential.

But on 12/12, we stopped mid-session as soon as we realized that I had secretly given up on the team in its present configuration, and that I had lost all faith that this team would be able to plug into the same vision that had created the company, with the level of self-transcendence required to see the mission executed.

And so I declared that Trinfinity Corp at this timing was no more, that everyone had lost their job effective immediately, and that I needed a break from the whole thing and the people dynamics as well. I simply could no longer sustain me being the source of other people's motivation anymore. Every tenth of an ounce of that dependency-behavior would now weigh on me like a 100 pound backpack. Every bit of it now felt hyper pronounced. So I realized I had to break from this team completely for a while, get back in my own alignment with source and sever my friends' connection to me as their source, so that they can find their own connection to Source more directly; not through me.

So everyone got fired on the spot. This seemed abrupt and perhaps rude to some, or like I abandoned them, but I felt strangely at peace with this decision and it somehow felt in perfect integrity, because the energy dynamics had it coming, so to speak: it made sense. I had already been too patient for a long time. And now my elastic band had snapped. Nobody could attach themselves to it anymore. For some it seemed sudden, for others it made more sense as they had sensed it coming, perhaps.

It was time for people to start taking care of themselves more independently, and not be hand-held by me at any level and feel entitled to something based on purely being a part of this group. It was time for people to earn their involvement.


More and more I'm feeling the importance of being really exclusive in the people that I work with, in order to be able to serve everyone. This whole idea of love needing to be endlessly patient in any context of life or else you're a dick, is a flawed premise (duh). I've always known this but haven't always acted accordingly. If anything, I've been a bit of a pussy, more than I have been a dick. Excuse the language.

I came here to love people unconditionally, and to let people know they are the One Perfect Infinite Creator. So I didn't want people to misunderstand my undying love for who they really are, and the fact that they are the One Infinite Perfect Creator, by giving them reason to think of my actions or words as being excluding of them. I want everyone to know that they are included. Quite the challenging thematic desire to fit into a goal such as an Enlightened Civilization by 2035, where everyone needs to be on their best game.

Weird as it may sound to some of you, many people look to me as a father figure of sorts. As the spiritually realized channel whose love for them represents a high level of truth or authority. As a result, they are also extra sensitive on any type of judgment I seem to throw their way. People almost always feel uncomfortable around me. And one of humanity's main unresolved psychological confusions still is that criticism is taken to be a value-judgment of how worthy or perfect we are. So it's near-impossible to encourage people to improve their game without making them feel judged or excluded by their--in this case--beloved spiritual father.

As you can see, having simple friends is a luxury in my position, and something that can only happen usually after all this parent-child dynamics have been played out sufficiently, and the members of that group realize that I love them unconditionally even when I criticize them.

I've been called a dick plenty of times in my life by close friends and partners that I have loved more than I've loved my own needs, to know that I don't enjoy this sensation of having my love and true intentions for them be misunderstood to mean that I don't love them, or that the One Infinite Creator doesn't welcome them as being already perfect.

And so I was avoiding generating more of this dick-misperception in this whole Trinfinity Corp situation, with my closest brothers and sisters. But the team was simply not fit for duty. Not the kind of duty we were saying we were up for. Not in its present condition at least. Maybe later...

Exclude to Include

In order to build a space ship that can take everybody up into space, you need an exclusive team of only the best engineers. You need exclusivity to be all-inclusive in your results. You can't build something for everyone utilizing everyone. You need to exclude to include.

And so going forward this is what I intend to be much clearer on within myself and the people I collaborate with, from the get-go. The advantage that I have now versus when I started Trinfinity Corp with a group of friends, is that I can more easily allow myself to make decisions based on performance and productivity, rather than friendship and believing in someone's potential.

Going forward, Trinfinity Corp can actually be based on a group of highly skilled, self-motivated people who live and breathe the vision that founded this company AND who are in the proper mental/spiritual condition and have had the training required to make this happen--for the benefit of everybody. No offense to my former team, for they are truly amazing people and their potential is still very present in my Heart's eye. I could never truly turn my back on them. The future will tell how useful or not useful they will become, but this will never mean I don't welcome them as the One Infinite Creator they are. And I am so grateful for all the challenges we went through together, and the love that kept us together throughout.

