How Knowing that you're Always Full of Shit can Set you Free Beyond your Wildest Dreams

"Are you full of shit?" The answer is: Yes. Absolutely. More than you'll ever know...

Let me just start by saying that if this article pisses you off, you are really full of shit and this is exactly what you need.

A brief intro: A remarkable man by the name of Anurag Gupta shared one of his principles with me: "you don't know anything and you're always full of shit." That's the premise from which he authentically operates and coaches multi-million dollar businesses. I have rarely met a man that has embodied the sheer incorruptible freedom of the here and now as much as he seems to have. I was unexpectedly impressed by his standards for himself.

This gave me the inspiration to write an article using this pointer exclusively. Bear with me, as I will repeat myself frequently in this article from slightly different points of view, because I really want you to get this. It can change your life for ever:

Are you taking yourself seriously? Like, at all? Stop it.

Whenever we take ourselves seriously, that's a clear sign that we have forgotten to be present to our innate freedom. We have lost sight of the freshness and meaninglessness of the here and now. Can you sense any kind of tightness in your belief system at the moment? Are you serious in any way? If so, realize that you're full of shit. You are assuming things to be true that are completely made up. 

As soon as we remember that we are full of shit for believing our assessments point toward anything real 'out there', we are free... unless we don't want to admit being full of shit because we'd rather be right. If we'd rather be right and weak than free and powerful, it means we have decided to believe in something entirely untrue to the point where we take ourselves seriously again.

I dare you to accept that everything you've ever said, done, thought, and concluded was you being full of shit. Everything you will ever do, say, think or believe is also completely made up. Acknowledge this. Admit it. Own it. Be free.

Everything is made up of optional agreements only

It's extremely liberating to realize nothing ever decided upon is ever true. I often say at my retreats to practice never arriving at any conclusions about anything, for it robs you of your power to create and see (and love) things as they are.

Everything is optional. The world as we know it is just a bunch of agreements, decisions, choices, assessments and points of view. None of them are true. Everyone is full of shit. Clearly, for all our opinions and 'hard truths' are all allowed to co-exist. Hard truths cannot logically co-exist.

If something is absolutely true, there is no room in that something for a contradicting truth. This principle alone proves that nobody has the power to assess something truthfully. Every idea is dreamlike and optional. We're all creating our own reality by deciding what is true for us deliberately, or unconsciously. Realizing this gives us back our sense of Soul and when done consistently and with dedication, releases all tethers and anchors to an illusory externalized reality toward which we could only ever feel like a victim.

Opinions, conclusions or even simple, seemingly innocent every day assessments such as "this cookie seems stale" or "I'm running out of toothpaste" are completely made up and based in absolutely nothing but the assessment itself believing in itself (thoughts taking themselves serious enough to become beliefs or held assessments). More relevant--but not more true--examples when it comes to personal growth are assessments such as: "this person doesn't like me very much"  or "I'm late for my appointment again."

I'm not saying to not make an effort to be on time and honor your integrity using common sense, but at the same time you can always see in the moment that any assessment is just an optional assessment that has no ground other than its own chosen point of view. 

Any assessment made unnoticed ALWAYS obscures the purity of the Here and Now with a layer of assumption that limits us from using our connection to Source and its Law of Attraction efficiently and organically to create miracles every day.

A definition of being delusional: agreeing with our own thinking that something is true about something, and then forgetting that it was our own idea.

Acting from the moment itself, rather than reacting from our thoughts about it

If we're honest with ourselves, we can start to see clearly that none of our assessments or points of views are ever proven by the present moment itself. It's our own arrogance that turns a simple observation into a solid and imprisoning conclusion.

Every time we don't notice that we're making an assessment, we take a dump unto reality as it is and sink in our own shit. Being free takes constant dedication and vigilance. Something we will only deliver on if we truly see the benefit of living in this raw, unfiltered, free and uncompromising state of being all the time. Only once we value this more than a mediocre, suffering-filled, righteous life, will we put in the commitment and genuine effort required to utilize the freedom of the here and now effectively.

So again, we're always full of shit and there's no end to how full of shit we are. The rabbit hole of being full of shit never ends, so stop seeking for the end of it. Instead, make an effort to always actively see that right now, nothing you are thinking is true. Suddenly, you'll find yourself powerfully grounded in reality (freedom) itself. Always Now. Fresh. Unafraid. Powerful.

If anything you thought were to actually be absolutely true, all of reality would stop existing. Everything in all of creation would take the shape of that assessment. After all, if something is true, it must be true always. If it's not true always, it's not true ever; it's optional. When we believe in something optional as being true, we are lost in a projected world of illusion; caught in our own web of constricting assumptions.

When we forget our assessment is untrue, we bind ourselves to its proposed reality

The moment we forget that our assessments are just assessments with no actual basis in reality (ever!), the assessment crystallizes itself in the form of a subconscious belief.

You can picture this like a definition about something taking on the shape of a stake that's put in the ground right there and then, to which you are now tethered as if by an energetic elastic band limiting your freedom of movement. Now that you have forgotten that you are the creator of your own definitions, you have delegated your beliefs to run your life for you. You have become a little bit more automatic, stuck, and effectively given away your free will. You're always limited by the definitions you have but no longer see as simply being definitions.

You will now have to navigate around this believed-in assessment in order to find alternate ways to feel good within the prison of your own web of assessments-posing-as-reality. That is, until you are suddenly willing to remember and accept that you are nothing but full of shit and that holding on to your excuses, avoidance and assessments as 'right' or 'true' or 'smart' or 'reflective of the way reality actually works' is simply no longer worth the heaviness that destroys your joy and efficiency in life.

Again, when we forget that an assessment is just an unreal, optional assessment, in our minds we have turned this definition into something that we will subconsciously relate to as 'real.' Now we're victims of our own creation because whatever we think of as 'real' or 'this is the way it is' becomes immovable. As long as we keep regenerating the state of awareness of our freedom and our full-of-shit-ness, we keep our freedom to create instead of react. 

Just remember: if you choose to replace existing definitions with preferred ones, make sure you remember the new stories are also completely unreal; they're just the ones you prefer to use in that moment or context. But don't make the mistake again of believing they are any more true than your previously chosen sack of lies. This is all totally okay to realize; in fact it can be experienced as extremely funny, empowering and ever humbling.