Going forward

I've been envisioning how to proceed, and it is pretty clear to me that I need to set up several teams of people for different divisions, each having leaders I can count on. This has been a rare creation for me: to create someone in addition to myself that I can actually trust knows the vision and lives it with the same degree of self-transcendence and balance.

Many say they are about the vision, but when it comes down to it, they really aren't. Some menial personal issue or inability to clearly communicate always takes precedence. And that's okay, but I simply cannot tolerate this any more if I truly am what I say I am about: The benefit of everyone.

I've already pinpointed a few individuals who I think would be great candidates going forward. And more will show up I'm sure.

And here's my new policy: There may be exceptions to this rule, but in general for at least some time to come, I will not hire anyone. I will not pay people to execute the vision. I want powerful creators to co-create with me. These people don't generally need money and most importantly aren't doing it for the money nor to be comfortable.

I want to lead with clear directive, but I don't want to hold hands or have people be dependent on me for their financial well-being anymore. It has always put pressure on me and distorted the relationships somewhat. It just has a tendency to get personal or complacent. If you're about the vision, you're about the vision and you will have no problem creating a source of income for yourself to allow you to contribute to this vision.

If you are the right person for this journey and you wish to work together with me, I will find you if you contain the right vibrational qualities. I'll be drawn to you like a magnet. So here's the best way to collaborate with what Trinfinity Corp is to become during and after it's rebirthing phase: Radiate what you are to the fullest of your ability. If your radiance includes all the right qualities, you will find me, or I will find you. The more you worry that this won't happen, the more it won't happen. The more you know it will happen because it's meant to--and if it truly is--the sooner it'll happen.


There are money rumors. Like I'm blowing all the donation money. Let's be clear here: For years I have invested my personally generated income into the projects, the friends that started working together with me, the trips, accommodation, needs, etc. I'm literally the most generous and fearless person I know financially. I've poured hundreds of thousands of dollars that I could have saved for personal consumerism into ideas that had no promise of working out, and people that had no promise of working out. I've helped out many along the way. There would be too many inspiring stories to tell you, but they're there every day. 

I have to chuckle when people who believe 50k is an endless amount of money ask me what happened with the 50k that was donated to the crowdfunding. That took care of exactly less than 2 months of minimum payroll, not including myself. As you know, I made Trinfinity Academy free because I believed in the generosity of this community and their willingness to make a real change.

Part of my past jadedness has been the apparent lack of action taken by this community of people who study my work and whose future I'm trying to be of service to. They also say they want to change the world, but when it comes down to their vibrational or financial vote, many are nowhere to be found. I have had higher expectations from this community than they've been able to meet. That's adjusted now. But here are some numbers for your information:

In a community of 16,000 people (and a larger 'fanbase' of around 300,000) it would only take $100 out of everyone's pocket to manifest 1.6-30 million dollars. We've raised $50,000. That equates to about $3 per member of our FB community group, or $0.18 per person who likes my facebook page. That's what a New Earth is worth to this community of advanced beings on average: between 18 cents and 3.2 dollars.

Meanwhile, I literally put tens of thousands of dollars in per month, out of money I make having become who I have become, dedicated to being a teaching-machine, having as many tools for you as possible all laid out there, giving the retreats that I give, etc. I have not taken any money from the crowdfunding for my personal use, in fact, I have been pouring money from my events into Trinfinity Corp and everything related to continuing this movement with little financial support from other sources (so far). 

Just as I'm tired of taking on the source of inspiration for this movement within my own team, I'm also tired of doing so on behalf of the wider community. If people don't want the change for themselves, why would I infringe upon that by doing it for them? These are the thoughts that I've had and I think they are fair reflections to offer back, to hopefully again inspire you to take ownership of this New Earth. Walk your talk. Join us in more than just thoughts.

It's okay to know we cannot count on everyone...

So again this makes it clear to me that I cannot count on the average joe to make a movement change the world: you have to work with the select few who get it. You may get a lot of praisers, but those are simply not indicative of the number of people that actually have your back and who are ready to co-create this thing with you no matter what it takes.

This is my self-created belief to some extent and I'm trying to be as open as I can to it being proved wrong, but I find it is still very rare to find someone who has become self-transcendent in their generosity, willingness, faith and commitment to the greater vision. And looking at everything that was required for me to be challenged and every moment of commitment I required to create over and over again in my own life to get to the level of clarity and emptiness of self e that I am today, I am not surprised that it is still a rare find. It takes a lot of pressure to become a diamond. Not only random pressure either; a very specific, well-guided and well-listened to utilized pressure/catalyst. It requires a rare combination of qualities, along with time and specific types of experiences, to make one ready to truly be of service and lose all self(-image) attachment.

Raising Money, and Working with People

So that's what I'll do more going forward: I'll focus on working with the best, and with the most generous. I'm tired of 'raising awareness of getting the community to donate money.' It feels bad, because it doesn't flow enough. If it actually flowed much better than it did, and I would see real action come out of our community, it could be a greatly inspiring thing to raise inspiration like that every couple of months. But with a community who say they want change but refuse to truly participate at large, it feels like begging. And I'm not going to beg for people's New Earth if they don't desperately want that Earth.

This all being said, a big thanks to those who did donate is definitely in order. Those who did show up and put in their money and their vibrational vote; I thank you for caring about your own and others' future in this way. I will continue creating this vision on your behalf, along with you, for your children's sake, and their children's children's sake.

Many thanks also to those who are persistent mouthpieces on our behalf: those who are willing to roll up their sleeves and inspire the rest of the community to contribute, so that I don't always have to be the one to remind people who they need to become to shift into a parallel Earth for their own future's sake. A few minds come to mind especially. Thanks for being ambassadors and believing in what we are and what we'll accomplish.

So again, going forward, I now am much more aware of the fact that I cannot yet count on this community. It's simply not ready yet. I love you just as much as when I was more naive, and I still see you as perfect. But from a contextual, work-based and/or generosity-based point of view, our community is still too self-absorbed and entrenched in lack-beliefs. As advanced as it is--it may even be one of the most advanced spiritual communities on the planet at this time at least of all the ones I have visited--it still isn't up to the level it needs to be at to carry it's own collective desired vision into execution. You still need shepherds. You still need leaders. I will find them for you.

Condemn these words as coming from a place of victimhood if you so desire, but I ask you to consider if this reflection is not in any way just and helpful? Look around you, look within you... at the end of the day, how much have you sacrificed to tangibly contribute and make a difference in this community and along with Trinfinity Corp? Cheering us on from distance is great, but it's not the same as making a difference and putting skin in the game.

And actually, I don't care if you never put any real skin in the game: I will continue to love you more than you probably love yourself at this timing, and I am not actually jaded. I just sound like it. I'm still voting for you. This is all part of me trying to motivate you again to take on ownership for your precious New Earth. If I was truly jaded, I would not have written this. I care about you. Always will. It's why I came here.

Special Training Program - Training Creators

So, instead of naively counting on the passion of this community to turn into real numbers and real action by mere calls-to-action, I am looking to create a special training program that will cost you money to participate in. It'll prove your willingness, and readiness, and it may fund some of our projects.

There may be a hundred or so people who already tend to come to 70% of all the retreats I host. Might as well offer them a package deal where all regular retreats are included plus they get exclusive access to a smaller community of like-minded, truly committed individuals, and get intermittent special training and access to myself, Anurag, other facilitators, and the core team.

In this way we can start to work together with those who truly are willing to put and lose some skin in the game. Exclusivity for the sake of inclusivity. We can start to bond over retreats and share in a group that's much more private. This will give us a pool of people to over time pick a handful of powerful co-creators from as well. 

I AM excited to make things happen whether or not the majority is willing to participate. So I will work together with those I can count on. Those who are intrinsically motivated and don't make this about them. Shepherds. True servants. Powerhouses. Non-egoes. Now I feel my perspective is less naive, less romantic, more realistic. And I have had to adjust as a result, but I think I am adjusted now and focused on appointing and working together with those who can make some real changes.