An example: 

>> A man sees a woman approach from 50 feet away.
>> Man thinks that this woman is beautiful and out of his league (this is his assessment) but forgets that he has the power to assess as he sees fit. He forgets to bring acute awareness to the fact that this thought is just one of infinite optional and equally untrue definitions of the essentially neutral and meaning-free present moment.
>> There is nothing in the present moment that proves that this woman is beautiful and out of his league. It's a completely made up story; an agreement he just made with himself believing it was 'true'. 
>> Since the man is not acutely aware of the fact that his assessment was optional, he has now become full of shit and greatly limited his ability to source his own experience freely. He has given up a big chunk of his free will and delegated the control of his experience to a believed-in assessment.
>> The only path back to his innate state of freedom and creative power would be for him to realize that his assessment was not true; it was completely optional. (Upon realizing we're full of shit, we're significantly less full of shit, at least for that pristine moment that we generate an acute and present moment awareness of this.)
>> The woman now gets closer to the man and because the man has lost sight of the here and now and assumed that his assessment of her was true, he will now think and feel according to his previously unconsciously crystallized assessment (now a belief).
>> He feels shy and disempowered as she walks by. Nothing in the actual experience caused this; it was only his full of shit conviction that triggered this response.
>> The man has literally stopped interacting consciously with the present moment as it is--based on pure resonance and intuition--because man assumed his assessment was true.
>> The man feels a true resonance to talk to the woman, but as she walks by him, the man is still not grounded in the purity and raw freedom and power of the here and now, and instead inevitably reacts to his belief that she is actually beautiful and out of his league, consequently missing out on a moment of joyfully creating his reality and following his heart confidently.

Can you handle the intensity required to realize your freedom? Do you want it more than anything?

If you want to be free more than anything, you will have to commit to repeatedly see that you're full of shit because nothing you think ever has any ground to stand on. Repeat these moments of total freedom, and you will quickly return to the state of innocence, power, creativity, flow, passion, joy, (re)source(fulness), bliss and 'truth.' Not 'the truth', just true being. From thinking to being. From excuses to honesty. From assuming illusions to the actual here and now; the only seat of your infinite connection to Source.

The consistent experience of freedom requires us to laugh about how serious we take ourselves every single moment we're not paying attention. Whenever you feel a heaviness creep in, just remember that whatever assumptions this feeling must be based on (because your natural state always feels light and free when unobscured) are by definition full of shit: instantly stop believing in every assessment you're energetically holding within yourself. Practice instant letting go upon noticing tension, remembering that if you feel tension you MUST be full of shit in your assessments of life. Otherwise you'd feel GREAT.

Ahhh... the relief of innocence returning into the body and the mind of the creator that you are. Soooo good. Raw, true, rich, free, real. Finally, the bullshit ends with your decision to accept that you don't know anything.

In summary: Nothing you're thinking right now can be true. Nothing you've ever thought has been true. Nothing anyone else is thinking or has ever thought is/has been true. Everybody is full of shit and that is amazingly good news! It means the clean canvas of the present moment can never be distorted or affected by our assessments. Thank god we are making all this shit up and that none of it is actually real.

If you get this and accept it joyfully over and over again, you will find a freedom that cannot be taken by any loss, anyone or any authority. You become unrobbable of your joy, clarity, integrity and creative power. When you're connected to Source, you can create anything.

Enjoy your birth right. Total freedom. Do the work, and you will see real results. Many thanks to Anurag for inspiring this article and myself.

The Corrupt System - Great Suffering requires Great Compassion

Great Suffering requires Great Compassion

In recent months I have been exposed to information from several insiders regarding organized crimes initiated and maintained from the highest levels of authority (beyond 'the government'), and have been privy to the corruption of this world's incompetent, selfish, and abusive leadership, and the atrocities they commit on a daily basis, often leading back hundreds, sometimes thousands of years--but reaching an all time high in the past several decades.

To mention a few things: organized kidnappings by our own leaders, child pornography and child (and adult) murders for money, slave-trade both on-world and off-world, ritualistic torture and sexual abuse/trafficking, sophisticated techniques to control the minds of this collective at large and keep us small and believing we're powerless; including you and your life whether you know this yet or not, among many other crimes too disgusting to mention against demographics that have no physical or intellectual means to defend themselves properly. And there is no body of government out there able to stand up for the rights of these demographics, or unlucky participants. The system is broken. This must come as no news to you, and yet... The corruption runs way deeper than most any of us can wrap our minds around. 

Practically everything we see out there is a front, a game intended for us to be seen. As human minds, we are living in a matrix of control and delusion. That's why it is becoming increasingly more important for the many to WAKE UP and enlighten themselves not only on the truth of what's going on, but more importantly: we need to educate the people on the nature of Consciousness, the truth of our being, and the innate beauty and abundance of our Soul.


My Challenge

Something I'm ever challenged with in my 'position' as a teacher/leader in my own way, is to be aware of the mess and the horrors, yet to not be consumed by them vibrationally for longer than is necessary for me to 'get it' (the negative side's motives, and the victim's side experience) and understand and feel compassion for all parties involved. 

If I am to do my part as a leader of a New Earth by 2035 well, I cannot allow myself to dwell on the wrongdoings and seeming unfairness of those whose currently failing regime still to this day organizes and abuses the many.

When I learn new facts of what has been secretly happening behind the scenes of what is supposed to be our governing body--our parental system looking out for the greater good--I take a little bit of time to engage in that information so fully and without fear or hesitation, so that it can rip my little world apart for a moment and show me the reality of what many people have been or still are experiencing. And I feel it as my duty to shed light where I can. To bring forth equality where possible. 

Being exposed to the nature of our controlling bodies and agencies posing as our saviors and safe-keepers while raping our civilization in secret, fills me with many perspectives, ranging from brief and momentary outrage and disbelief, to compassion, tears and profound love and gratitude/respect for all victims, and ultimately to compassion and love for the perpetrators at a deeper level of their being as well. But most of all it fills me with inspiration to find out how I can continue to contribute to transform this collective into the world that truly every living being deserves it to be: Happy, friendly, loving, abundant, free. 

I have many sub-themes (blueprints) operating within my overall theme/blueprint for this life, all of which are of a certain significance and influence concerning many other-selves, making it sometimes puzzling and challenging to find the right balance of perspectives to multi-dimensionally be able to be of most balanced service to all those who I influence directly or indirectly with my being here. 

Each time I learn of new layers of this global corruption, I am left feeling more compassion for All That Is, less ability to position myself firmly in one perspective of 'for or against', and gradually develop an ever bigger, more complete picture of The One's Infinite Creation by no longer holding on to bias. After all, what do I know? I have to accept the will of All That Is. All has to be included in my view as equally valid if I wish to be transcendent and powerful in my service to others.


What We Can Do as Shepherds of a New Earth

When we hear of these atrocities, we cannot linger for too long in the negative vibration of those polarities, if we wish to be of effective service. We must maintain hope and faith and inspiration to do right by those who actively wish to co-create a fairer, more balanced planet Earth. We have to acknowledge and feel the pain that is out there, understand it, not run from it yet not indulge in its misery, extract our desire and true intention from it as light-bringers, and re-submit our votes for wanting to stay in the game of this life, and be of service for as long and as fully as we can. 

If we wish to be effective shepherds to this world full of beings, we have to utilize the pain and suffering of this world--which yes, is still enormous and wide-spread on one level--and find it in our hearts to access that Great Compassion which encompasses not only 'the good' but sees the synergy between good and evil, and the constant agreement that exists between the two polarities.

As much as the human nature in us--and the limited scope of what our minds can perceive and reason with--would love to choose sides and polarize 'against' the perpetrators, we cannot allow ourselves to fall prey to this polarization; for it divides us and puts us out of touch with our innate power. 'Choosing sides' too much greatly diminishes our ability to serve the light coming forth into this sphere at this time. We have to do better than just be protestors. We have to become both sides and transcend them, so that we can truly bring forth an equality that carries with it unconditional love for all.

Hence my hesitation with starting channels of disclosure on our upcoming Trinfinity TV platform, of the many forms of secrecy, because I know that it is human nature to fall into pain and misery upon seeing pain and misery and what looks like victimization. 

I am privy to some of these details--as you can all be if you so desire--but it is my job to focus on the positive aspect of this time for this transformational species: humanity. We need to forgive both the victims and the perpetrators, and ourselves for not knowing. We have to let love shine brighter than the polarities of this world. We have to be beyond good and evil if we wish to serve the balanced good.

Great suffering, or awareness of others' great suffering, in a compassionate being either conjures up great anger if that being feels disempowered to inspire change, or great compassion if that being knows their innate connection to the Creator and All That Is.

Let it be great compassion that we choose, even if briefly preluded by an initial burst of outrage and anger. Let others' and your own suffering and victimization beliefs break you open into disbelief, only to have faith in humanity once again after you process these emotions with love for self and other-self. Come back to having faith in Humanity's immediate future. Have faith against all odds, over and over again. Believe in a New Earth by--or before--2035.

The less you take a stance, the more powerful you can be of service in a balanced way.


You are Loved and Supported by the Infinite

I love you my friends, and my heart goes out to all the suffering available in this universe, and in particular on this planet. It is good to remember that although this planet seems to beg of us to recognize the suffering that abounds--suffering is ultimately a temporary illusion as much as this physical life is a temporary illusion we engage in for the sake of soul-learning.

Or as one service-to-self oriented entity once said to a service-to-others audience: "Please remember, that although we play out this earthly game on seemingly opposite sides, in between lives, we are best friends."

Without the dark, who would we be? 

That being said, it's time for a fucking change on this planet. Enough is enough; and the time is come. We are ready for transparency and the collapse of all the old structures until the new ones arise organically out of the rubble. And, we are not alone in this universe. We will receive advanced and skillful help once we have made the change internally as a species ourselves. Once we are Awake and Dedicated to a truer collective experience.

I encourage you all to be the most radiant, fearless, bold expressions of your self and your talents you know how to be, and to always feel supported by the forces of light within you and around you. You are one with the One Infinite Creator. Trust in that, and in this community of people with similar care and vision.

My love goes out to all beings. True Divine Love is non-local and omnidirectional. Thank you, dark side, for showing us what we are capable of becoming. We love you, as we love ourselves, as we love our shared Infinite Creator.


Bentinho Massaro
#NewEarth2035 #Trinfinity

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Trinfinity Corp Introduces Tierfunding

Ok guys, time for everyone to participate and make a difference! Please read the new blog post here: Tierfunding - A New Model for a New Planet and choose to join a Facebook Funding Team (explained in the blog post).


Time for a New Planet - Trinfinity Corp introduces Tierfunding

For those who have missed the news, Trinfinity Corp, whose ambitious but necessary vision of 'An Enlightened Civilization by 2035, ready for Interstellar Absorption,' just launched its crowdfunding and projects website last month--at the same time as it gave away its main source of income by releasing its Online School for Enlightenment and Empowerment (Trinfinity Academy) to the public free of charge. (Check it out!)

This time on our planet is our chance as a species to evolve rapidly and successfully in the next two decades. 2012-2035 is going to go down in history as the most crucial and impactful transitional period in human history. By 2035 everything will have changed. Everything.

Although the crowdfunding website has been doing very well with practically zero promotional efforts on our part (because people are excited about the New Earth); we are about to step it up with a new, creative, grassroots form of crowdfunding we would like to coin tierfunding.

'Unity in the community' and 'co-creative empowerment' is where the magic is generated these days, especially in a heart-based field like ours. Together we aim to increase the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual well-being of planet Earth at large, and replace the outdated, corrupt and non-transparent existing systems with transparent and empowerment-for-all based 'New Earth' systems.

In short, we at Trinfinity Corp are working toward creating a thriving and completely happy planet Earth by 2035---and building a larger community of empowered, happy people is crucial in co-creating this vision. So join us!


We as privileged human beings, especially those in a comparatively high state of self-realization, are the shepherds of this planet and all of its inhabitants. If we are not inspiring the world to better itself from the inside-out, no creature will. So far we've not done a great job. But it's ok.

Things are changing rapidly. The age of spiritual ignorance, mass complacency and self-victimization, corporate greed, segregation, meta-governmental deception and the abuse of our planetary sphere has come to an end---the age where thousands, soon millions, of empowered human beings realize their independent strength to create their own reality, make their own choices freely, and inspire worlds of people into greater benefit, has now truly begun.

Join me, fellow shepherds, in tipping the scale, as there is no waiting for someone else to set this planet free from its delusions. You/we are the ones we're waiting for. It is you and your courageous, self-transcending devotion to a greater unifying vision that we so desperately need. You are crucial to this planet's harmonious evolution. Please realize this power and address your life accordingly. Make it about more than just yourself.

I will do everything within my power to inspire millions during my lifetime, but I need and want your help to complete this collective shift sooner, rather than too late.