Don't get me wrong, a lot of beautiful stuff has evolved through this community, but I am focusing on what isn't up to par yet, so that we may improve our game and relieve suffering for millions and millions more. We owe that to them. We have to be critical of ourselves, without losing the love for ourselves. Those who are ready to serve, will consequently also embrace this type of scrutiny and reflection and desire it.

I may not be very active online for the remainder of February, as there is a 80% probability that I'll be in a Darkness retreat myself, and who knows how I'll get out of that, but as of now, I feel excited to start some new teams. Who knows, you might be on one.

Much love, and with truly great lightness and joy in my heart :-)

How Knowing that you're Always Full of Shit can Set you Free Beyond your Wildest Dreams

"Are you full of shit?" The answer is: Yes. Absolutely. More than you'll ever know...

Let me just start by saying that if this article pisses you off, you are really full of shit and this is exactly what you need.

A brief intro: A remarkable man by the name of Anurag Gupta shared one of his principles with me: "you don't know anything and you're always full of shit." That's the premise from which he authentically operates and coaches multi-million dollar businesses. I have rarely met a man that has embodied the sheer incorruptible freedom of the here and now as much as he seems to have. I was unexpectedly impressed by his standards for himself.

This gave me the inspiration to write an article using this pointer exclusively. Bear with me, as I will repeat myself frequently in this article from slightly different points of view, because I really want you to get this. It can change your life for ever:

Are you taking yourself seriously? Like, at all? Stop it.

Whenever we take ourselves seriously, that's a clear sign that we have forgotten to be present to our innate freedom. We have lost sight of the freshness and meaninglessness of the here and now. Can you sense any kind of tightness in your belief system at the moment? Are you serious in any way? If so, realize that you're full of shit. You are assuming things to be true that are completely made up. 

As soon as we remember that we are full of shit for believing our assessments point toward anything real 'out there', we are free... unless we don't want to admit being full of shit because we'd rather be right. If we'd rather be right and weak than free and powerful, it means we have decided to believe in something entirely untrue to the point where we take ourselves seriously again.

I dare you to accept that everything you've ever said, done, thought, and concluded was you being full of shit. Everything you will ever do, say, think or believe is also completely made up. Acknowledge this. Admit it. Own it. Be free.

Everything is made up of optional agreements only

It's extremely liberating to realize nothing ever decided upon is ever true. I often say at my retreats to practice never arriving at any conclusions about anything, for it robs you of your power to create and see (and love) things as they are.

Everything is optional. The world as we know it is just a bunch of agreements, decisions, choices, assessments and points of view. None of them are true. Everyone is full of shit. Clearly, for all our opinions and 'hard truths' are all allowed to co-exist. Hard truths cannot logically co-exist.

If something is absolutely true, there is no room in that something for a contradicting truth. This principle alone proves that nobody has the power to assess something truthfully. Every idea is dreamlike and optional. We're all creating our own reality by deciding what is true for us deliberately, or unconsciously. Realizing this gives us back our sense of Soul and when done consistently and with dedication, releases all tethers and anchors to an illusory externalized reality toward which we could only ever feel like a victim.

Opinions, conclusions or even simple, seemingly innocent every day assessments such as "this cookie seems stale" or "I'm running out of toothpaste" are completely made up and based in absolutely nothing but the assessment itself believing in itself (thoughts taking themselves serious enough to become beliefs or held assessments). More relevant--but not more true--examples when it comes to personal growth are assessments such as: "this person doesn't like me very much"  or "I'm late for my appointment again."

I'm not saying to not make an effort to be on time and honor your integrity using common sense, but at the same time you can always see in the moment that any assessment is just an optional assessment that has no ground other than its own chosen point of view. 

Any assessment made unnoticed ALWAYS obscures the purity of the Here and Now with a layer of assumption that limits us from using our connection to Source and its Law of Attraction efficiently and organically to create miracles every day.

A definition of being delusional: agreeing with our own thinking that something is true about something, and then forgetting that it was our own idea.