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The Impending Threshold Events of 2016-2017

Threshold events to watch for in 2016-2017 which indicate a collective shift in consciousness is rapidly speeding up:

  • MAJOR economic collapse in multiple countries.
  • Drastic changes to taxation system in the USA.
  • Federal reserve/central banking system will be exposed for the corrupt system that it truly is. People will start losing faith in current government and federal reserve systems rapidly and significantly in general, and will start seeking for alternatives.
  • Unpredictable/chaotic/disturbing events surrounding the time of the presidential election, specifically pertaining directly to the candidate(s). Possible examples: impactful disclosure events surrounding a female candidate; impeding health issues or possible death of one of the candidates.
  • Global Currency Revaluation
  • Mass disclosure/awareness of 9/11 being an inside job, which will raise tons of questions and suspicions leading into deeper and more public investigations into such matters. Which will, in time, reveal the corrupt motives of a few behind many of the policies that were put in place after the excuse of 9/11, often in the name of national security.
  • Major natural disaster that will 'shake the world awake.'
  • Major 'terrorist' attack or similar.
  • Major 'UFO' sighting that will offer humanity a chance to wake up and acknowledge it widely in the media, or to brush it off, suppress it and forget about it like it did with the 'Phoenix lights.'
  • Alien life in some form or another finally confirmed by official sources.
  • Data dump of disclosure/whistleblower type of information, most likely originating from Snowden's leaked files but could also come from other sources.
  • Partial release by NASA and/or other governmental agencies of information that reveals more space projects have been going on than we have been told about.
  • The truth about our history and genetics will be revealed, in stages, over the coming years.
  • Significant findings of past or present intelligent--and potential human--activities on Mars being disclosed (again, in stages) to the public.
  • Elon Musk's/SpaceX's plans for going to Mars will continue to pick up speed for a while and plans will continue to crystallize and gain momentum, but plans will suddenly change or deflate, or be tempered with/prevented by other organized group(s).

Based on my energy readings of our collective and information gathered from some inside sources, I estimate that 40% or more of the above bullet points will indeed occur in 2016 and/or 2017--and some more of them in the following years--and that they should be understood to mean that our collective consciousness is slowly but surely waking up and the age of transparency is rapidly approaching. 

THE SHIFT is happening NOW

There is a MASSIVE and truly significant shift underway, particularly in the powers that govern our planet's population. Whether these events and this shift in general affects you positively or negatively is up to how you choose to interpret these events (with fear and despair, or trust and love?).

Those who have learned how to look for truth beneath the surface are seeing the effects of this shift already occurring every day. These effects will become more obvious and less subtle during the remainder of this year, and throughout 2017, so that even the average joe will be forced to wake up and start making some crucial choices if they wish to 'survive', let alone to thrive.

Old Systems will Collapse, New Ones shall Arise

Another trend to watch for--and participate in--is that many alternate systems will start finding their way into the public consciousness that will help shift our collective from a secrecy-segregation based slave society, to a "by the people, for the people" type of transparent, fair-exchange, contribution-based, empowered society. 

The people will start to look for new leaders and new forms of leadership altogether as well. Become such a leader in your own way so that when the world looks for guidance and inspiration, you can become one of the pillars of this transitional age into a New Earth.

Systems such as those in the fields of economics, education, medical, history, news/media, science, astronomy, trading, government/election (though this field may take more years to show its changes), transportation, energy and more, will change and be replaced rapidly over the next 5-7 years. Some will take more time to be replaced than others.

How to be prepared for the coming changes...

A New Earth is coming for us all and we better be mentally, vibrationally, socially and spiritually ready to receive it with love, inclusiveness and empowered intelligence, or we might be kicked out of its accelerated orbit and end up in chaos and confusion in a reality we don't prefer.

On the other hand, if we are ready and we have prepared and developed ourselves--spiritually most of all--we will be able to handle these upcoming changes with a lightness and confidence in our state of being that will serve ourselves, our families and this entire civilization much like the eye of the hurricane serves as the reliable space of clarity amidst chaos.

Make some of the most important choices you can make, now, while it can still make a big difference: Choose to love, be of service to others, and trust in--and act on--your passions and excitement in the most complete way. Be all in. Live with integrity, and yes follow your dreams. Be an inspiration to yourself and consequently to others. Believe that everything is possible and that one person can change the entire world with the right amount of inspiration.

Remember, the best way to prepare for the all-pervading power shift from a negatively controlled to a positively governed planetary collective is to seek the truth within and to find the love, harmony and creative power that you, and we as a collective, truly are.

Enlighten and Empower yourself

For this very reason my team and I have decided to make my life's work as a spiritual instructor--a highly effective Online School and Community for Enlightenment and Empowerment--free of charge so all can benefit from these empowering courses.

Check it out here: and share.

Please consider sharing this post, and the free online academy once you experience its benefits for yourself, so that we can make a global difference together in a harmonious way by exposing our friends and circles to important information such as this.

It is up to us to educate ourselves and each other properly in this day and age, so that we all have fair choice and free will as to how we wish to develop, prepare, and express ourselves in this crucial and transitional time into a Golden Age.

Much love to you all, my brothers and sisters of light,
Bentinho Massaro - For an Enlightened Civilization by 2035

Bahamas Interview Part 6: The Fear of Not Being Safe

Bahamas, March 2016 - Bentinho Massaro Interviewed by Cory Katuna.

Part 6: The Fear of Not Being Safe

Cory: A few weeks ago with the team at Jo’s house, there was this feeling we all noticed that was very sweet. It felt like borderline “telepathy” and that we are all operating as one. I remember you said, “Isn’t it interesting that the issue we are still kind of working on is safety?” When did you get over that? When did safety stop becoming a factor for you?

Bentinho: I’m not sure when I stopped caring in that way. I think it’s a natural result of being so grounded in your own energy, so grounded in the field, and so grounded in a more expanded, sensitive awareness identity, that one’s chakras—those intersections of energy—no longer flare up when there’s a situation you have defined in your past as being “dangerous” and therefore, you need to protect yourself.

It’s interesting to notice that even in a group where the focal-point or goal of the group, or the intention that makes that group thrive, is 4th Density living—which is connected, telepathic, free from concerns and worries and fears, connecting as One Being—even in those amplified moments of connection, the thing that still prevents that from being the case all the time is that we are still in our own bubbles of, “How do I come across to the group?” or “How is this going to sound?” and so on.

I don’t know how I stopped caring about that stuff. You just have to shift your vibration, shift your awareness, expand, don’t identify with the part of yourself that feels afraid, which is the body. It’s the body focus that makes us feel so at stake. When you gain the feeling state of the I-AM, of presence and awareness, and even the Infinity beyond and including all of that, it becomes harder and harder to hold on to the “I am separate” point of view. It can still flare up, but you notice it and it’s very easy to unfold it, to unwind it. When you have sufficient experience of your True Self, there is naturally no fear of others because, are we not One? There is no separation. 

Cory: What is required to fully resolve the fear of not being safe?

Bentinho: Awareness. Not really time or practice so much—a little bit of practice maybe, a little bit of time—but mostly awareness. Awareness of the fact that this fear is still happening for the self, and awareness of the ridiculousness, non-necessity, and redundancy of it. That cuts through a lot of time and practice. You only need practice if you aren’t really aware of the paradigm you have previously practiced. You don’t really have practice your new paradigm so much when you realize your old paradigm is redundant. Awareness is key.

Prioritization, having your priorities straight, is important. Notice what you’re doing and see that it doesn’t make sense. The intellect is very capable of guiding this whole journey, in a way. The intellect is what becomes intuitive. Intuition and intellect are really the same mental body. If you were to simply be very clear in your thinking, in your analyzing, you could achieve a very profound state of freedom and enlightenment. Because when you are very, very logical you can see when something doesn't make sense. When you see that you’ve been practicing an egoic response, or a fear response, and you clearly see that it’s not necessary, then you stop doing it. It’s a very logical progress.

Awareness is required for any change. That’s it, really. Awareness of what’s happening and then prioritizing—becoming more logical.

Cory: It’s easy for you, it seems, to define what’s happening and then move onto a new definition.

Bentinho: It takes practice, I guess. I’ve had a lot of practice.

Cory: It feels like the creative part of all of this. It’s like …

Bentinho: Are you referring to having this whole field of information, and then being able to pick out what is most relevant, what the obstacle is, what the solution to the obstacle is, and what the new paradigm is—the most relevant and important thing?

Cory: Sort of. It’s like when you’re teaching and you can explain exactly what just happened for someone, like, “This was a peak and this was a valley,” or whatever. You have this really concise, feel-good way to interpret everything, and I think that’s one of the reasons you are such a relief for so many people. They can’t come up with those definitions on their own, or at least it’s a lot harder. So, because you have the story about what just happened… 

Bentinho: Nice. I like that perception. And I agree, it takes practice. It requires developing a larger “dictionary” with more definitions at your disposal for any given moment—more perspectives of the scenario. You need to be able to see each scenario from multiple angles. If you train yourself to do this, it becomes easier to more quickly respond to a scenario from different angles and choose the angle that combines the most balanced approach. But you can’t really do that when you’re coming from a very biased point of view.

That’s why I say Shepherding Consciousness is kind of up there, in terms of evolution of human consciousness—because it requires practice in becoming unbiased and seeing a scenario, not from your own point of view, but from all points of view. And then transcending all points of view, which includes all of the balances and imbalances of all of the lower points of view, so that the actual point of view that is being executed and chosen in that moment is the most balanced one you can think of.

That responsiveness happens faster and faster, but your Higher Mind will throw more complex situations at you in order for you to get better and better at it. It’s like a puzzler moving through different creations of puzzles—you get bigger and bigger puzzles to solve, and the better you become at it, the more you are allowed to serve humanity at a larger and grander scale. Ideally, our politicians would have this capacity. Our leaders, those whom we look up to, would have these types of skills and would be well trained. In different civilizations, and in certain cultures on our own planet, this tends to happen. The leader is chosen naturally; the leader is the one who is the most balanced and fair in his or her responses and choices.     

Maybe we should create a course for politicians! Or just… fuck ‘em, you know, bypass all of the systems. We just start leading from the ground up—that’s actually more exciting (smiles).  

Bahamas Interview Part 5: The Finer Aspects of Shepherding Consciousness

Bahamas, March 2016 - Bentinho Massaro interviewed by Cory Katuna.

Part 5: The Finer Aspects of Shepherding Consciousness           

“Shepherding Consciousness” is a term I reserve for the utmost balanced consciousness or being; it doesn’t just refer to “people who want to serve.” There are tons of people who want to serve, but I reserve this term for a consciousness or an individual who has developed themselves sufficiently enough to where they are so emptied out of personal self and bias that they can actually be sensitive to what is relevant for another person. Only in that state of emptiness and clarity and intuitiveness can you truly be of service without imposing your own beliefs upon the situation.

Many teachers and healers are working with this at their own edge. They are playing with, “Okay, am I allowed to heal this person? If so, how much?” There are many people practicing this. With Shepherding Consciousness, if we are talking about it being close to the ultimate that a human being can achieve, there is a fine balance to be maintained. 

First of all, there must be an acceptance of the fact that people are at where they are at. The sort of egoic or eager, youthful sense of, “I want to change the world!” or “I want to save this person!” or “I want to heal this person!” is no longer driven by personal bias. It is understood that everything is essentially perfect, and even that which seems to be out of alignment is in service to the journey of the individual you are engaging with.

You have to have a whole picture of the being that you are interacting with; a holistic view of their journey. You can’t come from the place of “Hey, you seem to be crippled—let me help you out.” You need to understand why are they crippled. Is it still serving them to be crippled? Are they crippled because they have out of alignment beliefs? Are they crippled because they used to have out of alignment beliefs, but now that they are used to being crippled, they have beliefs that they are crippled, which continue the experience of being crippled when they no longer need to be crippled. Do they still continue to need to be crippled? Have they extracted all the learning from that experience? And so on.

You need to be very sensitive about this, without communicating it verbally, per se. You must be sensitive to someone’s field in order to understand where they are at in their journey, so that you know exactly what you can offer—at what time you can offer it and how you can offer it. It’s always on a case by case basis, and it requires the utmost sensitivity. Most of all, it requires someone to have gone through a lot of experience around being willing and devoted to be of the utmost service, without including personal bias in that experience. There must be an emptiness of self in order to be a fully reflective mirror that is able to have that Shepherding Consciousness. It is definitely not about showing off or ripping roofs off of houses. That’s the “youthful” version of Shepherding Consciousness, but over time, you learn that it’s not the best thing to do.

Matthias: Is it the same when delivering truth to people?

Bentinho: Absolutely. The same thing applies when to delivering truth to people—spiritual instruction. That’s why every retreat is different; it depends on the crowd. When there are a lot of new people coming to my retreat, I feel personally less permitted to go in-depth. On the other hand, if I’m doing an interview like this, which is then posted on YouTube, each person can be guided to it individually as their Higher Mind pleases to guide them. It gives me much more freedom to go in-depth because it is up to the person to either listen or not.

If people come to my retreat and they have a certain expectation of, “He is going to teach me how to manifest this house I desire” or “He is going to teach me how to achieve peace of mind,” then I’m not allowed to go as deep, and therefore, it’s more of a generic, basic retreat. But if the retreat consists of perhaps fewer people, or people who have gone through Trinfinity Academy’s lessons and who are more mature in my teachings, or if they have followed me for a long time—if this is the majority of people who are part of that retreat, then there is sort of a “collective voting” happening, and the vote is for, “Let’s take this to the next level.” When I feel that collective vote from the people I’m interacting with, and since it’s a closed environment, then we can take it much further, because I feel I have that “permission.” It works that way with groups, and it works that way with the entire collective, as well.

This also applies to some of the projects we are working on at Trinfinity. We have to be sensitive as to the timing of when to do certain things, when to engage, and when to release certain products. It’s all plugged into the collective as One Being, gradually evolving (rapidly, but gradually). A lot of sensitivity is involved. It’s not just, “Oh, I have a great idea, let’s do this!” Instead, it’s a process. It requires a holistic view to execute an idea successfully, to the point where it expands what is possible and can also be integrated by the people you are serving. To have that patience and balance requires a lot of emptying out of your personal biases. 