Acting from the moment itself, rather than reacting from our thoughts about it

If we're honest with ourselves, we can start to see clearly that none of our assessments or points of views are ever proven by the present moment itself. It's our own arrogance that turns a simple observation into a solid and imprisoning conclusion.

Every time we don't notice that we're making an assessment, we take a dump unto reality as it is and sink in our own shit. Being free takes constant dedication and vigilance. Something we will only deliver on if we truly see the benefit of living in this raw, unfiltered, free and uncompromising state of being all the time. Only once we value this more than a mediocre, suffering-filled, righteous life, will we put in the commitment and genuine effort required to utilize the freedom of the here and now effectively.

So again, we're always full of shit and there's no end to how full of shit we are. The rabbit hole of being full of shit never ends, so stop seeking for the end of it. Instead, make an effort to always actively see that right now, nothing you are thinking is true. Suddenly, you'll find yourself powerfully grounded in reality (freedom) itself. Always Now. Fresh. Unafraid. Powerful.

If anything you thought were to actually be absolutely true, all of reality would stop existing. Everything in all of creation would take the shape of that assessment. After all, if something is true, it must be true always. If it's not true always, it's not true ever; it's optional. When we believe in something optional as being true, we are lost in a projected world of illusion; caught in our own web of constricting assumptions.

When we forget our assessment is untrue, we bind ourselves to its proposed reality

The moment we forget that our assessments are just assessments with no actual basis in reality (ever!), the assessment crystallizes itself in the form of a subconscious belief.

You can picture this like a definition about something taking on the shape of a stake that's put in the ground right there and then, to which you are now tethered as if by an energetic elastic band limiting your freedom of movement. Now that you have forgotten that you are the creator of your own definitions, you have delegated your beliefs to run your life for you. You have become a little bit more automatic, stuck, and effectively given away your free will. You're always limited by the definitions you have but no longer see as simply being definitions.

You will now have to navigate around this believed-in assessment in order to find alternate ways to feel good within the prison of your own web of assessments-posing-as-reality. That is, until you are suddenly willing to remember and accept that you are nothing but full of shit and that holding on to your excuses, avoidance and assessments as 'right' or 'true' or 'smart' or 'reflective of the way reality actually works' is simply no longer worth the heaviness that destroys your joy and efficiency in life.

Again, when we forget that an assessment is just an unreal, optional assessment, in our minds we have turned this definition into something that we will subconsciously relate to as 'real.' Now we're victims of our own creation because whatever we think of as 'real' or 'this is the way it is' becomes immovable. As long as we keep regenerating the state of awareness of our freedom and our full-of-shit-ness, we keep our freedom to create instead of react. 

Just remember: if you choose to replace existing definitions with preferred ones, make sure you remember the new stories are also completely unreal; they're just the ones you prefer to use in that moment or context. But don't make the mistake again of believing they are any more true than your previously chosen sack of lies. This is all totally okay to realize; in fact it can be experienced as extremely funny, empowering and ever humbling.

An example: 

>> A man sees a woman approach from 50 feet away.
>> Man thinks that this woman is beautiful and out of his league (this is his assessment) but forgets that he has the power to assess as he sees fit. He forgets to bring acute awareness to the fact that this thought is just one of infinite optional and equally untrue definitions of the essentially neutral and meaning-free present moment.
>> There is nothing in the present moment that proves that this woman is beautiful and out of his league. It's a completely made up story; an agreement he just made with himself believing it was 'true'. 
>> Since the man is not acutely aware of the fact that his assessment was optional, he has now become full of shit and greatly limited his ability to source his own experience freely. He has given up a big chunk of his free will and delegated the control of his experience to a believed-in assessment.
>> The only path back to his innate state of freedom and creative power would be for him to realize that his assessment was not true; it was completely optional. (Upon realizing we're full of shit, we're significantly less full of shit, at least for that pristine moment that we generate an acute and present moment awareness of this.)
>> The woman now gets closer to the man and because the man has lost sight of the here and now and assumed that his assessment of her was true, he will now think and feel according to his previously unconsciously crystallized assessment (now a belief).
>> He feels shy and disempowered as she walks by. Nothing in the actual experience caused this; it was only his full of shit conviction that triggered this response.
>> The man has literally stopped interacting consciously with the present moment as it is--based on pure resonance and intuition--because man assumed his assessment was true.
>> The man feels a true resonance to talk to the woman, but as she walks by him, the man is still not grounded in the purity and raw freedom and power of the here and now, and instead inevitably reacts to his belief that she is actually beautiful and out of his league, consequently missing out on a moment of joyfully creating his reality and following his heart confidently.