Bahamas Interview Part 4: Miracles and Non-Infringement upon Free Will

Bahamas, March 2016 - Bentinho Massaro interviewed by Cory Katuna.

Part 4: Miracles and Non-Infringement upon Free Will

Cory: How do you know when you have permission to heal someone or to perform miracles?

Bentinho: When Jesus performed miracles and did healing, it was a very different time—not everything was documented, not everything was so public. There was more allowance. Every time period and every culture on this Earth is different, with a different sub-collective, with slightly different agreements as to what is possible, what is mystery, what is a sign of God.

Let’s say you are part of a culture where everyone understands that miracles are totally possible, but they attribute everything to some entity called “God.” Now, if some person comes along—someone along the lines of Jesus—he is understood to be the “spokesperson” for God, and on behalf of that entity, he can channel information. In this case, it makes sense if that person comes across someone who is crippled and he moves his hand and commands, “In the name of God, you are now healed!” It fits with the collective consciousness to do so, and so that healing would actually stick. It would most likely be permanent because the person has the belief system in place to have this experience, and he or she can file this information appropriately so that it integrates. They attribute it to “God,” so they feel “permitted” to be healed.

A culture like that has the required belief system in place to understand an experience like that without it blowing their minds, because they attribute it to something they understand, or at least they think they understand. They have a concept of “God,” and “God does miraculous things all of the time.” We can take this back even further to when there were a lot of UFO sightings or visitations or those kinds of experiences. For example, the Mayan culture would not be very surprised to see a light in the sky or something like that.

Miracles depend on the culture and what the people have experienced; what they have agreed to experience as “normal.” Even if it’s less normal than hunting, it is still within their paradigm of what’s possible. When something like a miracle is performed, or when they see a light in the sky, or when someone is healed, as long as they have the understanding of that being possible—and their sub-collective consciousness agrees that it’s a possible reality—then that reality sticks. Then, healing is not temporary, it’s not just pasting a Bandaid on something that hurts. It is actually addressing the cause of the malady and altering that reality. It sticks with them because they understand and believe that it’s possible.

Miracles are not about blowing people’s minds against their free will; they should not infringe upon what you could call “The Law of Confusion,” which needs to be upheld. In this present-day civilization, where there are iPhones recording everything all the time, and everything instantly gets uploaded to YouTube, it seems like there is more freedom to explore things. But at the same time, there is actually less freedom to do the abnormal, because as soon as the abnormal is performed or is executed, it has more of a probability of infringing upon the collective agreements. If people aren’t ready to accept that these things are possible, then these things are not allowed to be shown in that way.

Experiences like healing can only happen on a case-by-case basis, in private, when nothing is being recorded, and when that person already has belief systems in place that allow for the experience. That’s why every healer or teacher has a very different experience, depending on the person they are working with—you are literally working with the belief systems that person has in place and the theme that is relevant for them to explore.

So, it’s never generic. You can never generalize the experience of healing or performing miracles; it’s always on a case-by-case basis. It requires the utmost sensitivity to be able to tune into what is possible in the moment, or rather, what will not infringe upon The Law of Confusion, or free will.

We can only un-confuse people by offering an example of how we can live within the parameters of what they understand is possible, and we can stretch that a little bit at a time. But if we go too far beyond that paradigm too suddenly, it will not be integrated. Instead, it will be disintegrated and chaotic, and it will not serve their journey as much as it could when it is done gently or gradually. We can stretch the boundaries of The Law of Confusion, but we are not allowed to infringe upon it by saying, “Hey, let me show you what’s possible—you can do this and you can do that.” It wouldn’t make sense to people’s journeys. 

So again, it is always on a case-by-case basis. You sense into it based on the sensitivity of the field. If you bring your feeling-state into the field that connects all of the objects within the field, you will find that you can pick up on vibrations and discern what is relevant and what is not relevant for someone, what is serving them and what is not serving them, what would push them to the limit, and when you should take some of the pressure off. It’s a very delicate, case-by-case matter; there is no guidebook for it.         

Bahamas Interview Part 3: Sensing into “The Field”

Bahamas, March 2016 - Bentinho Massaro interviewed by Cory Katuna.

Part 3: Sensing into “The Field”

Cory: Do all of us have access to probable realities?

Bentinho: For sure. In fact, from my point of view, it’s kind of funny or interesting that people don’t notice they have that access.

Cory: I think it’s a familiar concept, but you’re bringing awareness to it.

Bentinho: It’s quite literally like seeing probable vibratory fields around a particular person and around their life and around their probable futures. It’s kind of hard to explain, but instead of focusing on just the physical aspects and the physical appearance of other people, like, “This is that person over there, and this is me over here,” if we relax our focus and become more intuitive, we start thinking and sensing more from the heart or the gut, rather than from the mind of separation. Then, we have an openness where we can relate more to the space we are in, rather than to the objects that are in the space. We see the objects that are in the space, but we surround those objects with our consciousness, with our energy, with our feeling state.

If we include our feeling state in the space we are in, and the people who are walking around within that space, we can experience that there is a “field” that connects all of these objects. This field holds all of the information, and it is this field that guides these “extensions” that we call “physical bodies” to move in a certain way or to say this or that.

You can pick up on things in the field because you are aware of the field. Perhaps you are aware of the field with your gut or your heart, but you are caught up in your mind, so you aren’t aware of the things you are actually aware of. Maybe you feel awkward because something feels off, but you have no clue as to what’s going on. Once you are able to tune into the field, if you feel awkward, you are able see why you are feeling awkward—because there is a ripple in the field. Something happened that was out of alignment for one person in the group, and now other people are responding to it with their lack-beliefs and they get twisted… and then you have this social awkwardness feeling.

If you bring your feeling state, your inner intuition and sensitivity, into the field that contains all of the objects, you can actually become aware of it and know what’s going on. You can influence it and be the clearest person in the room, and if necessary, guide it back into alignment.

Because you are tuned into that field, you also experience phenomena, like telepathy, or knowing what people are experiencing and that kind of stuff. Last week, I was with a group of friends whom I know from my teenage years in Holland. They aren’t really into this stuff—well, one or two people are sort of into it. We were playing this card game and at some point I said, “Pick a card in your mind,” and I guessed the card. My friend was like, “Oh shit!” Then, I asked someone else to pick a card, and it took me two tries to get the second one right. At that point, my friend got a little freaked out, but in a fun way—she makes everything funny. It wasn’t a big deal, but she said, “Now I’m afraid you can know what I am thinking! When I’m thinking really dirty thoughts, can you look into my brain?” And I said, “Well, it’s not exactly like that. It’s more that I can experience whatever you experience.” So, she was a little freaked out, but it was kind of funny.

It was funny because I’m used to being around people who understand telepathy and such. It was fun being in a house with eight other people for a week who are not into it. It was like being in a completely different world, just being a buddy or a friend. It was an interesting moment because it showed me the contrast between how used to this I am and how little some people are used to it—how weird or foreign of a concept it still is.       

It’s interesting to me that we are swimming in this ocean of vibration, we are swimming in this field that connects all of the people who are in that field—including the whole collective, including the whole universe. Everything is accessible in that way. But very few people know this or understand it. And when science or evidence is provided to show that it’s possible—for example through guessing the card you have in your mind—the fact that it still freaks people out is interesting to me because it’s such a natural concept for me now. 

So yeah, everyone has access to it. It’s just that we don’t know that we do. When we do know, we can open up in that way. Everyone can access it, and we can all start to communicate with fewer words. Then, when words are spoken, perhaps we will use them to confirm things, rather than to ask about things. Or they will be used to put that “final stamp” on the balancing aspect of whatever happened energetically; they will sort of state the balance, like “abracadabra” or “open sesame”—a powerful word that confirms the balance that has already been re-established. Then words become secondary or used for fun, for joking around, or for making fun of things.

We no longer need to assume that we don’t know what’s going on with each other and then talk about it. It’s more like we know what’s going on, so let’s talk about it if we need to, or just notice it. And you can even send vibrations back and forth, or send thoughts back and forth that can then balance out the whole situation, and it’s like, “Ahhh…”

Sometimes, when I’m with someone who feels out of alignment, I can become aware of their Higher Mind and communicate with that Higher Mind to most fully serve the person. Let’s say that a person feels somewhat out of alignment or there is some confusion or seeking there. Sometimes I feel that I’m allowed to sort of “overwhelm” them by sending them vibrations of love and light, all is well, this is joyful, this is free. They can pick up on that and resolve the situation. But oftentimes, I feel that I do not have that permission because they are meant to walk through that process themselves. In this case, I am more guided to be there in the way of talking to them or investigating with them or asking them the right questions to facilitate the process.

Once in a while, it involves putting a little bit of pressure on the person, while other times it’s about taking a little bit of pressure off of them. It depends on what it feels like they require in order to pop into the next level of awareness and to integrate that properly. But it’s also fun to notice that sometimes I feel I am allowed to just “Poof!” and you can see the person thinking, “I don’t know what happened, but I feel great!” That can be helpful, but in most cases, it’s not the most helpful thing to do because then they haven’t learned as much, usually. They haven’t figured it out; they haven’t understood it and integrated it—it’s just sort of taking away their mis-alignment. And the next time it happens, that person might not have the tools they would have had, if they had figured it out—if they had gone through the somewhat tedious process of investigation and verbalization and going back and forth, until the epiphany occurs, bringing relief and connection. In this way, alignment has been established out of one’s own polishing and engagement with one’s own process. 

Bahamas Interview Part 2: Opinions Versus Preferences

Bahamas, March 2016 - Bentinho Massaro interviewed by Cory Katuna.

Part 2: Opinions Versus Preferences

Cory: You have opinions, right?

Bentinho: In a way. Sort of.

Cory: What’s the difference between your opinion and my opinion? 

Bentinho: Instead of saying your opinion, let’s generically use what we understand as opinions for most people. There are two categories of opinions from my point of view: preferences and opinions. A preference is, “I like these potato chips better than those potato chips.” That’s it—it’s a preference. I have preferences, but I don’t really have opinions.

The opinions that do come up for me are always in relationship to a context that is seemingly out of balance in some way or in some aspect. Sometimes, I may have an opinion that is simply based in experience, meaning I can analyze a situation in which, for example, no one else is involved; it’s not about me reflecting anything to anyone. Or perhaps someone describes to me their process of meditation, and I might have observations based on experience that could potentially optimize the process for that person. But those are not really opinions either; they are just observations as to what is most efficient. So, there is efficiency, there are observations, and there are reflections.    

When I offer an opinion, it is in relationship to what is requested. If I’m with a group and I offer an opinion, I can show it very viscerally—I can express it like I’m a five-year-old kid who has an opinion about something. But it’s really not my opinion at all; I don’t have an opinion. What’s happening is that something is occurring in the field, and I’m offering an opinion to, for example, reveal to someone a tabu they are holding in their subconscious, which I feel is not going to thrive in the group setting of that scenario. So, I will make a joke perhaps, or I will share an opinion that will loosen up the dirt that’s stuck in that person’s subconscious mind. It might pollute the water of their conscious mind for a little while with the stuff they were holding underneath the surface of the water.

The water can appear to be clear, but this is because the dirt is all crusted at the bottom. So, I might toss a pebble into the water to shake up some of that dirt. It might feel unpleasant in the moment, but it offers that person a reflection so they can become aware of what they are holding onto. The peace they had was sort of superficial, and now it’s being stirred up, giving them an opportunity to make that peace deeper, more lasting, more eternal, more true. My opinions are always in relationship to other people having opinions of their own, which they may or may not be aware of. The opinion I offer usually counters their opinion, or balances it or triggers it or brings it to the surface.

It can also happen that an opinion I offer supports someone in a fresh belief. So, it’s not always contradictory; sometimes it’s also confirming. Let’s say someone has believed for a long time that they are unworthy, and now they are picking a different belief that is perhaps not the ideal belief or the most holistic view. It may be counter to the “I am unworthy” belief, but it might still be coming from a partial viewpoint. If I feel that confirming it and anchoring it in will be of service in the holistic arc of their journey, then I will confirm it. I will agree with them in order to further anchor it in, in that moment. So, I can share an opinion in that context as well.

On the other hand, if I feel a person already has the awareness necessary for a more balanced understanding, and they no longer need to work as much with the opposite polarities to balance out their negative beliefs, then perhaps I will refrain from confirming or assisting them with their newly gained belief or point of view. I might remain quiet, or I may even create a little bit of “social awkwardness” so that they might realize, “Yeah, maybe that’s not it either. What is the deeper aspect of it? Oh, this is the deeper truth!” It all depends on where the person is at.

Cory: Is that process mental for you or is it quick and intuitive?

Bentinho: Interesting question. It is instant and intuitive, and the mental body has to catch up with it. Usually it is very quick and my mind knows what’s going on. But occasionally, I have to take a moment to analyze, investigate, and translate to my mind what’s going. Sometimes it’s just intuitive and I start to feel “off,” like when the bodies empty themselves from personal bias. I am talking about the physical body, mental body, emotional body, and spiritual body. When these bodies are sufficiently emptied out and presented in service to others, and then I feel something, it is hardly ever due to a personal misalignment. It’s usually because something is out of balance, and this being (me) is being called into action to balance it out in some way.