Can you handle the intensity required to realize your freedom? Do you want it more than anything?

If you want to be free more than anything, you will have to commit to repeatedly see that you're full of shit because nothing you think ever has any ground to stand on. Repeat these moments of total freedom, and you will quickly return to the state of innocence, power, creativity, flow, passion, joy, (re)source(fulness), bliss and 'truth.' Not 'the truth', just true being. From thinking to being. From excuses to honesty. From assuming illusions to the actual here and now; the only seat of your infinite connection to Source.

The consistent experience of freedom requires us to laugh about how serious we take ourselves every single moment we're not paying attention. Whenever you feel a heaviness creep in, just remember that whatever assumptions this feeling must be based on (because your natural state always feels light and free when unobscured) are by definition full of shit: instantly stop believing in every assessment you're energetically holding within yourself. Practice instant letting go upon noticing tension, remembering that if you feel tension you MUST be full of shit in your assessments of life. Otherwise you'd feel GREAT.

Ahhh... the relief of innocence returning into the body and the mind of the creator that you are. Soooo good. Raw, true, rich, free, real. Finally, the bullshit ends with your decision to accept that you don't know anything.

In summary: Nothing you're thinking right now can be true. Nothing you've ever thought has been true. Nothing anyone else is thinking or has ever thought is/has been true. Everybody is full of shit and that is amazingly good news! It means the clean canvas of the present moment can never be distorted or affected by our assessments. Thank god we are making all this shit up and that none of it is actually real.

If you get this and accept it joyfully over and over again, you will find a freedom that cannot be taken by any loss, anyone or any authority. You become unrobbable of your joy, clarity, integrity and creative power. When you're connected to Source, you can create anything.

Enjoy your birth right. Total freedom. Do the work, and you will see real results. Many thanks to Anurag for inspiring this article and myself.

The Corrupt System - Great Suffering requires Great Compassion

Great Suffering requires Great Compassion

In recent months I have been exposed to information from several insiders regarding organized crimes initiated and maintained from the highest levels of authority (beyond 'the government'), and have been privy to the corruption of this world's incompetent, selfish, and abusive leadership, and the atrocities they commit on a daily basis, often leading back hundreds, sometimes thousands of years--but reaching an all time high in the past several decades.

To mention a few things: organized kidnappings by our own leaders, child pornography and child (and adult) murders for money, slave-trade both on-world and off-world, ritualistic torture and sexual abuse/trafficking, sophisticated techniques to control the minds of this collective at large and keep us small and believing we're powerless; including you and your life whether you know this yet or not, among many other crimes too disgusting to mention against demographics that have no physical or intellectual means to defend themselves properly. And there is no body of government out there able to stand up for the rights of these demographics, or unlucky participants. The system is broken. This must come as no news to you, and yet... The corruption runs way deeper than most any of us can wrap our minds around. 

Practically everything we see out there is a front, a game intended for us to be seen. As human minds, we are living in a matrix of control and delusion. That's why it is becoming increasingly more important for the many to WAKE UP and enlighten themselves not only on the truth of what's going on, but more importantly: we need to educate the people on the nature of Consciousness, the truth of our being, and the innate beauty and abundance of our Soul.


My Challenge

Something I'm ever challenged with in my 'position' as a teacher/leader in my own way, is to be aware of the mess and the horrors, yet to not be consumed by them vibrationally for longer than is necessary for me to 'get it' (the negative side's motives, and the victim's side experience) and understand and feel compassion for all parties involved. 