That’s why, when I’m by myself I feel amazing, and when I’m with a group I can feel all sorts of things. I can feel like anyone else feels because my bodies will take on the shape of whatever is in the field that needs to be balanced out. If I didn’t feel these things, it wouldn’t grab my attention and I wouldn’t pay attention, translate it to myself, and then find the proper wording and timing to give it back to the people in that group or the person I’m with.

The bodies become a channel. They become a mirror of information, and the mirror feels the same thing that it’s reflecting. When the mirror reflects anger, it feels anger. When the mirror reflects opinion, it feels opinion. A few years ago, it was very confusing for me at times as to what was happening because I would take it too personally; I would believe these were my own points of view. And then I would think, “But I’ve worked through all of this shit; why is this still here?” I discovered after a while that it wasn’t any of my own stuff; it was me being of service. It was me being called into action in a certain way.

Ever since then, my relational life has become much better. I now understand the difference between when something is me having a point of view of my own that needs to be excavated and seen, or when I am reflecting other people and I’m simply being called into action. And in that case, what I am feeling is not personal—even though I feel it as much as you do when you feel it.

What was your question again?

Cory: If it’s mental or intuitive.   

Bentinho: Right. It’s always intuitive because I’m hooked up to that field of sensitivity. I feel it, it’s registered, and then the mind understands and sees what’s going on. Sometimes, within one person or within a group, it’s so complex, layered, and multifaceted—often with things that contradict each other—that I need some time to review some of the things that were said. This can happen in seconds, but sometimes it takes a longer period of time, and it’s not resolved immediately there at the scene. Then, maybe an hour later I understand, “Ahh, okay… this is what happened there.”

You have to connect all of the dots to clearly understand where your position is in this. And this helps me grow. It helps me to fine-tune and expand my brain and my consciousness. But basically, it is intuitive, and the mind is what allows it to be translated into something useable as a reflection to other people.

Cory: So, before that hour had passed, before you had connected the dots and made sense of something, what would you say if someone would kind of call you out, like “What’s up with you? What’s wrong?” How do you…

Bentinho: It depends on the situation. I might say something like, “I don’t know—something is happening; I’m feeling something. I need some time to figure out exactly what it is.” Or maybe the person believes I’m just triggered in that scenario. Different things happen. 

Cory: And when figuring these thing out—do you still have things that are your own ? Does that still happen?

Bentinho: Yes, for sure, because I am ever expanding. As long as the expansion process continues, things will be unveiled. New things will be seen and realized, and then consequently, the construct that is the “individuator” needs to adjust itself to what has been newly received, seen, or unveiled. The construct is constantly readjusting itself. It becomes much less basic and rudimentary—less “animalistic,” so to speak. It becomes very fine, very subtle, like “Oh, I’m expanding into this next level. What is it that I need to let go of that served me in the previous paradigm? What construct was I creating so that I can have an experiential reality? But now that I’m changing, my experiential reality—my paradigm, my frequency, my personal construct—needs to change as well.”

Then, I get new information. I see what it is that I’ve been holding onto for the previous period of time—which was serving me at that time, but which now needs to be acknowledged and let go of, in order to create a new construct that serves the new paradigm and allows the new non-physical level to be realized and made physically manifest.

Cory: Is this what happens with you when you’re feeling a process happening? 

Bentinho: Yeah, it’s always a variation of that. You are realizing something new. You’re revamping yourself, and you feel that what used to feel really exciting to you no longer excites you; it is no longer relevant for your theme. And so, you are guided to move on from that into another level of “being someone.” You are constantly rebirthing your personality construct, even though you don’t really have a solid personality anymore. The constructs that are the beliefs and the perspectives, which are required in order to have a reality experience, need to rearrange themselves, need to expand themselves, need to transform themselves.

It’s like the metamorphosis of becoming a butterfly—transforming from a caterpillar into a butterfly is a continuous process. Once you’re a butterfly, you fly around for a bit, but then you return—you enter into another cocoon and you turn into a bigger butterfly.

Cory: Do you identify this by having a new set of preferences or a new excitement? Or is it because you don’t identify with a worldview any longer?

Bentinho: I’m not sure what you mean by “worldview.”

Cory: By worldview, I mean you have an existing system, and this is how things make sense. Then, it stops making sense, so something else must emerge. Or, is it like you once said, that when you go from one level to the next it’s always a paradox?

Bentinho: It can be either of these. Usually, the way I feel this coming is that I don’t quite feel as good for about a week or two. I don’t feel quite as free, I don’t feel quite as turned on, I don’t feel as excited, as alive, as on a roll. I feel like there is this very gradual “dull” that comes over me, this dulling down. That’s sort of like me entering the cocoon. The cocoon is surrounding me, and then at some point I realize that I’m in the cocoon. It happens very gradually, and then I realize, “I’m not where I was two weeks ago. I don’t feel the same way—what’s happening?” And that’s usually when I pop through into something new. The bliss reinvigorates me as soon as I let go of that old structure, having extracted all of the learning I need to from the old paradigm. I acknowledge it, let it go, and fully step into the next reality.  

Cory: You said something about “higher and higher frequency domains.” I guess this should be obvious, because you talk about it to no end, but I’ve always thought there is the “highest frequency domain,” in which you feel awesome, like the best you can possible feel. But you just said there are higher and higher and higher frequency domains. So, does that mean there is more and more balance, or is it higher and higher and higher, or is it more like …

Bentinho: It’s both. Higher and higher frequency requires more balance, because the balance is basically the “container” that is then able to integrate the higher vibrations. Those higher vibrations cannot be “filed” properly, as you said, unless the “filing cabinet” is well balanced. If it’s tilted to one side, it can’t hold as many documents. Stupid example perhaps but …

Balance and going higher are synonymous. The more balanced you are, the more you are, so to speak, taken up on this spectrum or ladder of consciousness, frequency, understanding, expansion, joy, freedom, free will, and spiritual power, if you want to call it that. By “spiritual power,” I simply mean the freedom to know what’s happening within yourself—what you actually desire, what is relevant for you—and then to execute that in a way that’s in alignment with your core principles. This requires a heightened level of awareness, a heightened level of sensitivity as to what is actually going on within yourself and what your Higher Mind is feeding to you. 

Balance is required to go higher in a way that is integrated. Sometimes people have bursts of awakening and spiritual experiences where they perceive the ecstasy of whatever is beyond this physical life, and that kind of stuff. It’s fine to have that experience, and obviously, it’s also allowed by the Higher Mind. But if the “filing cabinet” is not ready, if it’s tilted; if the person-construct has not developed and hasn’t trained their awareness to be able to understand this information and appropriately integrate it, then those people end up in psych wards or they are not understood or they will find that their social life takes turn for the worst.