If I am to do my part as a leader of a New Earth by 2035 well, I cannot allow myself to dwell on the wrongdoings and seeming unfairness of those whose currently failing regime still to this day organizes and abuses the many.

When I learn new facts of what has been secretly happening behind the scenes of what is supposed to be our governing body--our parental system looking out for the greater good--I take a little bit of time to engage in that information so fully and without fear or hesitation, so that it can rip my little world apart for a moment and show me the reality of what many people have been or still are experiencing. And I feel it as my duty to shed light where I can. To bring forth equality where possible. 

Being exposed to the nature of our controlling bodies and agencies posing as our saviors and safe-keepers while raping our civilization in secret, fills me with many perspectives, ranging from brief and momentary outrage and disbelief, to compassion, tears and profound love and gratitude/respect for all victims, and ultimately to compassion and love for the perpetrators at a deeper level of their being as well. But most of all it fills me with inspiration to find out how I can continue to contribute to transform this collective into the world that truly every living being deserves it to be: Happy, friendly, loving, abundant, free. 

I have many sub-themes (blueprints) operating within my overall theme/blueprint for this life, all of which are of a certain significance and influence concerning many other-selves, making it sometimes puzzling and challenging to find the right balance of perspectives to multi-dimensionally be able to be of most balanced service to all those who I influence directly or indirectly with my being here. 

Each time I learn of new layers of this global corruption, I am left feeling more compassion for All That Is, less ability to position myself firmly in one perspective of 'for or against', and gradually develop an ever bigger, more complete picture of The One's Infinite Creation by no longer holding on to bias. After all, what do I know? I have to accept the will of All That Is. All has to be included in my view as equally valid if I wish to be transcendent and powerful in my service to others.


What We Can Do as Shepherds of a New Earth

When we hear of these atrocities, we cannot linger for too long in the negative vibration of those polarities, if we wish to be of effective service. We must maintain hope and faith and inspiration to do right by those who actively wish to co-create a fairer, more balanced planet Earth. We have to acknowledge and feel the pain that is out there, understand it, not run from it yet not indulge in its misery, extract our desire and true intention from it as light-bringers, and re-submit our votes for wanting to stay in the game of this life, and be of service for as long and as fully as we can. 

If we wish to be effective shepherds to this world full of beings, we have to utilize the pain and suffering of this world--which yes, is still enormous and wide-spread on one level--and find it in our hearts to access that Great Compassion which encompasses not only 'the good' but sees the synergy between good and evil, and the constant agreement that exists between the two polarities.

As much as the human nature in us--and the limited scope of what our minds can perceive and reason with--would love to choose sides and polarize 'against' the perpetrators, we cannot allow ourselves to fall prey to this polarization; for it divides us and puts us out of touch with our innate power. 'Choosing sides' too much greatly diminishes our ability to serve the light coming forth into this sphere at this time. We have to do better than just be protestors. We have to become both sides and transcend them, so that we can truly bring forth an equality that carries with it unconditional love for all.

Hence my hesitation with starting channels of disclosure on our upcoming Trinfinity TV platform, of the many forms of secrecy, because I know that it is human nature to fall into pain and misery upon seeing pain and misery and what looks like victimization. 

I am privy to some of these details--as you can all be if you so desire--but it is my job to focus on the positive aspect of this time for this transformational species: humanity. We need to forgive both the victims and the perpetrators, and ourselves for not knowing. We have to let love shine brighter than the polarities of this world. We have to be beyond good and evil if we wish to serve the balanced good.

Great suffering, or awareness of others' great suffering, in a compassionate being either conjures up great anger if that being feels disempowered to inspire change, or great compassion if that being knows their innate connection to the Creator and All That Is.

Let it be great compassion that we choose, even if briefly preluded by an initial burst of outrage and anger. Let others' and your own suffering and victimization beliefs break you open into disbelief, only to have faith in humanity once again after you process these emotions with love for self and other-self. Come back to having faith in Humanity's immediate future. Have faith against all odds, over and over again. Believe in a New Earth by--or before--2035.

The less you take a stance, the more powerful you can be of service in a balanced way.


You are Loved and Supported by the Infinite

I love you my friends, and my heart goes out to all the suffering available in this universe, and in particular on this planet. It is good to remember that although this planet seems to beg of us to recognize the suffering that abounds--suffering is ultimately a temporary illusion as much as this physical life is a temporary illusion we engage in for the sake of soul-learning.

Or as one service-to-self oriented entity once said to a service-to-others audience: "Please remember, that although we play out this earthly game on seemingly opposite sides, in between lives, we are best friends."

Without the dark, who would we be? 

That being said, it's time for a fucking change on this planet. Enough is enough; and the time is come. We are ready for transparency and the collapse of all the old structures until the new ones arise organically out of the rubble. And, we are not alone in this universe. We will receive advanced and skillful help once we have made the change internally as a species ourselves. Once we are Awake and Dedicated to a truer collective experience.

I encourage you all to be the most radiant, fearless, bold expressions of your self and your talents you know how to be, and to always feel supported by the forces of light within you and around you. You are one with the One Infinite Creator. Trust in that, and in this community of people with similar care and vision.

My love goes out to all beings. True Divine Love is non-local and omnidirectional. Thank you, dark side, for showing us what we are capable of becoming. We love you, as we love ourselves, as we love our shared Infinite Creator.


Bentinho Massaro
#NewEarth2035 #Trinfinity

PS - To learn more about our projects to ensure an Enlightened Civilization by 2035, check out Trinfinity.us


Trinfinity Corp Introduces Tierfunding

Ok guys, time for everyone to participate and make a difference! Please read the new blog post here: Tierfunding - A New Model for a New Planet and choose to join a Facebook Funding Team (explained in the blog post).


Time for a New Planet - Trinfinity Corp introduces Tierfunding

For those who have missed the news, Trinfinity Corp, whose ambitious but necessary vision of 'An Enlightened Civilization by 2035, ready for Interstellar Absorption,' just launched its crowdfunding and projects website last month--at the same time as it gave away its main source of income by releasing its Online School for Enlightenment and Empowerment (Trinfinity Academy) to the public free of charge. (Check it out!)

This time on our planet is our chance as a species to evolve rapidly and successfully in the next two decades. 2012-2035 is going to go down in history as the most crucial and impactful transitional period in human history. By 2035 everything will have changed. Everything.

Although the crowdfunding website has been doing very well with practically zero promotional efforts on our part (because people are excited about the New Earth); we are about to step it up with a new, creative, grassroots form of crowdfunding we would like to coin tierfunding.

'Unity in the community' and 'co-creative empowerment' is where the magic is generated these days, especially in a heart-based field like ours. Together we aim to increase the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual well-being of planet Earth at large, and replace the outdated, corrupt and non-transparent existing systems with transparent and empowerment-for-all based 'New Earth' systems.

In short, we at Trinfinity Corp are working toward creating a thriving and completely happy planet Earth by 2035---and building a larger community of empowered, happy people is crucial in co-creating this vision. So join us!


We as privileged human beings, especially those in a comparatively high state of self-realization, are the shepherds of this planet and all of its inhabitants. If we are not inspiring the world to better itself from the inside-out, no creature will. So far we've not done a great job. But it's ok.

Things are changing rapidly. The age of spiritual ignorance, mass complacency and self-victimization, corporate greed, segregation, meta-governmental deception and the abuse of our planetary sphere has come to an end---the age where thousands, soon millions, of empowered human beings realize their independent strength to create their own reality, make their own choices freely, and inspire worlds of people into greater benefit, has now truly begun.

Join me, fellow shepherds, in tipping the scale, as there is no waiting for someone else to set this planet free from its delusions. You/we are the ones we're waiting for. It is you and your courageous, self-transcending devotion to a greater unifying vision that we so desperately need. You are crucial to this planet's harmonious evolution. Please realize this power and address your life accordingly. Make it about more than just yourself.

I will do everything within my power to inspire millions during my lifetime, but I need and want your help to complete this collective shift sooner, rather than too late.


Participate by joining a funding team that is at--or slightly above--your comfort level! Learn more here about how synergistic Tierfunding works and how you can participate by joining one of our teams!